Classes: Berserker

Wild-eyed barbarians, the Berserker cares little for magic and even less for periods of peace. Berserkers are awesome fighters, but they burn twice as bright and half as long. When engaging in combat, they attack with great speed which is countered by a poor ability to retreat. Many a berserker came to a sticky end because they did not want to pull out of a fight. They live fast and die often. Berserkers do not like to use shields; they prefer to hold onto a weapon with both hands.

Strength 18 Mysticism 6
Accuracy 12 Speed 12
Dexterity 12 Constitution 16

Starts With: Two handed sword, Leather armour, Leather helm

  • Two handed weapon use
  • Warcraft
  • Multiple attacks
  • Called shot
  • Physical training
  • Beer drinking