Kell's Keep

The remains of Kell’s Keep lie just northwest of Devardec. Now centuries old, the keep was once used as an armory and training area for the Devardec guard. It was named after the first captain of the guard who designed and oversaw construction of the structure. Sturdy and strong, the keep offered protection from invaders and also provided a tactical advantage for attacking. High towers enabled visibility across the surrounding lands and all approaching visitors had to pass the keep to get to the city. Thus, the keep gave the early citizens of Devardec a sense of comfort and security.

During the Dark Age, Lord Vagma unleashed armies of creatures upon all of Norland. Evil dragons and other powerful magic users descended upon Kell’s Keep, attacking with force and magical fire that continues to burn even today. The attack left few survivors; most of the Devardec guard perished, including the captain. Those that lived abandoned the keep and fled for their lives.

It is rumored that the remnants of the keep are now inhabited by bands of ruffians led by a criminal named Turpin. The many thugs in his employ provide good experience for beginning adventurers to find their feet, enhance combat tactics, and put their skills to the test.