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Update July 2019

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gwho/twho/hhwho remove hp/sp values
citystats page tidied to remove tithe info as that's been inactive for a while

citydeposit command added to donate to your city.

RPTell will say "You RP Tell" to differentiate with normal tell

Bug with RP gain fixed. All adventurers have been capped based on the most
RP points they could normally gain on leveling.

Rest recovery rates increased slightly

Can now have more spell possibilities to vary their combat. Where monsters
used multiple spells in the past, the choice between them is now different
to accommodate the additional options.

Additional attacks (spit / vomit) that cause damage over time effects.
Additional spell ability to directly drain health and mana, bypassing armor.
Ability to 'leech' health and heal themselves from their victim

Monsters can directly call for assistance - causing 1 to many monsters to

Monsters will spawn on their own in populated areas.

Monsters can summon minions. Similar in concept to above but used in an
offensive capability.

Monsters will change to use the above features over time.

Bug with excessive lair triggered fixed.

Moving shops (caravans, rogue traders) are now supported
Shops can deny service to those with low standing. You may need to find a
trader that isn't so picky with its clientele.

Buyback added - use show buyback in a shop to see the list.
buyback <number> to rebuy the item
Items are only kept for 15 minutes though they will survive log out / in
(e.g. a disconnect)

Banks only accept deposits in multiples of 10 gold. They'll round down for you.
The tellers will only accept a certain number of requests in a period.

These were worked on but are not currently available
Change to shields - active slam ability and change to passive defense.
Mastery skills to support this.

Furnace / Anvils
Furnaces in the lands can be 'stoked' with wooden items to heat them. The more
you add, the hotter they'll get up to a point and cool off over time.

These will be used with crafting though is not currently required.

Gold limits introduced on shops.
Shop keepers have a limited pool of gold to buy items in a given day.

Monster gold / item drops also controlled to prevent excessiveness.
This will help with future changes in case there's a mistake that can be

Exit Changes
Several areas (Gallowhaven noticeably, but others for many years) attempted
to override exit directions to do different things or block exits. This
never worked correctly -- too easy to avoid.

Game now supports a proper method to do this and areas have been recoded to
use the new mechanism.

General Note

Some monsters have increased chance to hit. Some monsters cannot hit
people at their designed level. The overall goal is to Reduce the scroll,
by reducing combat speed. That will mean individual monsters will need to
be stronger. Several are designed around a pack which will make them too
weak on their own. Adding new abilities so they're less predictable is part
of this as well, to make a more interesting experience.

XP/Gold gain can be balanced to have a better risk vs reward once the combat
flow is decided.

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