Quick Update - March 31 2019

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Quick Update - March 31 2019

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Today a small update went in to do the following:

1. A fix to "Stunning Blow" output that is seen by players.
2. Ability to "RPWISH <Text>" during a roleplay to communicate with RP team members
- This allows members of the RP Team to see your specific comment and they can respond to you.
- You will not know the name of the person responding to you so that we can keep the identity of the person behind the RP a secret.
- If the person is unable to answer your RPWISH then it will be brought to the other members of the team or myself and we will get back to you.
- If you do not get any response you can do a "WISH <Text>" or send an email to Silk@legendsofterris.com and we will track down information for you.
- This will also allow you to provide constructive criticism or ideas in the midst of whatever event is going on to help shape the RP event.
- This is only for roleplay related events and not regular staff wishes as the teams are separate.
3. Setup of content to allow an update to a guild for testing prior to the change.
4. Setup to implement new features for a guild, some additional mastery skills, and new spells.

If there are any questions or concerns you can post them here or email Code@legendsofterris.com and Silk@legendsofterris.com.

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