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Temple Charter

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This is the temple charter as handed down by our Lord Raislin.


From the ancient times of Eridanian through the age of Davar to the present, knowledge and magic have combined to be a powerful force. Magic pervades every part of Terris -- all temples and guilds, all races and classes of people, the beasts who roam freely or hide in lairs. They all use magic, and are subject to the forces of magic around them.

The Temple of Magic is home to the followers of the art of magic and Immortal Lord Raislin. The temple itself is a beautiful crystal castle that floats serenely across the skies of Terris. Those who reside there and follow magic are known collectively as The Magi.
The Magi seek to understand the secrets of the land, to unlock the mysteries of the magic therein, and to use that knowledge and magic to help others. These three principles: balance, knowledge and service; form the cornerstones of the Temple of Magic.

Lord Raislin is the Immortal of Magic, and represents the balance of magic in the realms. The Magi seek to learn the fundamentals of magic through study of the three paths: Naturalism, Sorcery and Wizardry

The Tenets

The temple is founded upon the three principles of Balance, Service, and Knowledge. The Magi embody the three principles through the Tenets of Magic. They are:
  • Promote the use of magic
  • Help others
  • Learn the lay of the land
The tenets act as a blueprint for life as a Magi and guide temple members of any rank in their actions.


It is expected that all Magi continuously follow the three tenets, and learn the fundamentals and balance of magic through the study of the three paths. Temple members are taught by those of the priest rank or higher. In addition to learning and applying such teachings, Magi will also be acknowledged for being an outstanding temple member. See the Ranks and Advancement section, below.

We ask that you make your efforts, whatever they may be, known to us via the temple message boards as our sight is not all encompassing.


All temple members are expected to abide by the following two laws.
  1. NO HUNTING of innocents upon the temple grounds. This law is inviolable; any hunting in this area will not be tolerated.
  2. Any disrespect towards the Immortal of Magic, a Hero or Leader will be met with severe consequences. First offense will result in reduction in rank to Initiate. Second offense will result in removal from the temple permanently.
How to Join the Temple of Magic
  1. We first ask that you explore other temples. We believe that you should feel comfortable with your choice and informed of all your options.
  2. Next, seek out three temple members (any except an Initiate) and inform them of your desire to join. All members should be willing and able to talk about the temple with a hopeful member.
  3. After you have spoken to three temple members and decide you are ready to join, you must successfully pass an interview with a temple priest or leader. If you do not pass the interview at first, the temple priest/leader will provide mentoring and may refer you to others to learn more about the temple.
  4. Once you have passed the interview, the temple leader/priest will give you an entrance quest to complete.
  5. Upon completion of the quest, the priest will then contact a leader on your behalf for initiation into the temple.
Ranks and Advancement

Note: All temple members of all ranks are expected to follow the three tenets.


Initiates are temple members who are in a trial period. As the newest members of the temple, Initiates are encouraged to learn the basic temple structure and ideals. Formal initiation ceremonies are held every other month to welcome Initiates as full temple members.

General Temple Population:

The temple recognizes and honors its members through an acknowledgement system. Once past the initiation and trial period, a temple member becomes eligible to be honored by the temple for being an outstanding member. Examples of outstanding service to the temple include:
  • Always following our tenets, especially when it is a challenge to do so
  • Seeking and mentoring hopeful members
  • Organizing temple events and activities
  • Actively learning about the temple paths from a priest or temple leader
  • Completing tasks and requests from temple leadership, and assisting with temple projects
  • Continuous quality roleplay
Temple members are allowed and encouraged to nominate other temple members to be honored. Honorees are recognized at formal ceremonies, and in some cases may receive an award.

Temple members are allowed to choose their own "of Magic" title with approval from the temple leadership. This title must be consistent with their character, and will remain until the next time they are honored.

Once a temple member is honored five times, they are then eligible to become a priest. Additionally, to become a priest, temple members must have enough knowledge of the paths to teach them.


The priests are the mentors and teachers of the temple. Questing for advancement through the priest ranks will be decided by Lord Raislin and/or temple leadership. Promotion comes after completion of a quest

The priest ranks are as follows:
  • Priest
  • Archpriest
  • Acolyte
  • Seer
  • Farseer
Temple Leaders:

Second only to the Prophet, the Hierarch is a leader of the Magi. The Prophet is the mortal leader of the temple.

This charter was last updated on 13 March 2013.

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