Historical People


All things come through conflict. It is the core of life, the essence of being.” The endless conflict of Alcestis' existence was the war of her own soul. She was born in the year 110 and came to Norland after escaping her cruel father, a clan leader who loved and hated his daughter’s willfull personality. As a young fighter, Alcestis joined the Knights' Guild and, under the leadership of Blueheart, she became a guild lieutenant and later led the guild in Blueheart’s stead. Her early life was shaped by such towering personalities as GlorinDenardFinn, and Dael. For many years she followed Light, before finding her faith with Zir.

After serving the Knights for a century or more, Alcestis grew lonely and questioned her purpose. She was saved by AxxEisenhertz and Shaylae, all warriors, who showed her where her true home was. She eventually became the guild’s leader, along with her best friend, Kazak. Zir had also made her one of His Blades, giving her the Kiss of Death. When she met Hermes, they both knew they had found their soulmate. Life was complete. People tend to love or hate Alcestis; she is quick-tempered, impatient, egotistical, and her tongue can be as sharp as her Blade. She’s also loyal, loving, enchanting – and she made no apology for who she is.

Alcestis briefly served as the Heroine of War before leaving the lands to seek out new battles. Now, returned to the Legion once more, she continues to bring war to the lands.


Born of simple parents, Alhanna lived among the Elves in Woodtop for many years. Her father was a spell weaver and her mother a musician. Such was her upbringing that she was simple and cheerful. One day as she was walking through the roads to Devardec she came upon a strange being. She approached and the creature clawed at her. In pure fright she struck the poor creature over and over again until… it died. Alhanna sat down right there and wept for the beast. It was on that day she swore to help the land and not harm it in any way.

Several years passed and her killing weighed heavily on her heart. She approached a kind woman weaving a thread. The woman seemed to understand her immediately. Alhanna was so moved, she poured her heart out to this woman. Everything… the pain and harm she caused and all the ways she now tried to bring pleasure. It was only then that Alhanna realized that she was speaking with Kyria herself. Vowing at that moment, Alhanna swore she would follow Kyria or no one. From that day forward, Alhanna found Pleasure in serving Kyria.

Sharqua was a kind Mistress of Pleasure and guided Alhanna through the rankings of Priestess. When Sharqua sacrificed herself to help the land, Alhanna found new inspiration. Shortly thereafter, Alhanna was vested with the title of Matron of Pleasure and accepted her place in the Council of Fate. Many years past and the great Rifts of Time happened. Davar, her dear friend, was playing in Eridanian’s workshop and caused a major time imbalance. Feeling the land’s pain, Alhanna joined with others to heal the land. The three objects of Vasari were offered and thus, Alhanna, a simple healer, was name Heroine. With the understanding of the damage done, Alhanna undertook a change to understand how such magic could happen. She joined the Wizards' Guild in hopes to understanding. Thus, with the blessings of Kyria, she served as Heroine to Kyria while studying and preparing to keep the land healthy.


This Gnome was the first Immortal of Light and one of the most well known Patrons of the Monks' Guild. His realm was as vast as the world and his judgement as harsh. Standing some seven hundred feet high, he was an awesome looking Immortal to behold. Shortly before leaving the lands to find new adventure he took control of the sphere of Shadows. 


The good doctor ventured here from far away lands. He was quick witted and fast on his feet. His love of adventure shined through (though it was not smart to talk to him about the ants!) Anlin oversaw the Realm of Lore in Terris, guiding the temple and the Rangers' Guild for decades. At last, the temptation of adventure sought him out, and Anlin took leave of the land to traverse the many dimensions of the universe.


Antrim was a member of the Wizards' Guild. He served in the path of Fate for many long years before becoming an Elder of Fate. After some time there he and his wife ascended to Heroism. While Serafina became Heroine of Pleasure, Antrim joined to help Jasmin as Hero of Pain. After a short time in that position he become Minister of Fate. He later left the lands an old man ready to accept what fate had in store for him.


Aoveron was born of dragon-kind. A silver dragon, in fact. And male. Through an amusing (in hindsight) accident with an old spell book of Mantor’s, Aoveron found himself to be herself.

Born in a realm bordering Nordland, he was the only get of a pair of sorcerers. Nothing is known of his early years until he showed up one day in the year 128, when he promptly joined the Wizards' Guild. Dedicating his life to Magic, he spent his early years following Fate until the power of Magic returned to the lands in the form of Lord Davar. He became the first Farseer of Magic and served until he vanished for almost 50 years.

Upon his return, he moved to Stone Keep and took up a leadership position in the Order of Wizardry. He also ended up as assistant to Streen, the then Baron of Stone Keep after Lady Snazzle.

After Streen vanished, Aoveron took over as Baroness of Stone Keep, where she labored to return the Keep to the splendor it held under Lady Snazzle. Shortly after taking the reigns of the city she was called away to other duties.


Axx came to the lands as a product of royal breeding and upbringing. He joined the Warriors' Guild early on and as mortal wore red armor out of respect to his guild and the blood that was spilled there. He was mentored by some of the greatest Warriors in history. Axx’s records and merits within the Warriors' Guild speak for themselves and the members it represents.

Axx is of unquestionable integrity and is a strong believer in Justice and for this, Jupiter awarded him the title of Minister of Justice. Axx served Jupiter and the Temple of Justice with undying love for many years but felt he was destined for something much greater. After some deep soul searching and careful deliberation Axx resigned his ministership to Jupiter, and with his favor Axx walked out to search for justice at another level.

While sitting under a tree pondering the meaning of it all a fierce storm blew on the horizon and the winds of destiny blew upon Axx. Lightning struck many times and Axx was amazed at the sight of it. During the storm he pondered the effects of the lightning and its profound impact upon the realms. Swift, deadly, and without hesitation. Alvogyl saw Axx studying this and took him under his wing and taught him the ways of the Light and its meaning. Axx served Alvogyl as a Minister of Light until Alvogyl saw the yearning within Axx’s soul for something more. With Alvogyl’s favor Axx walked away still searching for his place. Axx took a long sabbatical and fought in the nether realms wars. His reputation as a fierce fighter and master of combat preceded him wherever he went. Upon his return he was met at the gates by none other than his good friend and brother Forgrim. Forgrim brought the weary Warrior to the healing waters within Zir’s temple. Sirion was called in to aid with the healing. Zir called upon Axx that day and Axx knew he’d found his place. Axx served as Knave until called up to be the next Blade of Zir. Before he could be Bladed, something sinister happened. Dursk, hero of the blood clan orcs, waged war upon the Zirites hoping to get one of Zir’s magical weapons. Dursk vowed to hold the secret of Zir’s Forge in his hand. A special blade was entrusted to Axx for safekeeping and remained a secret for over 50 years. A blood clan mage had a vision and predicted that one of Zir’s Legends would be the keeper of a grand and glorious weapon from Zir’s Forge, which had special powers. Axx knew of Dursk and somehow felt that one day he’d come. Axx called upon Zir’s power that day and defeated Dursk with the Zirites and Warriors at his side. Zir smiled down at Axx that day and called upon him to serve as Hero to the Zirites and Warriors. “Long may it be so” decrees Lord Zir.


Baylan was a member of the Rangers' Guild. Early in his life he met another ranger, Jana and fell in love with her. Together they were in the Temple of Fate and the path of Pleasure. Late in Baylan’s life he became the Baron of Hellegost. He later left the lands for a different adventure.


Born into one of the last elven clans of its time, Berek’s childhood was one dominated by a constant war against the Dark Elves. Witnessing the death of his parents at the hands of a Dark Elf Lord, Berek screamed in rage, a powerful blast erupting from his hands and ripping its way through the hoards of Dark Elves, slaying them like wheat.

Fleeing the painful memories of the past, Berek headed south until he came upon the gates of Tranos. For years he lived on the streets, doing simple magic tricks for money, never being able to unleash the power he did on the battlefield until the day he discovered the Wizards' Guild.

Amongst the first to join Sharqua’s order of Honor & Truth, Berek lived by the code of his clan, blocking out the memories of war and death, until the day of Sharqua’s fall to Takara, Queen of the Dark Elves. Later becoming a Lieutenant of the Wizards' Guild, his joyful mood slowly began to extinguish as the pain of the past haunted his dreams. Always considered the black sheep of the guild, his darker approach was welcomed by some, and shunned by others. Becoming the first chancellor, and then the Baron of Tranos, Berek pushed his dark mood into his work, striving to expand the city he called home, and to discover once more the joy he had lost in life.


An Inventor by trade, Bilbert found his way to the realm of Norland through an unfortunate series of events which flung him here against his will from his homeland of Thylia through a strange portal, after one of his experiments went terribly wrong. He can often be found traversing through the bustling city streets of the various Baronies, visiting various traders for items and ingredients for a number of inventions and experiments he may be currently working upon.

While ultimately he’s looking to find a way to return home, he makes himself useful while he’s here selling his inventions or providing one of the many services he has at his disposal to the adventurers he comes across in his travels. Often, he can be heard asking for odd artifacts, or making strange comments, which to him, make perfect sense but as they do not exist or have a frame of reference in Norland, he’s considered slightly odd by many who come into contact with him.

If you see him wandering around, be sure to stop him and say “Hi!”, he’s harmless and can be quite helpful, well, unless he’s in the middle of conducting an experiment and it goes wrong and well, if that happens, you have been warned!


Blueheart was a living legend, he started out as a crazed barbarian under the name of Warzulu, back then he was a wild creature who knew little about the art of conversation. Over the years in the land he learned about the honor of the knights and took a new name. He had recently lost a dear friend (his hunting partner Lionheart) and so took the new moniker of Blueheart.

Blueheart took to adventure and with it proved himself capable of great feats. He was a natural leader and quickly rose in the ranks of the Knights. Blueheart was part of the great circle, formed in the Knights' guild in the year 115 of Winter Cloak. The circle appointed the Guildmaster of the Knights and comprised of Cassandra, Briga, Glorin, Roachmill, Denard, and Blueheart.

Blueheart was appointed the job of leading the guild and took the role with a vengeance, under his steady hand, membership tripled and for a short time the guild even surpassed the wizards as the most popular in the land. His greatest act was to construct the Knights' Charter along with Sir Glorin, this became the policy document for the guild, the original is still held in the Halls of Antiquity by Vasari so great is it’s historic significance. Time has mellowed the old war-horse, he decided to allow younger knights deal with the day to day matters yet so great was his hold on the guild that he was granted lifetime leadership and took a more statesmanlike role.

To this day the Knights have always had passionate, strong and capable GL’s who help build on the great foundation Blueheart set in place. You can often hear Blue singing his heart out and exchanging stories with his close friends or his beloved Immortal Alvogyl.


Minstrel Bob, The Balladman remains a mystery to Terris. He wanders the lands collecting tales of bravery and honor, often rewarding the storyteller generously. His skills in music and knowledge of the realm are unrivaled, though he knows little else. Bob can often be found composing songs and operas in his warm study, which looks out over the fabled Garden of Creation. Of late he has taken to associating with shady types, but for what reason, nobody knows.


In a land far from these, Bramaskus was born to slaves for an army on the march. His day of birth was the day of his first encounter with death, his mother died bringing him into that war torn country. Luckily, he was a male; he was given a blade before he could walk. Bramaskus grew up fighting for a place in that army, rising in rank and stature with each victory. Some whispered that so much success so young seemed unnatural. It was not until later that he discovered his talent for sorcery.

Eventually, the wars ended, as they always do, and Bramaskus was stuck without a place in the world. All he knew was killing, and he was good at it, and even more… he enjoyed it. He joined various mercenary bands, just to slake his thirst for blood. Eventually he came upon the city of Frostfall. It was there that he found the halls of the Battlemages. It occurred to him that by mastering the magical arts and combining them with the blade, he could become even more deadly.

Soon after joining the guild, he walked a scant few blocks away and saw the Temple of Death in all its glory. After researching the temple, he petitioned for membership. Once accepted, his chosen path clear. He quickly rose through the ranks of Death and become a Demon Lord, and Death’s Scout. It was not long after Bramaskus achieved such grandeur that Frostfall became a victim of a potent spell. The temperature changed rapidly, and the frozen city of the north began to melt. Excitement at the respite from the cold quickly gave way to panic and fear as dehydration set upon the city, food began to spoil, wounds began to fester, and pestilence spread like wildfire. People were dying all over the city. In his wanderings through the Underworld, Bramaskus came across a ritual to break the spell that had overtaken the city. Not one to help out of the kindness of his heart, he struck a deal with Vespers and the merchants of the city; once he broke the spell, he was appointed as the Steward.


Abandoned and forced to live and fight on his own since childhood, Brement knew no true happiness until he first met Lady Kyria while chasing his arch-nemesis, the huge golden butterfly. Swept into the tapestry of Fate and changed forever, he become slightly mad as Kyria showed him the full power of fate and brought him to the as Hero of Pain.


As a half giant things were not always easy. Unlike many half giants he was actually raised within the giant caves of Dirimloth. Obviously he was smaller than most the other children in the caves, but that didn’t really cause many problems.

His human mother died during childbirth, since for a human it is quite hard to actually give birth to a giant. Soon after his father arrived and carried him off to the caves. Most of the older giants had no problem with his being there, they seemed to look upon his existence with amusement and treated him fairly well. It was the women of the caves that gave Brijoc the hardest time. They weren’t very happy that his father chose a human to be his mother and they all took it out on him. For nineteen years he stayed mostly in the caves watching a few foolish wizards try to enter and steal their totems. His father taught him to forge his first bow from the bones of a half-ogre that tried to kill one of their spiked brothers near the cavern entrance. Since Brijoc was smaller than the other giants he spent his time concentrating on long-range fighting. This way even though he was smaller than the rest of them, he could still stand a chance during their fights.

The first time he left the caves was during a hunting party lead by one of his fog brothers. He lead the group of them out and they were able to fight some of the local trolls that left their caves that day. Things weren’t easy since he fought from a distance while many of his friends were engaged in hand to hand combat. They did lose a few of their number, but otherwise easily defeated the weak trolls.

It was at this point that everyone seemed to realize that he just never got hurt. Even if by some foolish mistake he was hit by some lucky fool, Brijoc was still never hurt. Since for the most part he was unbeatable in combat the others didn’t really want him to go with them on their hunting parties. Instead he was assigned to watch the back cavern entrance and guard it from those stupid enough to enter their ancient caves.

After leaving the caves of his own accord he went in search of something more meaningful to do. Joining the Rangers' Guild at the early age of 19 he assisted some of the leaders as he served as the guild hero. Finding the rangers to be disrespectful and killing his clan he left that guild and joined the Druids. Sometime soon after he returned to the caves of his people to keep guard on the back entrance.


Brimbur is first and foremost a Monk, the Monks' Guild was his first home and will always be his closest family. He’s spent his life pursuing enlightenment and balance. He strives to teach what he learns and help others, serving as a leader of his guild for most of his years he’s a tenured leader and strong mentor.

His most recent devotion has been to Silver Rock, which has left him with the responsibilities of Baronship. He plans to continue work on the University that Baron Darden started and strengthen the the Education system and Library of the once severed Barony. His hopes are that all the people of the realm may benefit from the Teachings and Knowledge of the Barony of Silver Rock.


The first Baroness of Frostfall and a proud Battlemage, she is quick to offer help to those in need. Her life has been filled with trials and tribulation, but by holding firm in her faith while trusting in Fate she has emerged a stronger person.

Caerwyn knows she would not be where she stood today without the aid of many wonderful friends she has met over the years. From her first steps in this new land, they have been invaluable to her. Her heart is sad for those who no longer walk Terris, but they live within her memories and she cherishes those who remain.Giving up the position of Baroness Caerwyn ascended to the heavens as the Heroine of Hopes and Dreams. After an incredible turn of events she proceeded even higher and became the third Immortal of Light. After many years in the divine pantheon, she vanished into the stars on a long journey. As fate would have it, the lands called back to her and she returned as the Heroine of Dreams before taking back control of the sphere of Light.


The most powerful of the Brotherhood, Catseyes served through the ranks of Trickery before taking on the mantle of Death. Easily one of the most feared in the heavens, she conquered many lands before moving on to other realms.


Corin is an ambitious fellow whose arrogance and lust for power have always driven him towards his ultimate goal; Immortality. Cocky to the extreme, Corin often calls himself an atheist, even whilst serving his Lord Finargon with utter loyalty and devotion…

Raised in the Thieves' Guild, he soon mastered all arts of thievery under the tutelage of Lonewolf2 and various others. With these arts he made his way in the world, leaving countless tides of grief and despair behind him. It was upon one of these outings he met his future wife, Kilana. At the age of 22 he proposed to her, and she accepted, and has been with his love ever since. His love for her is undying, as hers is for him. It was around that time when Corin chose an Immortal he wished to follow. That Immortal was Kestanan, of Night, Thievery, and Shadows. Soon after he was appointed by Kestanan to be the GL of the Thieves' Guild. Then came Finargon’s rise to immortality. And, because of a deadly plant, Corin lay dying in the dark halls of Hellegost. Finargon, with his newfound powers, was able to heal Corin, and gave him the choice of becoming one of his Heroes. Corin accepted. Yet, his blood was not fully cleansed of the vile plants poison, and he was corrupted by Doubt and Despair. Forever changed…

He eventually ascended to Immortal and shared the sphere of Death with Kilana. After many decades in the heavens, Corin left for other adventures.


Demetri “Crucifix” Ky’rathi is a dark elf male. While a loud mouth and obnoxious in his youth, many refer to him now as a hermit as he rarely loiters in public areas anymore. He studies Druid teachings and continues his father’s legacy by running a mercantile and shipping business of considerable scale. He currently resides in River Run where he briefly served as Steward, using his knowledge of trade and economic development to help the town prosper.


The large and fuzzy Dagda brings with him a calming and thoughtful view over any part of the land that he walks upon. He has a deep insight into the workings of magic and is one of the most competent mortals within the land. Ever keen to help new visitors and eager to adventure with others. Dagda became the Immortal of Peace when the land was in need of new directions. The way of peace provided it.


Dandy was found one day sitting in the middle of Tranos square, staring about the area with a very peculiar look on his face. Prior too this point he had no memories, and suspected that the first smell he could remember was one of raw magic. He believed that he was a fated to be there and that it was caused by raw chaotic magic brought about by the warping powers of Fate. He was a Gnome and proud of it. Though he had no family and no memories before that point, he managed too stumble around and find his way too the doorstep of the Brotherhood. He was taken in by the members and they became his first family, and a family he loved dearly. He worked hard and developed his skills and knowledge of the realms through the help of his guild brothers and sisters. His demeanor became one of laughter and helpfulness, always quick too help those in need and try and bring humor to those in distress. He developed his skills as a healer and helper of the weak and realized his calling in life was too try and help others.

Fate yet again entered his life when he found himself in an interview for Kyria’s temple. At first he apologized and offered to leave but instead was asked too stay and join in the interview. He realized quickly that he wanted to be part of the temple that held sway over the powerful forces that had guided his life too that point. At first he thought that he had failed to impress his interviewer, and went back to the guild with sorrow in his heart, but fate was yet again in effect and some weeks later he was standing in front of Shilana, and became an initiate of Kyria.

Shortly after his initiation, he realized that his calling was too be a follower of pleasure, and took his vows and became a Neophyte of Pleasure. He started working with his temple and began to form friendships that grew into his feeling of total love he now has for his family in the temple. He believed that his devotion to lady Kyria, her Heroes and the temple brought about yet another amazing twist of fate. That being his meeting of his love Shawl, a member of his guild, he had up to that point never come across. The only blight on his soul was his fear that he should ever have too choose between her and the temple, for if that should ever occur he would have too chose between the two driving forces in his life.


Darden was one of the many wonderful adventurers who served in leadership positions in both the Battlemages' Guild and the Temple of Justice. Darden was a student both of logic and law since a young man in Devardec. Since then, he has worked to protect the innocent, help the young, and assist suffering Wintertown in their efforts to stave off invading snow Daemons. After proving his persistence and leadership abilities, he was given the abandoned Barony of Silver Rock in the hopes that he would be capable of making it grow into a valuable part of the realms.


Davar was the Immortal of Magic. His entire purpose was to promote and balance the use of magic in the lands of Terris. He is generally very jovial, but beware, behind that kindness lies the powers of a truly powerful wizard. He has been known to aid mortals who show they know how to balance magic their other abilities. He has also been know to bring down his wrath swiftly upon those that abuse their gifts!

You will find him clad in his blue robes, carrying a staff and also his Orb of Wizardry. Sometimes he would take various guises in the lands… sometimes you may never have even known he was with you… save for the feeling of magic making the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight.


Deliena was the Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy, called forth from the outer realms by Deori to help stabilise the realm after the departure of Eridanian. She claimed the body of the Heroine Bathsheeba, and took her husband Dr Anlin for her own. Her order was completely neutral, and her favor was fickle. Dreams never linger with one mortal very long, after all.

One night, in a dream, the Immortal Deliena found herself travelling a vast and amazing world. Drawn by the vision, she followed the path in Waking life and disappeared from Terris, though her dreams still pop Up in the minds of the unwary.


Born into a wealthy family of merchants in Tranos, Denard was raised in extravagance. No luxury was spared on his upbringing. The finest minds were brought to Tranos to tutor him, and Warlords and Weaponmasters were hired to teach him the deepest secrets of war. Denard grew to be an accomplished swordsman, and soon sought out the Knights guild in Devardec to hone his training and make a name for himself in the Devardec political system.

However, upon swearing the oath of the Knights, Denard heard word that his family had been brutally murdered by a gang of Vagma’s cultists. Seeking the culprits, Denard accidentally slew a group of innocent Monks who bore a strong resemblance to the cultists. Shaken by this breach of the Knights' Charter, Denard renounced his vows to the Knights and sought out the fledgling Warriors' Guild of Tranos, where under Zir’s watchful eye Denard’s strengths flourished and laid waste to the evil that abounded in Terris.

Denard was named one of the Original Blades of Zir along with Shanna, Ulf, Jccw, and Briga. He wielded the fabled sword ‘Lex Talonis' which means “Book of Claws” in the ancient script of Tokania. This was testament to Denard’s wealth of knowledge of tactics and combat, and his unyielding Fury on the battlefield.

Eventually, Denard ascended to the heavens to serve Lord Zir as the Spirit of Glory along with Jilin, the Spirit of Adventure; Briga, the Spirit of Combat; and Haddion, Zir’s Champion.


Deori the One, the Creator. The first great Immortal, he walked from the void and created all that you see before you. He is the true founding father of the world. We are all a part of him and one day will all return back to his form. Deori is seldom seen within the world.


Her father was a Leader of a Ranger clan in southern Nirimloth. He taught her the ways of using nature magic to enhance her mind and strength. But Dolecia was not happy hugging trees and hunting squirrels. At the age of 10 she stole a Blessed Avenger of Law from a Warrior when the Hydra’s had invaded their forest. Dolecia practiced with that sword for years hunting goblins that her father was unaware of. She longed to find bigger game. For she knew in her heart the she wanted more bloodlust. When Dolecia became of the age of 18 the Rangers, as custom, sent her out into the forest alone with no food or weapon, to “live off of the land” they said. She picked up her sword from her hiding place beyond the Ranger’s claim on the edge of the forest. And set off to find her place in this land.

She came across Helmberg at the gates of the Warriors' Guild, and was told to slay a Goblin so that she could live amongst the Warriors. Within an hour she returned with the Orc’s head held high in her hands. Among the Warriors she watched great Zir’s Champions slay Hydras and Dragons and shout “ZIR ZIR ZIR!” after each kill. When Dolecia finally got up the nerve she approached Lord Forgrim and asked him about the Mighty ZIR. He talked of great battles and war against the dark elves and how they took Takara’s soul and turned her evil. He spoke of how Zir’s Legion protects the land from beasts that could pulverize you with one blow. He spoke of how only the bravest of the brave could withstand such battles. The back of her neck started to tingle, as she knew this was for her. She knew that somehow she had to prove to Forgrim that she was brave enough for Zir’s Legion. Dolecia asked him how she could bring Glory to ZIR? He grinned and told her to bring him the heart of the Flame Demon and the head of the Gargoyle King and he would see. She tried and failed many times. Two years had passed and before she proudly walked up to Forgrim with the Gargoyle’s head in her hands with blood still dripping from it and shouted GLORY TO ZIR.

From that day forward she shouted Glory to ZIR! Even during great battles she would shout ZIR ZIR ZIR! Dolecia found her purpose in life, to serve Lord Zir in the highest way!


Drogun was born into a poor farm village west of Devardec. At the age of 7 he was found by some local villagers sitting in his family home, covered in blood. A quick glance showed all of the family dead, their necks slit as they slept. He had no other relatives and so was sent to an orphanage in Wintertown. He quickly escaped from the so called institution and set out upon his own.

The cold nights of the region left Drogun weak, and desperate. Just as the freezing temperatures threatened to take his life, he was found by what appeared to be a nobleman, dressed completely in black. He was taken by the man to a small building hidden within Frostfall. It was the Guild of Assassin’s. Accepting the lifestyle of a hired killer, Drogun entered the infamous guild. He rose quickly through the ranks becoming Guild Master at 33, turning this small group into a formidable force. Time passed by, Drogun continued to lead the assassins through many changes over the years. During one of his contracts, he came across a scroll mentioning a powerful weapon called the Wraith Blade. At first, he thought nothing of it, but then more and more references were found to the weapon. He soon had gathered his guild together and over time, they found where it was hid.

After having the blade, and testing out his new powers, the guild was attacked by Sterlis, a general to Varnius the Insane Warlock. Drogun used the power of the blade to fight back, only this time, after Sterlis was defeated, the blade turned on Drogun and devoured his soul. Torretan retrieved the blade from the battle site and brought it to Twilight. While it was here, the spirits of Twilight spoke to Torretan of the ways to release Drogun from the gauntlet. A new vessel had to be found, one that would be fit for his soul to inhabit. A body was found and Drogun’s soul was extracted from the gauntlet of the Wraith Blade and placed into its new home. At that point, the spirits of Twilight named Drogun its Baron. He served as Baron for many decades before leaving on other adventures.


From the day of his birth Eisenhertz’s destiny was certain. War. The one constant thing in this mans life. His love and passion for War and the art of Combat can never satiated. In his younger days he served Lady Khan and the temple of Change. His first home, his first family… until one day he heard the call of his heart and soul. Knowing he could not just sit by and ignore the deep sense of bloodlust he answered the call of Lord Zir and joined the Legion of War. He serves his Immortal Zir and the Warriors' Guild with a devout love. One who doesn’t need fanfare, Eisenhertz prefers to spend his time with a few close friends hunting. Or taking the solidarity path and exploring the vast lands of Terris. There is little left within Terris as far as tangible goals… but his thirst for glory will never be quenched. Each rising sun brings forth another day of War and Glory. Eisenhertz ascended to the heavens and served as the Hero of War!


An empath and healer from a distant land, Elaina was pulled through the portal by an ancient avatar, to become a Priestess of Magic, and the daughter of Davar. In her later life she became the Angel of Light, guarding the realm of Light and representing all that is good and true in the hearts of mankind. For a brief period she patroned the Monks' Guild and the City of Goldcroft, spreading goodness and light where she could.


Elantara was the Immortal of Opportunity and Ambition. She promoted personal freedom and self gratification, encouraging all who followed her to strive with daring to reach their personal goals within the lands, whatever those may be. Opportunities abound in the lands for those with the courage to take them, and Elantara inspired her followers to seek them out, regardless of the risk. Those of a free willed, strong and independent nature found their home in her Temple, knowing that their chosen path, be it light or dark, would be respected.

Opportunity and Ambition called to Elantara after many years, and with regret she took her leave of our fair Realm. The land is forever changed with the many contributions Elantara brought to this land.


Eridanian is the first born of Deori, he was the Immortal of Thought and Magic. In the distant past he aided his brother Alvogyl in the siting of the city of Devardec. Shortly thereafter he took the Elven peoples under his patronage and served as the patron of the Elven city of Woodtop. He was absent from the land whilst he constructed the Realm of Magic as a safe haven for many of the purely magical beings of the land. In his absence the force of Magic lay dormant. It was during this time his brothers, Alvogyl and Vagma, did battle with each other resulting in the formation of a great vortex of uncontrolled Magic which swept across Terris.

Eridanian was summoned back to the land by the efforts of the mortals that existed at that time, who were aided by his father Deori and his sister Kyria. Aware of the danger posed by The Vortex, Eridanian caused it to be absorbed into the Realm of Magic, where it would pose no threat to the mortal realm. In time Eridanian took The Vortex as his Avatar. After long centuries, the call of Magic strengthened in Eridanian, a desire to explore the many dimensions of Magic in the Universe. With his father, Deori’s, Blessing he took leave of our physical realm to create magic throughout creation. Eridanian handed the mantle of Magic to Davar.


Born on day 5 of Frost Fall of the year 119, Under the sign of Saman the Water Spirit. She was born in the northern meadow land, Eryn had always been a wanderer. She received formal weapons training in Tranos at age 18. She set out for Devardec to become a Wizard. Eryn was not like any other Wizard, for she combined her sword with her powerful arts of magic. Many times Eryn was locked in battle with foes much stronger than she. Unfortunately they usually won. Eryn never had to look for trouble. It found here. During her life, Eryn felt something was missing. Maybe she had been hit on the head one too many times. This was not the case. She felt she had an obligation to help others, so she did. During her journeys, she had come across a group of people who helped others and vanquished evil from the lands. They were the Temple of Justice. Eryn approached them and asked to be part of their temple. They accepted her with open arms…


His parents had been killed when he was 9 years old, by some dragon hating mob, who wanted to kill the dragons they possessed, which were peaceful beings. They loved the dragons much so they fought to protect them but they were overpowered and died along with the dragons, Fasu was with his aunt and uncle at the time and from that moment on. He had loved those dragons too, to lose them and his parents all in the same day was devastating, fortunately his aunt and uncle were there to help him, to teach him the ways of living. His uncle thought it best to teach him wisdom fist then fighting later. He filled Fasu’s head with much knowledge and teachings, teachings of honor and courage. Then when the time came, the skills of fighting were woven into the training. Fasu was always fascinated with dragons, always wanted to know more; he learned of the good and the bad dragons. And his uncle promised one day he would take him to kill a bad dragon.

It was a long and hard journey, many paths and trails, many monsters along the way to kill. Eventually they reached it, the cave of the dragon. Being a battlemage, his uncle knew the ways of magic so he could hold the mighty beast. The fight was long and hard, for his uncle took some hard blows, Fasu was doing everything his uncle taught him, killing the dragon with skill and tact. It all ended with Fasu’s sword going thought the skull of the mighty dragon. It was a mighty victory, but shortly after the fight, his uncle got very sick, apparently he hadn’t used so much magic in many years and it had drained his life force too far this time.

A year later, when Fasu was 18, he found the Knights' Guild and joined, for they followed everything he had been taught when growing up. In a dispute with an Immortal, he found himself changed into a female. She looked hard for the right temple; it was not easy, for the one she wanted to join was closed at the time. So she joined her second choice, Fate and the path of Pain. Everything seemed well and eventually she found someone who she loved very much, and he loved her much. Eventually she was to have a child, so they decided to get married, it was the happiest day in her life.

The household Mad Knights had just been forming when some close friends of her asked her to join, she thought about it and was thrilled to be part of such a wonderful group. Everything was great in her life, things went very smoothly, and she was progressing in her guild and temple and household. Sure she had her down times but she let no one but her best friends know.

Then the day came; she grew brave enough to ask a certain immortal to be changed back to a male. It wasn’t a light decision. When it was done, Fasu felt a little awkward. Her friends were shocked, and some couldn’t cope with Fasu being a male, they always knew Fasu female, the true friends didn’t care, Fasu was still Fasu.


Doubt has always crept in whenever a decision needs made, an action taken. Many a time has Doubt cost or saved someone’s life just by the very hesitation and caution it brings. Many times the lands have been filled with the wailing of mothers who have lost their children thro' illness and disease. Plague be my watch word and the untold suffering it may bring is a necessary evil that permits the strong to survive with a love for life itself, whilst the weak will lapse from the land and gain release. Balance swings on an ever ending pendulum. I am but one of the weights that prevents life’s
momentum from grinding to a helpless and meaningless end.


Born into the Shintari clan of Ogres, Forgrim was shunned for his human traits. As a youth, his intellect was the source of much ridicule. In spite of this, he soon carved out a place for himself when his strategic insight led to a crushing victory over the Uklen clan. However, the thirst for Glory was always strong in this one, and took leave of his peoples to make a name for himself.

In time he encountered the likes of Haddion, Shanna, and Ulf, and was accepted into the ranks of the Warriors' Guild. With these Blades as mentors, Forgrim learned much of the ways of war, and how to turn any weakness into a strength. Spurred on by the feats of these blades, and the chance to fight at their side. Forgrim knew that his destiny lay with the faithful of Zir.

Alas, as Forgrim was to complete his task for admittance, tragedy struck. Zir was slain by the nefarious Dark Elves! Forlorn, Forgrim knew not where to turn, and in a half hearted attempt gave his powers of fury and terror to the Temple of Fate, and the Path of Pain. Again, Forgrim was fortunate to encounter a capable mentor to lend him valuable advice. Finn, the first great berserker of Terris took Forgrim under his wing and showed him how to inflict the greatest pain and suffering upon the cowardly, and the swiftest measures of death for the brave. Though Fate accepted the ways of this dark Ogre, it did not understand him. Forgrim felt alone in Fate, and empty. Perhaps, Lady Kyria knew even then, perhaps but whatever. The might of the Blades of Zir was too much, and in a glorious struggle with the Dark Elves, Haddion slew their queen, Takara, and wrested Zir from their evil plans. As Zir’s voice filled Forgrim’s skull like Thunder, Forgrim knew what the hole in his being was. Immediately, he destroyed all the items of Fate, and devoted himself to Zir. For this Forgrim carried Kyria’s disfavour for four long years.

In this time Zir and his Blades began to look on Forgrim with favor for the way he carried himself with Kyria’s disfavour. Never complaining, never retreating, never giving up, Forgrim was eventually named a Blade along with Taltos and Arcano. And accepted Haddion’s Hammer Thunderbolt! This was the dawn of Forgrim’s greatness, and such things as his taking the Guildmaster position of the Warriors' Guild in Tranos, the foundation of the Mumakil herd for the Warriors, the solidification of Tranos power base, and eventually placing Oltar under house arrest and becoming Overlord of Tranos.

For many years, Forgrim was content in this arena of political intrigue. But his Ogre mind was not as capable as it once had been, and he settled down with his lifelong love Sheba. Fate had other plans, and Sheba was pulled to Theras. Forgrim and Sheba continued their relationship for a while, but too many conflicts ensued. And soon they divorced. Robbed of his love, Forgrim’s wrath ignited with a F-A-D-O-O-M that shook the mountains of Norland. Forgrim began to turn darker and darker, his holdings expanded to include the salt pits of Tokania, and many slaves were taken to mine this valuable resource. Eventually his dark Ogre side took completely over, and Forgrim wandered the lands killing innocents indiscriminately, slaying all in his path. Making pacts with the dark forces, and shaming his Lord Zir’s name. In a stunning realization that he had forsaken all he lived for, Lord Forgrim, Blade of Zir, the Kingbreaker, and Gatekeeper of the Apocalypse took his life by leaping into the Forge of Zir, leaving an unparalleled mark on the history of Terris.

Within those harsh forge fires his soul was renewed. Encased in a fused metal helm and wrapped in chains he was put to work in the forges of Zir. In time (and after enough bashings around the helm by Zir’s forging hammer) his senses returned. He was freed of his chains and mask and once more walks the lands bringing glory to the War God!


Born to a Human Warrior and an Elvish healer, in a tree house near the elven city of Woodtop. He was a happy child in those young days, until an unusually powerful Eye Demon ended the life of his parents, as the demon queen Takara rallied forces to invade Tranos. Tranos withstood the invasion, and he went there, living as a street urchin for many years. Eventually he joined the Adventurers' Guild, and on the 13th day of the Longing of the year 138, he entered the guild of the Warriors. It was there that he first learned of the Glory of Zir, and how great his glory was. He trained hard and finally walked up to then guildmaster Forgrim, still a meek person, and told him that he had slain the Great wyvern for Zir’s glory, and wished to enter his Temple. After entering the temple he fought hard to bring glory to his lord, and always worked hard to serve the Warriors' Guild as well. Throughout the years he had developed a love of crafting items of war, and his skill had become quite refined in forging, it was a great honor when Lord Zir made him his Master Of Forges.


All information relating to Froggor has been lost in a fire!


Gaiea was known as the Curious Elf and this was a name given to her by Deori based on her inquisitive nature. She was drawn to the Wizards' Guild upon arriving in Devardec. Under the tutelage of the Immortal Davar and various guild leaders at the time, she quickly grew more experienced in the ways of magic. For many years she studied with the Wizards, eventually becoming a mentor and Guild Leader as well. During her studies she came across the species known as Dragons. She immediately felt a connection and this spurred her to study them more intensely. Her studies and love of Dragons eventually led her to become the land’s most prominent subject matter expert.

Gaiea’s devotion to the Dragons caught the attention of the great Dragon Queen. Gaiea had fought fierce battles and had defended Dragon-kind on numerous occassions. The Dragon Queen honored all of Gaiea’s effort by bestowing upon her the powers of a Hero. Gaiea became the defender of the Dragons and the Wizards' Guild, and was also tasked with keeping Pangol the Deamon General from harming any more Dragons.


Galaphile the Immortal of Nature could be, and was, many things. Known for moods that changed as easily as the wind, he could be hard and seemingly vicious at times, causing great floods, storms, or poor harvest, ensuring that many suffered and died. On the flip side of this however, Galaphile also caused a good harvest, short winters and fair weather giving a sense of peace, life and prosperity.

Galaphile was not Good or Evil, he just was. The followers of this mighty force sought to understand the ways of the wild and yet always respected its changeability and occasional ferocity. In his temple, the Immortal of Nature expected and demanded devotion and respect.


Haddion was the mightiest of Zir’s faithful and ascended from the mortal realm to become one of Zir’s mighty heroes. He was caught under the effect of one of Davar’s experiments and suddenly found his way into an immortal sphere, seeking battle at all times he decided to attack the powerful sphere and became altered into the Immortal of Chaos.

His reign was swift and unstable, he gained and lost power in equal measure. After one volatile spell he took council with his old Immortal Zir, after the council Haddion took to the ancient battlefields of the Immortals, he had a standard in the name of Zir in his hands. Rumors abound that he had decided to fight himself to a standstill releasing his immortal powers and returning once more to Zir’s realm of war, a realm where he felt he could find his true calling.


Hamburglar was one of the first Rogues. He was the first Rogue to become a Hero in the Temple of Fate. He served as a GL in the guild along with the Legendary Zero as GM and the Legendary Arabin (also in Pain) as GL. After Zero stepped down, it was Hamburglar that took over the position of Guild Master of the Rogues' Guild.

During this time Fate had different plans for him and he along with Omnicat ascended to the heavens as Heroes. He served shortly as Hero of Pain before moving on to become the Hero of Elders in the Temple of Fate. He has disappeared from the realms, but the future holds fates for us all and he may one day walk among the Heroes and the Temple.


His appearance and responsibility has indeed seen change in recent years but his underlying heart remains the same. Such is the life of Heimdall Heorthrk. Former Knight and Dwarf, current Seraphim and Monk, forever faithful to Devardec and Light, Heimdall has seen many ups and downs in life, both personal and professional.

They are opposites infused, hopefully creating something new and beneficial for Norland, as his goals have remained the same. Goals for peace and harmony, for a world where evil fights evil and only evil, leaving the innocents and good people to pursue life to whatever positive end.

In this imperfect life quest, Heimdall has had the luxury to serve in multitudes of positions ranging from Knight Guild Master to Monk Apprentice, Servant of Light to Champion, Sun Guard to Mayor, Baron to Steward. He goes where he’s wanted by the people, so long as it doesn’t conflict too greatly with his own personal resolve. Such is the life of one attempting to bring together all sides and faces of himself. It is a balance not easily attained or upheld and is among his greatest fear to fail in this regard.


Hoosier is a copious man with a mountainous appetite. His abilities as a thief are illustrious and are just as enormous as his passion for calamari. Speaking with him will only draw his attention to your ample pouches while he dines on his favorite cuisine of seafood. It is then that he will retrieve your gold through adumbrate means. As the drama unfolds a heavy analysis of the gold for authenticity commences. Even if the gold is genuine he will call it fool’s gold and keep it as evidence. He claims that this evidence will be destroyed but one has to wonder if Hoosier is being creative or actually truthful.

Hoosier has a past that involves the Court System on two occasions thus far. However, nothing has come of either case against him. His Attorney, Nhonahoe, was able to get Hoosier acquitted once on charges brought up against him. The rumors of the second trial involve bribes and a hung jury. Regardless, to this day, Hoosier maintains his innocent nature and that the bribes were made after the fact, and not before.

If you ever wish to seek audience with Hoosier we suggest a fine liquor that goes well with calamari, seafood, and the luxurious morsels the sea indulges upon us.


Jana was a member of the Rangers' Guild. She dedicated her life to the path of pleasure and gave her oaths to Kyria, the Immortal of Fate. After rising through the ranks of the temple and becoming the leader of Pleasure she became the Baroness of Stone Keep. She later left for different adventures with her husband, Baylan.


A distant relative of the first Sun Child, Jasmar, Jarenmar is the heir to the power that was gifted to the mortal line of his ancestors. This power, having been stolen by the Formorians in an age forgotten, was returned to Jarenmar through the assistance of the Sea Elf Locien, who also told the story of the truth behind Jasmar’s decline and ultimate fall. Having won the heart of the people, Jarenmar now sits upon the throne as the Sun Child and Ruler of Devardec.

He has made great strides towards uniting the people of the city, including instituting relief programs and contracts with many of the Guilds of the land. He has also formed the Guardians of Devardec, an entity made up of adventurers from the city who choose to give their life and duty to Devardec and it’s protectorates.


Jilin, repentant for her old association with Vagma joined the Brotherhood. Though usually seen covered in tattered, drab clothes those around her sensed the inner peace and happiness she exuded. Well generous and looking to aid others along their path, she aimed to help any who asked for her assistance. Jilin was married to Jupiter. Jilin accepted a post with the Mighty Zir and stood for the area of Adventure that rests under Zir’s name.

Jilin left the land many moons ago, though many older residents of our realm still remember and think of her often.


Jinkle walked the land in the time before the guilds were formed. A Half-Ogre, he came from the mountains in the North and was one of the first Blades of Zir. He was named Unstoppable by the Immortal Kestanan after his glorious role in the repelling of the first of the great invasions.

Jinkle’s path is the Way of Zir. He lives for combat and believes that seeking glory and honor in Lord Zir’s name, through the proper application of overwhelming force, is both his duty and his privilege. Down the years many of his closest comrades have fallen and it is said that in combat he hears them still, inspiring him to the berserker battle-rage that betrays his ogre ancestry.

Jinkle put great store by the motto, ‘Talk softly, but carry a big club', although his weapon of choice was The War Axe ‘Ultima Ratio Regum'. He was remarkably well-spoken if the mood took him, but had little time for diplomacy. Being well over seven feet tall, clad head-to-foot in red mithril and riding an armored Tyrannosaurus Rex, he did not, however, consider diplomacy to be an essential life skill.


Once a leader in the Knights' Guild, Jupiter lost interest in the codes and rules wishing only to celebrate the glory of combat. Disregarding order and the predictable future for the warriors guild and the luck of the dice. Jupiter tried to stop Kestanan breaking into the door of destiny, and fell through himself! Jupiter became the Immortal of Justice and forever stands ready to deliver swift true judgement.


The Hand of Vagma has a history as dark and twisted as his own soul. From the days when he took young mortals to the Elven city of Woodtop and convinced them that Elven children were evil and should be killed to his exploits in the name of Vagma.

Kane has risen through the ranks of the Warlocks' guild, he was cut from the same cloth as Finargon and favored a harder edge to the guild. In those early years he was often found in bitter arguments with Themis (then still a mortal and in the Warlocks' Guild).

Kane rose to Guildmaster and took the guild back to its dark roots after the successful but more moderate line that Worcester achieved. He had done everything there is to do, there were few mountains left for him to climb yet his passion for the land, his guild and indeed his dark Lord Vagma has never wavered. In time, his passion was recognized by the Gods and Kane ascended to the heavens, as a great Hero.


Keira’s axework was an educational experience at best. Many a poor barbarian were beheaded by an errant axe blade or dropped club. She was both friendly and fun loving, and tried not to kill, injure, or otherwise maim people too much. Unfortunately, a certain degree of bad luck and clumsiness caused her to slaughter more than she intended.


Once the master Thief of the land, Kestanan had forgotten more about the arts of stealth and pilfering than most of us have ever learned. Friendly to those that showed a little self help, Kestanan never suffered fools. He became an Immortal by picking the lock to the doors of destiny, since this deed, Deori ensured the lock is not pickable. Sometime when no one was looking, Kestanan faded into the shadows of Terris, and has not been seen since. Many of his loyal followers still hold his name high, meeting in secret, though their leader has vanished … For now.


Khan was the first mortal to have gained Immortality. He was one of the first gnomes within the realm to achieve fame, through diligent study of the ways and workings of magic. A former lieutenant of the Wizards' Guild, Khan had the blessing of Eridanian, and went on to become one of Eridanian’s Heroes. Putting his intimate knowledge of the realm and Magic to the test, Khan advised and helped all those asking, to the end that he gained the respect and trust of many within the land.

The story of how Khan came to gain Immortality is confusing, with many conflicting reports. Some claim that it was gifted by Deori himself, while others say that Khan was hungry for more power, and used Eridanian’s absence as a convenient means to act without fear of reprimand from him.

Whatever the case, Khan became the Immortal of Change. His personality changed slightly from when he was a Hero, but he remained approachable by many mortals seeking to gain a bit of his wisdom. Occasionally seen in the form of an owl, Khan kept a watchful eye on events in the land.

After many years, Khan needed a Change, and moved on to other realms, leaving his following in the capable hands of Zinca.


Through a twist of Fate, Kilogoth now finds himself as the Hero and Guardian of the Tapestry of Fate. His past actions and duties have prepared him for a role such as this, although not for the path he now walks. This same twist of Fate brought him from the Enchanters' Guild to a new life as a Knight.

During the war between Lord Silk and Lord Zir, a darkness was awakened in Kilogoth and his lust for Pain was found. He tried to control this lust, but his troubling nightmares and lack of sleep caused him to be weak in the face of this darkness. Wishing to spare the Knights' Guild the burden of his actions, Kilogoth denounced his vows and took up arms against Zir and his followers.

Following the interrogation of a false Priestess of Fate name Moira, Kilogoth gave himself over fully to the Pain of Fate and was lost to the side of Pleasure. Realizing he could not balance his life on his own, he sought the aide of the Brotherhood to better understand himself and learn to control his lust for Pain.


The only child of an Elf Druid woman, Kilorria felt the forces of sorcery calling to her at a young age. Rebelling against her upbringing, she left her home in Woodtop, and found her way to the Warlocks' Guild in Tranos. It was there that she found a new home. Kilorria spent her youth studying Pain and Fate, learning much about the ways of Terris. When The Lady Medea’s staff of luck was stolen, It was discovered that Kilorria had great faith in the power of Luck. She was drawn to the location of the staff, returning it safely to Medea, and was asked to join Medea as Heroine of Luck.


Kirala was the Immortal of Thought and Inspiration and Patron of the Warriors' Guild. While always quick with a smile, if crossed she was firm with her hand. She enjoyed her temple gardens, which are open to all, and was frequently found near the pool. She did enjoy the Warrior way of killing and tended to kill frequently. Ageless, as Immortals are, her soft dark locks framed her exquisite face with golden brown eyes. She was a bit tall for a Half-Elf. She was fond of wearing her Cape of Erudition and was always willing to adventure and play!


The first Immortal of Fate, Pleasure and Pain. She had a sly smile and sparkling eyes. Many did not rush to the embrace of this immortal; the price you paid for the ultimate pleasure was pain beyond mortal understanding. She was ever watchful of acts of mortals. Some claimed it was better to not have her attention upon you, while others prayed to the heavens that Kyria even knew their name. Kyria was proudly married to the Immortal Dagda and overseed her Temple and it’s disciplines with the help of many strong and good heroes and mortals.


He was a Human Fighter, and one-time Guild Lieutenant of the Warriors' Guild. Legolas was the Warrior’s Warrior; loving War and Combat above all else. Despite his War Monger disposition, he was extremely kind to everyone unless they abused the laws of Norland. He was a devout follower of Justice, and he upheld the beliefs of the temple and always tried to instill that same belief structure to newer members. The kinder and gentler side of him was consistently demonstrated in the Warriors' Guild where he mentored many a new Warrior and helped them to develop into mighty Warriors. He was 6'3″ and 225 pounds, had dark brown hair, and green eyes that smiled yet could glare and strike fear into those that would come up against him. Being an orphan he was not quite clear about his family’s past; however, he was able to discover somewhere down in his lineage there was Elven blood.


Leoric was one of Zir’s most ferocious killers. He was often spotted striding through the lands in his blood-splattered armor. Never fated to be a statesman or philosopher was this one! He negotiated with his sword which knew no mercy. Though quite intelligent by Ogre standards, this Berserker let the Creator sort out the bodies and leave the reflection on its meaning to those with little else to occupy their time. He had so much to slaughter and so little time to think!


After washing up on the docks of Devardec harbor, this Sea Elf was awoken from his coma through the actions of Mithrander and a group of adventurers. He was then transferred to the Knights' Guild for his protection during his recovery.

During his time with the Knights, parts of his past came to light and he was found to be a prince of a lost tribe of Sea Elves, the Tirinen. The tribe was attacked by Formorians over a century before and believed annihilated when in fact it was through the actions of Locien’s father that the clan’s city was hidden from view and provided the perfect hideaway for the Formorian King.

Locien sought the assistance of the people of Norland to free his people and through the dedication of the Guilds of the land he was taught the skills he would need for such a venture. Armed with his new found knowledge and friends, Locien made a final push upon the Formorians and freed his people. Through this event he also helped to restore the power to the Sun Child’s heir, Jarenmar.

Locien has since returned fully to his people and was named King of the Tirinen. He now works within the hidden city to restore the Tirinen to their former glory as the healers of the Sea Elf Clans.


Let it be known that Lady Lork was the highest female Battlemage in the history of Terris. Thou not strong of arm nor lusting for battles, her love of mapping and adventure was her greatest joy. Lady Lork walked the lands she loved so.. holding Truth within her left hand and Honor within her right. Tis been said she was a true Legend in more ways than one.. greeting and helping the new of Terris from her room in Tranos.. tis fitting she be at the Mistress of Combat quest. She was True, Kind, Honest, Sincere, and ravishingly beautiful.

Thou she walked the lands vera long.. many nae know her because of her shy and modest ways.. she was not one to sit in center stage.. but seeked only to bring honor and glory to her Lord Zir. In her beloved Guild, you could see her holding the first GL post there.

Her devotion to her Lord Zir shined vera brightly as she held with honor the Blade “Zir’s Song”. May’haps bringing a balance to the Temple of War, her gentle nature and manners were befitting her royal past. Thou she downplayed her strengths, you could tell she was a woman of strong mind and one of Zir’s finest. She was nae a woman that enjoyed being “toted” about but knew the lands like the back of her hand…

Lork ascended to the heavens and served as the Heroine of War for many years. Finally taking over the mantle of adventure she served as the Immortal of that sphere.


Luminya is a Ki-rin who was touched by the Light and transformed into an Elven girl. Little about her is known at this time.


Madbaron is a Human Monk born in Devardec of the distinguished Southern Hosts bloodline. Much of his early history from his birth until roughly the age of 18 is unknown. Madbaron himself cannot recall many details of his early years due to an insanity which claimed his mind in his youth. He eventually overcame this insanity by studying the Way of the Monks, but it had already earned him the nickname Madbaron. His true name remains unknown.

In the Monks' Guild, Madbaron was the longest serving Guardian of the Way, holding the position for 130 years, from 165 until 295.

In the mid 130s, Madbaron founded the Mad Knights household and led them in a series of crusades to defend Wintertown from the Daemon General Pangol. Despite their efforts, the Mad Knights impact on the region was negligible and the Daemon menace was not vanquished. The Goddess Kyria appeared to Madbaron in late 173. She explained that Fate had other plans for Wintertown and offered him the Barony of Lyresong as a gift. Madbaron accepted Kyria’s offer, and on 8 Awakenings 174 Lyresong appeared on the East Coast Road.

After a long courtship, Madbaron and Ringdancer were wed on 27 Weeping Skies 167. They have a very large family of their own children and grandchildren, plus many adopted members. Through Ringdancer’s side of the family, Madbaron is uncle to the Dark Elf overlord Oligar.

Madbaron, Ringdancer, and the entire ruling family of Lyresong mysteriously vanished on 10 Longing 295. Rumors attribute the mass disappearance to everyone from Pangol to Zagrat to Oligar to Vagma. The disappearance remains unsolved.

On 7 Hallow Month 309, Madbaron was succeeded by Lady Tali, First Baroness of Lyresong.


The Immortal of Luck, both of Harmony and Discord. One never knows when, where, or how Luck will shine upon him or her. Many seek to understand Luck and its mysterious mistress. Some cringe, hopeful of avoiding Medea’s regard; others hope for notice, praying that Luck will smile upon them and not their enemies. Sometimes, Luck may play a game of chance; beware! There are those who seek to conquer Luck, little realizing that it cannot be done.


Several years ago, a dark-skinned Human first found himself in the city over which he presided twice. First finding shelter within the Monks' Guild, the boy first known as Mitchell requested the name Mitchell X as a sign of the past which had been wiped from his mind and, upon learning of it, kept the name as a reminder of the dark nature with which he has fought throughout his life.


A descendent of the first High Elven houses, born in a humble tent in the Wildlands bordering the southern deserts, Montalin Kor’Lanth was forced to understand contradiction and the strange twists in mortal Fate when he was very young. He came to Woodtop as a child of twelve, fleeing the Wildlands in the wake of the loss of his people, speaking a dialect of Elven unfamiliar to the Elves of Nirimloth, seeking protection in an ancestral home he had never seen before. The Elves granted him that protection, and in doing so, gave him a new home that would on many occasions re-define the course of his life.

His first century of life was spent in learning. Studying the tomes of Lore he rose into the upper ranks of its Priesthood under Anlin, delving deep into the lore of prophecy and arcane theory in that temple before his Immortal left for parts unknown. He served under Sharqua, in Honor, to learn the principles that guided those he most admired in the world beyond Woodtop before she too departed. He then studied the history, Myth, and story of the world under Themis, becoming in that time enamored of the arts of storytelling and song. Before long, however, even Themis bade the known world farewell. Observing a pattern that troubled him, Montalin made a move that would go on to shape his vision of the world, seeking a place in the ranks of Fate. This would be his calling and his defining philosophy for over a century, during which time he served as the first Baron of his home city of Woodtop, as well as a guild leader for his guild, the Rangers, twice. Within Fate he rose to become a path Master, then an Elder, and finally was the first mortal to bear the titles of Avatar of Elders and Kyria’s Hand. During this swiftly moving first part of life, he married and became a father and grandrather serveral times over, including his final marriage to Songward. It was while married to her, in the first years of his second century that Montalin completed the logical course of mortal existence, succumbing to a mortal death.

It was a twist of Fate, the damaging of the Tapestry by Varnius the Dark’s rise, that undid the final knot in Montalin’s thread and let his mortal soul return. Humbled and changed by his brush with the infinite, Montalin lay down many of the trappings of his former life and chose to walk the path of Druidism, attempting to understand the world as a whole and to serve Deori’s creation with the second chapter of life he had been unexpectedly granted.

He has since wandered far and wide, but has made it his vow to return always from his far-travels and serve Terris for whatever length of time Deori allows. He now walks the path of Light under Keira, alongside his closest friend, Songward, and acts as a mentor and leader to his brethren in the Druids' Guild. His centuries of life and the stillness taught by the Druids have begun to bring him close in character to the Elven ancients, listening before speaking and continuing to take in all the insight the world can provide. In the year 362, Montalin stepped again into a position of leadership in his home city at the age of 245, agreeing to take up the mantle of Steward of Woodtop to act as a representative of the ancient elves to the world beyond the boundaries of Nirimloth. With the knowledge earned through years of study and the steadiness earned through centuries of life, Montalin hopes to reconnect the Elves to the world that they, among the mortal races, were first to walk.


Mordecai was a friendly sort of individual who was well loved among the populace. He was as likely to kill you as look at you. Stupid requests were often rewarded with opposing rewards. The wise did not inspire his attention, and the foolish lament the days they do. Mordecai surrounded himself in the finest things, enjoying only grandest of luxuries.


Nerak dedicated her life to serving the mighty Zir as a young Elf. The true ways of a Zirite were shown to her by the examples of the great Lord Forgrim and the indomitable Chay. The greatest moment in her life was the day Lord Forgrim entered her into the temple of Zir, and her life’s work began. She has helped show many the glorious path to Zir by serving as Warrior Mentor, GL of the Warriors' Guild, and Blade of Zir! Fiercely loyal to Lord Zir, she wielded The Kiss of Death for His glory.


She was one of the great Thief Guildmasters, and worked with the Rogues and Assassins on the founding of the Tri-Guild Outpost. She worked with those same leaders while served as the Baroness of Tranos. One day she vanished into the shadows seeking other opportunities.


Easily recognized by her brightly colored head scarf and white heather, little is known of Nuri’s past except that she came from a family of nomadic merchants and Turoch readers. She often roams the lands offering trinkets for protection or readings for the curious claiming to be raising funds to help her family.

While seeming to have good intentions, her fiery gaze eyes each adventurer’s gold pouch a bit too long and her smile seems a bit forced. Perhaps it’s due to her ability to read the cards or purely coincidence, but often odd things tend to happen after she has been spotted.


Lord Oligar, Dark Elf Sovereign, was born deep within the confines of the Dark Elf Temple. His parents were Takashka and Klaw and he is the grandson of Takara, the Dark Elf Queen, and nephew to Ringdancer and Madbaron. Trained in hardcore fighting and swordplay, assassination, stealth, and the dark magiks, this tall dark haired former Head General of Takara’s army has terrorized the overlands since venturing from the Dark Elf Temple.

Also known as the Greatness, Lord Oligar laid siege to many cities and guilds, crippling their defenses and looting their treasures and artifacts. His battles over the towns of Wintertown, Windell, Frostfall, Devardec, and Woodtop are legendary. He opposed all forms of light and those that follow it, as well as any that would seek to harm or disparage the Dark Elf people. Oligar would ride swiftly into battle covered in dark spiked armor and riding either his DeathWind, a tornado made of necromanced body parts and sharp blades, or the Dark Wolverine, a silent but powerful killer.

Lord Oligar has made a vow that one day he will unite the Dark Elves under his rule and become an indestructible force for all the world to fear. To this day, he has made many enemies of mortals as well as divines, and it has proven costly to him at times. He has butted heads and fought to the death with the likes of Torretan, Thaak, Rexington, Stil, Axx, Wildthyme, Zir and even his own grandmother, Takara.

Lord Oligar’s fortress has been completed and lies deep within Dirimloth Forest just off of the North road. It houses his troops and faithful followers who have been invaluable to him over the years. It is a stunning monument to a great leader and formidable foe.

Oligar became Immortal by hoodwinking and using Zir. Oligar had taken over the Temple of War and moved it to his fortress. He carefully manipulated the temple members and stirred them into a frenzy. When Zir returned to confront Oligar, they had an epic and violent battle. Oligar coaxed Zir into killing him. When Zir landed the death blow, Oligar took Zir’s power with dark magik and used it to gain Immortality!


The Immortal of Hopes and Dreams and Patron of the Enchanters' Guild, she has a ready purr for all, although her paw can strike quickly if angered. But fear not, this kitty doesn’t anger often, most times she just gets carried away in play and forgets her own strength.

Having endured many trials and tribulations in her life, she has high Hopes, relies on her Faith, follows her Dreams, and takes heed of her Nightmares.

A great enchantress in her mortal days, before the opening of the Enchanters' Guild, she now enjoys playing with arcana with members of the guild she patrons.


Orean found himself in the position of Baron of Catfish after the former mayor reneged on certain responsibilities to the Queen of Death, Catseyes. He was devoted to Medea and the ways of Luck. Brother Orean also stands by his Guild’s teachings of humility and wishes not to flaunt all his accomplishments.


She had blood-red hair that flowed down to her waist when she removed her red mithril war helmet. Her face and features were surprisingly soft and one would never believe so if they knew of her character. She was incredibly tall and athletic, because of a small line of Ogre Blood in her family, she towered over women and most men! Praetora was the loving wife of Brew and proud Mother of twins, Brewser and Praeto. After accomplishing every goal she had set out to do in her youth, she fell bored with seeking out new quests and adventures. However, she found much in guiding the young and hunting with her “adopted” misfit Rangers. Even though she had always been seen as the iconoclast of sorts, she was terribly “By-the Book”. She was intolerant of cheating, preying on the weak, abusing the young, and corrupting the innocent; her temper was seen when she bellowed forth her tirades against such infidels! Although known to hold everyone around her to the highest standards, she was known to be particularly tough on herself. Although a generally tough woman, Praetora wa known to have a soft side about her and a silliness that came about only when she had a few too many to drink. Particularly independent and self-reliant, she had the tendency to set forth on adventures without many companions; she hated crowds. She lost much of her BLOODLUST after the birth of her children; her interest in hunting diminished much since she found little to no challenge in the sport. Although she would forgive almost anything, she was well known to be intolerant of rudeness, ignorance, impropriety, and unlawfulness. She was a Human Fighter and one of the first in the Rangers' Guild and served as their Guild Mistress. Before that she was in the Warriors' Guild and served as the Guild Lieutenant. One of her biggest accomplishments was to be the 4th Mortal and first woman to open the Halls of Antiquity.


Radiance was raised to follow her father into the Monks' Guild and the temple of Light. She followed Alvogyl until his departure, then followed Medea for a short time until Elaina ascended to Light. After Elaina’s departure, Radiance left to follow the good Omnicat in the sect of Faith. Radiance has held many positions in her life, including Monk’s GL for over 40 years, and the first female Monk’s GM.

A citizen of Devardec her entire life, Radiance became the Champion of Devardec under Mitchellx, leading the military forces of the city. After Mitchellx’s departure, Snazzle became Regent of Devardec. When she ascended to Hero, the mantle of Baroness was passed on to Radiance. Radiance resigned her position after a short while and left the lands for over 20 years. She returned after her adventurer abroad and now lives in semi-retirement.


The greatest Guild Leader the Wizards have ever known. Raislin holds a unique position in that he has been the guild leader of the Wizards not once but twice. In his early years he learned under the protective wing of Fizban another of the great elder Guild Masters.

Raislin also took a journey to another land and this prompted him releasing the Guild Master post in favor of young Mages. He has always been a fighter at heart and has often won over warriors with his skills and abilities in combat.

His greatest strength lies in his political mind, Raislin is razor sharp with regard to interpersonal matters and has constant steered the guild through rocky waters. He has the status of an elder statesman and yet still shows the vigor and vision of a pioneer.

Raislin is often seen on his dragon a faithful creature that is as much a trademark of him and a visible icon for his guild.


Redclaw – The DOOMBRINGER, walks the mortal plane with Dread in one hand and Chaos in the other.

Brought to the Warlocks by the hand of Worcester, Redclaw soon blended into his new, sinister brotherhood. Learning from legendary figures such as Sagan, Kortai, Kane, and Worcester, he was soon introduced to the temple of Vagma. There he remained for many a year, happy to walk the shadows of both the temple and guild.

Many moons later, the form of Vagma came to visit him. A large number of Warlocks had left, the temple had been torn in two by the Union of Elantara and Vagma and the events of Garath and Loranna – the temple was disbanded many times. New leadership was needed, the Triumvirate – Redclaw, Azul-mar and Syrr – was formed. It was here that Redclaw came into his own, his legacy of darkness and personal gain originated. The Warlord of Vagma was born, however, this was just the start. Redclaw soon took up the position of GL within the Warlocks, however found that the position was not for him and resigned. The experience gained from
that venture proved beneficial during his later years.

Petty disputes broke out in the Order of Vagma, originating from those bitter of the success Redclaw and others had found. Taking council with Vagma it was decided that the temple would close.

Engulfed in a torrent of anger and betrayal, Redclaw sought to embrace that which had taken a hold on his life. The Temple of Chaos would prove his education during the next few years, under the strong hand of Forgrim. Once again, Redclaw rose through the ranks to lead the temple. Eventually, the answers to his questions were realized, and with that the form of Vagma once again returned to him. The discussion that followed saw Redclaw being brought back to his first home – to lead once again. A small sect of followers that had been inducted became the life blood of Vagma’s hold on Terris.

Years progressed with speed, then a great tragedy occurred. Vagma, Lord of the nether realms decided to vacate the realm… tired of those immortals and heroes of weak will and mental strength. They had become a burden to him, and ultimately a pain which he did not have to bare. Redclaw promised the Darklord that his name and ethos would not be forgotten or betrayed – He would lead the order until Vagma returned. This led to Redclaw falling out of favor with those above. A cause he still advocates to this day, though many have questioned his methods.

A decade past, then a voice came to him… the voice of his Lord. Vagma stepped back from the void however something was different. The respect and admiration Redclaw once held for this deity quickly vanished. Redclaw was demoted in the order. Feeling that the ethos of Vagma was being betrayed, Redclaw initiated an exodus from the temple. For those who still followed the correct path, an exit was provided. Vagma was furious with this action, placing his maximum disfavor upon the head of Redclaw for many months… until he returned to the void once more. Dread had been abused by a force that was not Vagma, unexplained.

Redclaw joined the Temple of War, home of many he respected and with an ethos that could cater for his darker side. Then, Deori appeared before him, rewarding him for his years of punishment and conviction, the barony of Kazul Kazarak was gifted to him… for Redclaw to reign as he saw fit – bringing glory to the name of Zir by embracing war. Ruling Kazul Kazarak with his Overlord – Forgrim, the two were not to be crossed by any mortal, even some in the heavens and fellow barons have tasted their wrath.


The first great lord of the dead. Reknall traveled the land on his huge nightmare. He wielded a huge skull headed mace that could easily slay any living creature with one hit. He overlooked the realm of the dead with a steel eye, sometimes aiding people to return from the realm without loss of experience.


Rexington was born into royalty in the city of Villanova, across the Ocean from Norland. However, in his teens he relinquished his claim upon the throne. The young half-elf then fled the city, escaping his parent’s tyrannical views. With his new found freedom, the young prince made his way to the continent of Norland and the city of Devardec.

“Regal Rexington” as he was known then finally found peace in the Guild of Monks. He gave away his wealth and exchanged royal garb for a spiritual light and the flowing robes of a humble novice. The rigid upbringing of his youth was in stark contrast to life in the Monks guild and he flourished in the family atmosphere.

Under the guidance of such renowned monks as Keraptis, Deward and Monica, Rexington progressed in the guild, learning of “the Way” and striving for balance and enlightenment.

Many years later, he became a Sensei and leader in the guild. Under GM Ashryn, he was appointed GL Master of Paths, supervising the passing on of traditions to the younger monks of the guild.

His temple affiliations began when he joined the temple of Alvogyl the Immortal of Light, who was patron of the Monks at the time. Although he was happy, there was the nagging doubt that there was something missing. He had an epiphany that Love was his true calling. Rexington bid his fond farewell to the temple of Light and joined the Order of Love. His enthusiasm for his new temple resulted in his quick progression to becoming the mortal leader of the temple which he remained for many wonderful years.

Not all was good for the Monk though; tragedy struck him upon the death of his first wife, Tripper. With the support of his friends he came through this, eventually marrying Angele and fathering four children.

Only the most talented of seers and prophets could have foreseen what was fated for Rexington next. Keraptis, the Monks' Hero, had been slain and Rexington stepped forward, offering his own life for that of Keraptis. With the aid of Elaina, Rexington prayed to the creator for aid. Torretan then appeared and struck Rexington a mortal blow out of spite.

As this happened though, the creator intervened. Using the spark of life provided by Rexington, the soul of Keraptis was brought back, stronger than before as the Immortal of Strength and Spirit. Rexington was also blessed that day, as Deori shed a tear for him, returning him to life and awarding the power of a Hero.

Since then, Rexington has been a Hero in the Temple of Chivalry and assumed the role of Patron of the Monks after the departure of Keraptis from the realm. In this capacity he has been involved in aiding Wintertown and Devardec, battling against the evil Dark Elf Oligar, and continuing to be the moral and spiritual support for the Monks.

Through all of this one thing remained constant in his life: his devotion to Love and all its wonders and powers. He looked after the Temple of Love and its remaining members even after Shilana departed the realms, and he continued to spread love throughout the lands.

Many years ago, the Temple of Love came under attack by the evil warlock Mordecai. Hero Rexington died in battle protecting the temple. However, the power of love was strong that day as temple members and even non-members joined together sending put their thoughts, hopes and wishes of love to Rexington. Rexington’s spirit used this power to turn the tables on Mordecai and eventually defeat him.

After the final battle, as Rexington’s spirit was fading, Deori appeared to him. He restored Rexington to solid form and bathed him in divine light. Deori then removed Rexington’s heart and crafted a new and improved Orb of Love. He placed it in Rexington’s chest and in doing so made Rexington an Immortal!

The lands rejoiced as the Temple of Love was open once again under a new Immortal of Love.

Rexington is renowned for providing Mead to the lands and swears that it has kept him young and vibrant all these years. He is often referred to as the benevolent monk.


Roachmill is the greatest mortal to walk the lands. It was he that first proved that levels came to those that worked hard. He made most of the records that people now seek to break.

The first to open the Halls of Antiquity, the first to be a legend, the first to break level 100 and so on.

He was never one to socialize, preferring to use his time on quests or hunting beasts. Roachmill has a calm air of one that has no more to prove. His records are now falling to younger mortals who have the benefits of more available healers and indeed a larger land to explore but no matter how hard they try they find that all the mountains have already been conquered by the unassuming Baron.

Roachmill has shown more of his true spirit in his latter years, he has taken hard decisions time and time again. Some of these have resulted in his losing favor with the powers that be , but all of them have been taken with the strength and conviction of one who knows his own soul.

After years of service to fate he decided once again to strike out on his own, he took to being without a temple with the blessing of Kyria, she realized that Roachmill did not perform well in social gatherings.

So it was that Roachmill wandered into Lord Zir’s temple. Here he has found a way to honor the immortals without having to spend to much time on paperwork, indeed it rumored that Roachmill was one of the first followers of Zir who could actually write.

If there are other goals for the great baron he keeps them to himself, he has made his legend already and the task of constantly setting new goals is losing its appeal. For now he appears happy to sit back and exchange tales with Blueheart, to greet other people who think he is already a hero and speak to the Immortals with the voice of experience. There has never been an mortal like him, nor is there likely to be another.

Roachmill was the first Baron in the land, and holds that title proudly. Watch closely and perhaps you will see him from time to time amongst the great population of Terris.


An immigrant to Norland, the Witch recently discovered her inherent magical abilities. Scorcha was originally from an island named Dragon Isle. She was adopted by Sphero the legendary Wizard when she was just a foundling and he raised her as his own.

Sphero was called to the Wizards' Guild to assist in tutoring after Perris' death. A few months went by, and the Dragon Queen
sent an urgent message with Scorcha to be delivered to Sphero. Once Scorcha arrived in Norland, she began to realize her magical powers, though did not know how to use them very well.

Scorcha loved the new land and her new found friends and abilities so much that she did not want to leave when the message had been delivered. She found a cave near the beach in Devardec to hide in and decorated it with trinkets from friends and new acquaintances. She hid from her adoptive father for a while, wandering the lands befriending the mortals and practicing her magic.

When Sphero discovered that Scorcha had not returned to the island, he issued an order for her to return immediately. Fortunately the Enchanters' Guild Master and others of the guild promised Sphero that if Scorcha could remain then they would ensure she learned to control and use her magic properly. Sphero reluctantly agreed with the condition that she return to the island once a month to demonstrate what she had learned.

Sphero has been pleased with her progress so far and has allowed her to stay on as Heroine of the Enchanters' Guild. The last
comment he made was “Hope she doesn’t blow it up… ”


Shanna first joined the Knights' Guild, but about three days after she enrolled, she found herself listening to Zir in Tranos Square and knew she had taken the wrong path. She asked Kyria for release from the Knights' Guild, which was granted, and she immediately joined the Warriors.

Shanna knew her heart would always belong to Zir and to that end she would seek glory in his name at each and every opportunity. When Zir decided to appoint Blades, she was one of the first and forged The Kiss of Death.

She married Baac who was then the Master of Pain twice, once when they were both mortal, then again as Heroes. Zir gifted them both a Wyvern as a wedding present, which she keeps to this day.

Although keeping Zir in her heart, she was moved to serve in Lore under Dr. Anlin and then very briefly in Love under Shilana. Eventually Zir called her back to him and she became Heroine of War. She has left to venture other lands over the years, but she always returns to his call.

She was given back her Bladeship and she forged a new sword The Heart of War. Shanna prayed tirelessly to Deori to ask him to gift a new horse to her Lord to ease the pain of losing his most noble horse Azyhier, son of Minion Star. Deori granted her request and the Stallion Xylos was gifted to Zir.

Shanna then ascended to Heroine once more. The one Zir calls The Most Fine was home.


During her time as a mortal, Sharqua gave up her mortal right to re-birth in a selfless sacrifice. By offering her eternal life to the being known only as Absolute Darkness, she saved the world from total destruction. She was encased in a block of marble and the statue which surrounded her mortal body still stands to this day at the Cross-roads of the World outside the north gate of Devardec. Sharqua’s spirit was not imprisoned, and at that time she was elevated by the grace of Deori to the level of Hero, unable to move in the physical plane.

Sharqua served many years as a Hero for the Immortal Kyria. During an unfortunate event, she became directly involved fighting in a war against the Mistress of Chaos, the illegitimate daughter of Deori. In the fight, Sharqua was killed and forced to DIE, which resulted in the loss of her spirit into the abyss. After many days of work the whole of the land, through the tremendous power of prayer, dragged Sharqua back from the abyss not as a Hero, but whole, unharmed and Immortal! She guarded the disciplines of Truth and Honor for many years, encouraging mortals to seek those virtues. At the last, however, her spirit yearned for free flight, and she flew quietly out of Terris, leaving behind her history of honor, courage and truth.


Sheba is the former Immortal of the Seas. During her early days as Immortal, Sheba chose to build her temple on a quirky magic isle called “Stratys,” a long ago stronghold of the ancient merfolk and full of history. One can still sail her flagship the “Fairwind,” docked at Devardec, to Stratys, but be sure to feed a sunflower seed to her sea swallows at the mysterious entrance. Snazzle, Sheba’s chosen and Ocean’s Jewel, now watches over the Sea.

On Day 7 of Deori’s Pleasure of the year 238, Sheba precipitated a God War during the return of the Dark Lord. Deori shed many a
tear as he was forced to pronounce judgment. While Vagma held Sheba captive under Pragma, Deori reached to the stars and withdrew the Bow of Eridanian from the sky. He scooped up his tears, combined them with water of the Sea, then created an arrow of ice. He placed the arrow in the Bow, and with a heave of his mighty arm, loosed the arrow. As the world watched, the arrow flashed around the earth seven times, then streaked its way to Pragma, to the Lady of the Sea’s heart, dead center.

Her death was painless.

Deori reached up and placed the bow back in the heavens, and a new star was created, infused with Sheba’s immortal spirit and still shining brightly.

Some say whenever a mortal prays at the ocean’s side, a strange fog descends from the star containing Sheba’s spirit. Others believe she continues to observe the affairs of the Realm with a watchful eye.

Fewer still insist if you listen closely to the ocean’s surf, you may hear the whisper of Sheba’s last words, trapped by the desirous Sea, just as she uttered them when Deori’s arrow struck her heart…


The old Immortal of Love. Shilana embraces all forms of love, from puppy dog love to the love of ruthless murderer. She accepts all forms of love, putting no one form above another, as all is Love in her eyes. To receive love, one must give love, and Shilana offers love to all, unconditionally.


Once, the Baroness Shy has served in leadership positions in both the Battlemages' Guild and the Temple of Justice and then served as a leader in the Temple of Chivalry. Not much of a hunter Shy turned early to the path of the healer, and gave up much of her time to the Mentor program of the Battlemages' Guild. Since then, she has worked to protect the innocent, help the young, and assist all those in need.

Shy served as the baroness of both Silver Rock and Frostfall.


Sidney was one of the most “godlike” divinities anyone ever interacted with. He always seemed curious about the mortals of the lands; his interest piqued by an odd shout, or a name, or just what sort of mount someone was riding. He seemed to enjoy himself best when a mortal surprised him somehow, whether it be by word or deed.

He carried himself with a certain level of gravitas, and annoying him would earn you a look of shock before he separated your soul from your body as he charged at you on his Screaming Blood Raven. He was devoted to his temple and his wife, but was quick to inform you that although you served Omnicat in name, you were ultimately his servant.


Reborn in the year 123, he was raised with his brother Crownguard, until their family was killed. Making his way to the city of Devardec, he joined the guild of the Rogues in the year 141. Over the next four years he also pledged his life to the path of pain and Lady Kyria before vanishing on a journey. When he returned, he took a more active role quickly rising through the ranks of Pain and the Rogues until he helped lead both.

Through the 240s he helped defend the City of Devardec, serving as the captain of the Sun Guard and then the Baron. It was during this time that war broke out between Devardec and the City of Twilight. Forced to resign because of plague, he retired to a hidden lodge in his enemy’s city. It was then that a magical spell to cure the lands of the plague gave Silk more power and elevated him to the status of Hero.

Withdrawing to the bars, he left the Temple of Fate and followed his own rules until Varnius attacked Norland and the heavens. Along with Axx, Silk went after Varnius, finally killing him. It was in the backlash of the killing stroke that Silk gained more power and rose to the status of Immortal.

Taking first the sphere of Shadows, he helped for the Dark Alliance with Death, Dread, and Oligar. During this time he also took over the sphere of Fate. After almost one hundred years, he left the dark alliance to take the reigns of Dread as his own.


Sisterowl was in the Thieves' Guild. She rose through the ranks of her guild and through the ranks of her temple. Kestanan granted Sisterowl leadership of one of the paths of his temple and she kept it until he left the lands. She was a member of one of the original councils of the Black Rose and became the first modern Baroness of Tranos. She has since left the lands to pursue other adventures.


Skeezer is the daughter of missionaries, teachers each in their own field. Her mother taught the young about books and languages, and her father taught the elders about economics and government. When she had left home to augment her own education with the Rangers, she did not know that the people of the wasteland her parents struggled to save would eventually cease to exist, along with all traces of their whereabouts.

Executing skills observed in her childhood, it is no surprise Skeezer became deeply engaged in the Rangers' Mentor Program and took up where her own mentors had left off in nurturing the program as a guild leader several times over the years. She was passionate about her service, as well, in the Temple of Fate serving Kyria, but was challenged to follow the Goddess Snazzle as she embraced the Temple of the Sea in a time of change. That change brought challenges Skeezer eagerly met.

It was that dedication to her guild and temple that caught the eye of the Sun Child when she was called to reform the training of the guards in Devardec. Eventually, she would be asked to serve as Devardec’s leader and succeed Silk in seeing to the responsibilities of the City of Devardec as its Baroness.

Skeezer killed Jasmar during a time when the baroness and the Sun Child were feuding over the way to govern Devardec.


In his life time, Sluxon held many positions within the Enchanters' Guild, ranging from Guild Mentor to that of Guild Master. He was also the first High Priest of Dreams, having served the Lady OmnicatImmortals.

A helpful Sprite was he to any whom needed aiding. No matter how large or minute the task, he was up for it! It is in fact his helpfulness to those in need which has brought him to where he is now. The day he accepted Kriel‘s quest to retrieve the Orb of Dawning, he was faced with his most feared moment of his life. Face to face with certain death, he knew his chances of survival were slim. To no surprise, however, he stayed true to his beliefs and aside Froggor, they brought good from the evil Kriel attempted to cause.

This act of kindness however also had its effect on him. From that day on, nothing would be the same. The power inside the Orb of Dawning flowed into Sluxon, bringing forth a new life for him as a Legend of the Realm!

Many years passed since that day Sluxon became a Legend through the powers that resided in the Orb of Dawning. Then, on what seemed to be an uneventful and normal day, Sluxon was suddenly standing in the presence of Deori. Unsure of what laid ahead of him, he stood firm, awaiting for the explanation that would inform him of why Deori had summoned him. Little was spoken, however, Deori expressed his delight in what he had seen in Sluxon since the day he was made a Legend. In that awkward, but intense moment, Deori laid his blessing upon Sluxon and he was made a Hero!

Change made itself known once again though, and it did not waste any time in doing so. Sluxon put aside his studies and training in the arts of Sorcery, and joined the ranks of the Rogues' Guild of Terris. He also returned to the Temple of Dreams, where he had spent most of his life before becoming a Legend. His decision to return to the Temple, was simply an unknown stepping stone into something even greater than he knew yet.

It did not take Sluxon long before he quickly enveloped himself with as much information and knowledge in regards to the Dreamscape and the effect that Dreams and Nightmares had in the realm that he could get. It was through this in-depth studying that Sluxon came to a realization. His interest with the Dreamscape was now purely in the power and potential of the Nightmares which resided there.

Sluxon gathered as much information as he could find in the realm, and come by in the Dreamscape, on Nightmares. However, he was not yet satisfied with his level of knowledge so he sought out Sidney, the Immortal of Nightmares, and began studying and training while observing the Immortal of that which he was solely interested in.^N

Things moved quite swiftly for Sluxon from that point forward. Now, Sluxon stands as one of the most knowledgeable, and powerful, in the lands when it comes to Nightmares: their place and role in the Dreamscape, their effect and potential in the lands and in the bodies and minds of those whom experience them.


Born to simple miners in the caverns of Hellegost, Snazzle’s future appeared to be carved in stone. Determined to have an educated child, her parents worked extra shifts to afford her training. Unfortunately, these shifts cost them their lives.

Orphaned and alone, Snazzle was brought up by the community at large, strengthening her belief in family. When the time came, the mischievous dwarf set out to explore, as her parents had wanted.

Quickly, she joined the Rangers guild and was adopted by a brave man who guided her to become a strong individual. Soon the capricious creature found herself in a position of leadership, serving as a guild officer for the Rangers for nearly 35 years, helping them grow to the strong guild the are today.

In addition to her service to the guild, she was Lady Kirala’s first follower of Thought and worked diligently to help the temple thrive. Her commitment to Inspiration helped the Gardens of Thought grow.

Her gentle nature and helpful ways guided her to the path that her ancestors had deserted, the path to make Stone Keep a community to benefit the lands. With her ogre husband, Froggor, at her side, the two set out on a new path, a path still being carved in the ruins of Stone Keep.


Born in the desert north of the Wildlands, Songward spent her youth learning the ways of fighting, of stories and spirits. When she came of age she was sent to the land of forests and cities to learn more about the world. Inspired by an old Ranger who sometimes visited her home, she made her way to the Rangers' Guild where she found friends, family and calling, and began on the path of Nature, a temple she would help guide for decades.

During her time as a Ranger she found herself increasingly drawn to the ways of the Druids, and after a long period of soul searching left the Redwood to make her home with that guild. She reveled in the learning and teaching there, and spent many happy years as a mentor and leader, but the desert eventually called her home.

Not long after her return, a strange potion and her own curiosity ended years of peace and pacifism, as well as her days among the Druids. In time her spirit sought a cause she could fight beside, and so she came to Light.


Stil found his way to the Warriors' Guild gates on the 1st day of First Growth in the year 151. An Orc’s head in his hand he stepped into what would become his home for many, many years. The lessons learned in his early days were many and painful. His mentor Halbringer broke Stil’s habit of bowing by slamming his head through a wall. Eventually thought overcame stubbornness and his life in the guild blossomed as blood blossomed from his enemies severed limbs. Stil lost himself in the Glory that was War, in his Insane Rage. His voice changed, he no longer smiled but longed solely for War. His anger and hatred knew no bounds. He became a GL and soon after, his Lord Zir rewarded his faith and made him a Blade of Zir with the gift of Ultima Ratio Regum. The guild suffered many attacks from many enemies. Oligar, a new dark hero sought to make an example of Stil. In a costly battle in the Warriors Guild, his forces repulsed, Oligar challenged Stil. Zir’s Blade stood up for his guild and the lands, killing the Hero after an incredible battle.

Many years, many battles and many lost comrades later Stil became GM of the Warriors. During this time Lord Zir looked upon him again, to lead the Temple of War as Champion, and gave him the Champion’s Hammer, Thunderbolt. After a tenure longer than any before him, he retired as GM to serve Lord Zir’s temple. For many years, Stil served as His Lord’s Champion, arising whenever the need was great. Varnius brought war to the temple and defeated Stil, dragging him into the void. With the aid of Axx and Silk he was freed, but far from the Warrior he was. A darkness had seeped into him while being tortured for months on end in the void. Axx, Hero of Zir!, tasked him to find the Immortal of War, and Stil ventured back into the abyss. It was at this time Lord Zir called upon His greatest Warrior. For Zir had returned to His Legion and had a task for His Champion, to venture into the void and deal justice to those responsible for His and Kyria’s imprisonment. Without question, fear or hesitation, Stil accepted this task from his Lord and as a final gift from the great Zir, he was given the power with which to accomplish this task. The power of Immortality. And thus arose Stil, Immortal of Justice. The one who would deliver Justice, swift and harsh to those who deserved it.


Talaria stood quite tall in her blood red armor, with her Blade at her side. She walked the lands, seeking Glory for Her Lord Zir, and nothing else. In all things, in everything she did, this goal was foremost in her mind. She had a look in her eyes, that said, “I am irrevocably insane, bother me at your own risk”. There were times when she was coherent and thoughtful, and there were times when she was consumed by the need to see blood flow from her enemies torn, beaten, pulped, and ravaged corpse. It was hard to tell how she would react. Talaria was once asked what drove her to insanity, her answer before cleaving the skull of the person that asked was, “Knowledge and Wisdom come with a price, Faith is total and unforgiving, comrades are forever.” Only to fellow Templars of Zir had she been known to speak with and listen to, to them she coulc
speak and give of her wisdom. But to others, it depended on her whims.


All notes on Tarelna are shrouded in the shadows.


According to legend, Tazman hailed from a far land filled with strange beasts. He was known as a benevolent Immortal, but was also known to play pranks and tricks on those that deserve such things. Tazman was not an imposing figure so he was easily mistaken for a lesser deity (but beware).


Tenari was born on the 21st day of First Growth, year 126.

Hearing rumors of the forging that rivaled Zir himself, Tenari made his way to Frostfall with hope of the Barbarians' acceptance. He completed the entrance trials and was counted among their proud membership. Studying under Thaak for much of his youth, Tenari became a skilled fighter, and forger as well as a dedicated servant of Lady Khan and her Owl.

Years of hard work paid off as Tenari became a GL of his guild, second only to Thaak, his long time mentor.

The life which Tenari had known for so long began to slip away as Lady Khan bid farewell to the realms, and crossed over into the void. Tenari was left with a faith lacking direction, fear, and anger at this loss.

Doubt grew within Tenari, and before it could take hold of him there appeared a man by the name of Arkathias who guided him in the ways of Thought and Inspiration. Tenari faithfully served his Lady Kirala for many years, until he felt a calling which touched the very depths of his existence. He left the love and shelter of Thought to venture into the unknown. Omnicat outstretched her paw to him, and removed all of his uncertainty. He then recognized that Hope, and Ambition had his driving forces through life.

With the blessings of the immortals, Tenari was gifted with the Barony of Black Shore on the 8th day of Cherrin, year 188. He worked fervently to uncover the mysteries of the lands, until he left for other adventures.


The greatest Barbarian that has so far walked the land, Thaak left the security of the Warriors' Guild to join the pioneer town of Frostfall. He was eager to see a new way found for the fighters in the land who were unhappy with the order of the knights or the haphazard stance of the Warriors.

He helped shape the formation of the Barbarians' Guild, indeed it is right to claim that he was the first mortal to found a new movement within the land.

Thaak took a lot of abuse in the early years, mostly from people suspicious about new guilds and new ways. Over time he won over his critics and indeed received praise for the way he ran his guild.

Probably the greatest praise he received was from Lord Zir who mentioned how much he approved of Thaak’s ideology for the Barbarians. Thaak ascended to the heavens and served as the Hero of Change, Mystery and the Moons before leaving the lands.


Much of Lord Theseus' origins and exploits are shrouded in secrecy, indeed, most of his successful endeavors are known only to him, although the apparent ripples and effects on the populous as a whole can very much be seen, should you know where to look.

Of his publicly known accomplishments, most notable was his rise to power in the Temple of Dread. Being the last ever Temple Leader appointed by Vagma prior to his departure, he was instrumental in the restructure which followed, being the continuation of Vagma’s desire to remove the ranking structure almost entirely within the temple. Having served also as both a Guild Leader & Guild Master of the Warlocks' Guild in addition to being the Noble for the House Dominium in the City of Twilight he is no stranger to complex political affairs or the management of them.

Theseus currently serves as Hero for the Temple of Dread, Patron of the Warlocks' Guild and adviser to the Nobles of Twilight. These positions he conducts with a certain air of authority others are seldom likely to replicate.


Not much is known of the origins of Thoth, the Lord of Humor.


Trebek was born from a poor Elven woman and her human husband. His father, a mercenary who was seldom at home, disappeared when he was young. By the age of eight, his mother was living as an outcast and was unable to afford her eldest child. She orphaned him at the steps of a building in Frostfall rumored to take care of children in good health. Trebek thus entered the keeping of the Assassins almost a decade before they went public. He was trained for seven years as an apprentice in the arts of an Assassin, both lethal and cultural. By fifteen, his apprenticeship was over and he was tasked to return with the scalp of a freshly killed ogre.

Three years passed before he got his kill. Striding proudly up to Edward Fox, Trebek was readmitted to his home… the family of the Assassins. Tutored by their star GL Dranton, and schooled by the famous thief Protean, Trebek was an able Assassin and capable leader at an early age. Winning an election by the age of 22, he became the third GL of the Assassins, in time to see his idol and mentor Dranton depart the realms. Several years later, he became Guildmaster of the Assassins.

Trebek joined the Temple of Fate as a young man, and rose high in its ranks. After a fruitful tenure in Guild and Temple, interjected by a long sabbatical, Trebek was offered the throne of the newly discovered Barony of Tanagreen. Ruling with his Chancellor Drken, he overseed the peace and prosperity of his new lands until he left the lands.


Born on another world in year 124. Turgon and his father became refugees to Terris when he was but a babe in arms. Brought up by his father in the Warriors' Guild, Turgon was orphaned before his 18th birthday. Upon which he chose to join the Enchanters' Guild, following in the footsteps of his older friends Tigereyes and Maguis.

Before long, Turgon became a Guild Officer of his Guild, and also Hierarch of Magic in Davar’s Temple of Magic.

He held these posts for many a long year until one fateful day in 186. On this day, a small band of adventurers, Tenari, Lor, Turgon and Arcangelo helped free Goldcroft from the hordes of beasts that had long held sway over the city. For his services, Turgon was awarded the Barony of Goldcroft as his own to protect and serve.

Turgon himself was a generally laid back Baron, but didn’t tolerate fools easily. He was often seen exploring the lands, cataloging new quests and creatures. His favorite color was blue, and his preferred food being bacon. Or pork.

The magic within Turgon became even stronger as he ascended to the heavens to become the Hero of Magic.


Vagma was the Immortal of all things that are not good within the land. That is not to say that he was just evil, he just stood for personal gains, drive and ambition as well as greed, lust and power.


An outcast among his kind, the Drow child known as Valan found refuge in a secluded guild of Tranos. The members therein raised Valan as one of their own, another thief to add to the infamous guild. Under the guidance of such greats as Ferret, Jynx, and his adopted brother Lonewolf2, he quickly gained the insight needed to become a Guild Lieutenant. Serving for over a decade as a guild assistant, the time came when Valan became Guildmaster of Thieves.

Throughout his life, Kestanan, Immortal of Thievery, Shadows, and the Night, played an integral part in the paths Valan’s soul did take. No mortal was ever more faithful to his Lord, than Valan to Kestanan. In time, Valan rose to become the first High Priest of Kestanan, and his service continued even in ascendance, when Valan became Kestanan’s Hero of Night. When Kestanan’s control in the realms of Night did weaken, and Kestanan was forced to return to the Nightlands, a terrible rage consumed Valan.

Seeking only to cause misery and upset to the land, intent upon causing every mortal grievance possible, Valan’s fits of dementia halted, with a call from Medea, Immortal of Luck. Medea spoke of the schisms of Luck, of Harmony and Discord, and the role each does play. The aspect of Discord appealed to Valan, and he vowed to serve Medea, amidst the eyes of the land, as her Hero. Valan’s fondness for his Lady grew, and it was with a nervous smile that he asked for her hand in marriage. Vowing to give up his flirtatious ways, the ‘darken' Valan looked toward Discord, and to Medea, to lighten his path into eternity, and the hereafter.

Valan slowly faded into the shadows of Terris over the years, not unlike his Lord Kestanan. Some people believe that his disappearance was a result of his growing desire to seek out his Lord in the Nightlands. It was not until many years later that Valan would be seen again; however, he had returned to the realm on the mortal
plane. Many have debated the cause of his return to the mortal realm, but regardless of the exact cause, one thing holds true, Valan will always be a legend to those who are of the shadows…


Valeria was one of Lord Zir’s faithful Blades. She wielded “Tempest!” a sword forged originally by Taltos. “I Kill, therefore I am,” was her motto. Like a Tempest, in full silver mithril armor, she raged into battle, mounted upon her trusted T-Rex, Machiavelli, for Lord Zir, driven to spread his Glory though out the realms and beyond.

This red-headed half-giant fighter was born to the overlord of the Van’Tog Clan in The Northern Mountains on Day 21 of Frost Falls of Year 130 under the sign of Saman the Water Spirit. As was the ways of her clan, Valeria was trained in the ways of a Warrior. She studied war tactics, one-handed fighting, brawling, and even Martial Arts. When she came of age, Valeria left her tribe to avoid an arranged marriage to the son of another Warlord in a neighboring Clan, and headed for The Warriors' Guild in Tranos, where Lord Zir, her Clan’s god, was patron. Upon gaining entrance to the guild, she continued her training under the tutelage of guild mentors, including Blade Nerak. When Valeria reached level 14 in her training she sought out her GM, Blade Chay, to prove her worthiness to become part of Zir’s Legion. Valeria successfully completed her mission to the Dark Elf Temple and has been a devoted follower ever since and will be unto Eternity.


Valya previously resided in a place with no past and no future. How it is that she came to be in the realm of Terris is unknown. She wanders the land, eager to hear and collect stories- keeping them all in her ink splattered journal. She has also been known to retell famous tales from the histories of Terris.

Valya believes every day is filled with infinite possibility, every choice has its consequence and every life is a story. One day you may come across this dishevelled fae being.


The beautiful Immortal Vasari is the keeper of the books of time for Deori. She chronicles all events, no matter how small, in her silver tomes. Vasari is all-knowing about past events and this gives her great insights into the future.


The son of an Elven merchant who bought his way into the land and title, Verohnic Wenh’Torn is the product of an extremely wealthy upbringing in the harsh mountains surrounding Frostfall. As a child, he was the master of his own manor, complete with a serving staff and the finest tutors to educate him in Terris history, business, the arts, and the etiquette and bearing required of a young lord. Growing up within a world of absolute hierarchy and with a father whose morals were always subjugated to his profit margins instilled in Verohnic a keen sense of business acumen and a hunger to climb to the top of every ladder in the world of wealth of politics.

When he began wearing his mask is the subject of great speculation, certainly it was long before he began to develop a reputation for womanizing and carousing through the inns of Frostfall. It was long before he began running his father’s trade for him, and decades before his thirst for adventure, danger, and the shadier places in the world led him to the Guild of Thieves when he was already well over 100 years old. By the time he made his way to the Temple of Shadows and the following of the Immortal Silk, all but one living soul who would have known the face underneath his golden mask were dead, and he had succeeded in making it his new face to the world.

In Shadows, he learned to set his sights higher than the noble world of wealth and political power, and he set out on a new path, using every skill acquired through study in his childhood, the tricks he acquired as a youth in Frostfall’s shadier circles, and every trade taught by Thieves. His first step may have been accepting Lord Silk’s appointment to the seat of Steward of Witchfalls, but only the Gods know what steps will follow. By turns charming and cold, ambitious, and flattering, generous, and ruthless, it may just be that this man of business and servant of the Shadows aspires to the heights the likes of which most mortals dare not dream.


In the year 315 a young woman from Devardec found herself left on the doorstep of the guild of the Rogues, ending a two year hiding period. She made herself at home there, quickly adding her sketches of the guild’s people to the bulletin board, and her quiet words to the often rambling conversations between members.

Raised without a belief in the Immortals of the land, she was quite surprised to find herself in their company, nearly going into permanent hiding after discovering her guild patron Silk’s true nature after an evening of sketching him. Good sense and the urging of friends prevailed though, and she soon found her courage, and an ever strengthening faith in the Immortal and aspect of Shadows.

Chance brought her to Frostfall, where she soon fell in love with the hushed snowfall and the city’s people. She has spent much of her time over the years working in one of the city’s businesses, and finding quiet ways to advance the causes of her Guild and the Immortal she served.


She was a winter wolf, with silver guard hairs and snowy white underfur. Her favorite past times were hydra hunting in the deep woods, practicing magic from her “handy dandy” spell book, and following Monks on their journeys about the land. She stood for “light” and the “way”… and her dark eyes shined with love for guild and temple.


Worcester wrested his Immortality inadvertently from Reknall, former lord of the Dead. Reknall, in a fit of anger, came into the land, slaughtering all in his path. In a brave, or foolish move, Worcester sought to end the destruction and defeated Reknall in battle. Indeed, what was not known was that he who slays death, becomes Death. And so, Reknall expired in a peaceful rest, leaving Worcester to lead the Realm of Death until such time as he himself was released. Despite such a surprising start, Worcester had proven to be a strong and powerful Immortal, held in awe by the mightiest of mortals and Heros alike!


She was a Human Fighter and a Knight. Petite in build, only 5'4″, with long shimmering blonde hair and sparkling green eyes she had a toned, muscular body and deeply tanned skin. She was born on Day 6 of First Growth 116, under the sign of Sneakyrs the Opportune.

Xandria spent most her time guiding new people to the lands, offering words of encouragement and a shoulder to cry on for many who knew her. She would always take time to help those in need of her… and to teach them to help themselves. Although small in frame, Xandria would fight to the death on all occasions using her small stature and quickness coupled with high agility to defend her foes, but she felt the battle should always be fought in the mind first. Her face lightened immensely when she smiled, which she did often, and she could be prone to bouncing fits if she got overly excited though with age those seemed to have diminished. She feels ignorance was the root of all evil, and with knowledge comes understanding and righteousness. She prided herself on helping others and setting a good example, her most prized accomplishment was seeing someone she had helped prosper in the lands, and in turn help another. Xandria was married to Ali’s Cavalier Rablek, Guardian of Justice. Xandria and her twin sister Amaranth traveled to Norland after her family was brutally murdered in a war in her homeland to the extreme west of Norland. During their travels, the two young girls were taken in by a village of friendly elves, who taught her sister the ways of magic, but where Xandria never felt she fit in. So Xandria left this village, traveling alone to Norland to seek a life for herself.


This legendary Rogue served as the first Guildmaster for the Rogues' Guild. He was one of the original followers of Lord Tazman while the Immortal was the God of Luck. Later when Tazman returned to the lands as the Immortal of Trickery, Zero remained one of his followers.


Zir is the Immortal of War, Combat and Adventure. He likes to set tasks to individuals that help them improve themselves. He is a very volatile Immortal and prone to explosive temper outbursts. Zir has a fanatical following, often the cries of ZIR! ZIR! ZIR! ring out across the land. There are statues that offer great rewards to powerful mortals who slay beasts in his honor. Zir demands TOTAL loyalty and unquestioning service. If you are brave, if you would stand tall against ultimate evil. If you fight for GLORY, for HONOR and for ZIR then he is the Immortal for you. People who hug, or cuddle need not apply.

Zir was one of the first children of Deori. He came with Deori through the void to battle Vagma and wrench Norland from Vagma’s reign of terror. From the moment he entered Terris he decided to become the God of War, Combat and Adventure. He became the God of Forging by saving the land. It was Zir who stopped Alvogyl from killing Vagma. At the time, Vagma was molded with the land and if you destroyed one, you destroyed the other. The land, thankful to Zir for being save, gifted Zir the knowledge of Metal. Thus Zir earned the knowledge to become the God of Forging. Later when Zen invented the first alcoholic substance, Zir loved it so much he decided to become the God of Drinking. Zir has led a rich and full life.


Zordryn was in the Guild of the Warlocks. He had dedicated his life to the paths of Death and followed Kilana and Corin in their temple. He became the Baron of Tanagreen by winning a competition held by Elaina, the Immortal of Light.