August 5th Small Update

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August 5th Small Update

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Just some very small things done here.

1. Small changes to forests for resource pools of wood
- Work will continue here to make it a bit easier for people
2. New "Tattoo" items are possible
- Barbarian tattoos have been changed to tattoos
- Barbarians have a new one that the GM can award
- These cannot just be removed as regular items...more details to come
- These include arm tattoos, head tattoos, chest tattoos, and back tattoos
- These will not really add to your "Defense" at this time and are more for RP
3. Lork has had her "Sword, 'Zir's Song" returned to her
4. Fix to title issue found by Blackfox
5. Small changes to Abram's Landing
- Much more coming in this space
6. Fixes to some events that were reported as bugged

Still to come:
1. More recipes
2. Bows being crafted for Rangers, Woodtop, Elves
3. Weapons being crafted for Zir (Warriors, Knights still to come)
4. More changes in Abram's Landing
5. Fishing skill and ability to catch fish

Any issues please let know.


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