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Path of Sorcery - Priest Ravon's Tutorage

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Hail Magi !

I've learned much from you over the years, and I'd like to recap what I have had the privilege to observe and study from temple leadership. Below I will describe my understanding of the first path of Sorcery, as well as how they relate to our temple Tenets. Hopefully leadership can use this information to assess how I am progressing, and newer members may find this is useful to review during their studies.

Temple Tenets
*Promote the use of Magic in the lands
*Help others when appropriate
*Learn the lay of the land

Path of Sorcery
Sorcery spells can affect both the body and mind, as well as call raw elemental forces upon a target. They can be used offensively (in the form if a direct target incanctation, and in the form of weapon enchantments) but may also be used for utility purposes. An example of a utility purpose might be to light some logs on fire to warm the body during a cold night. Another example of a utility purpose (provided by Priest Ravon) might be to stun victim's before sessions begin <cough>.

There are many ways that the sorcery magics can be used to promote the second and third temple tenets. One might use these magics to assist a comrade in defeating a hostile foe, or disabling the foe. (2nd Tenet) Or perhaps, a user could enchant a younger comrad's sword with a hold enchantment to disable a foe. A weapon enchantment that disables a foe can be very useful in an adventurer's younger years. In addition, the wielder of sorcery can better defend his or herself, which will enable the wielder to explore hostile areas across the lands. (3rd Tenet)

And last (but not least), the use of magic in the lands is promoted, as the wielder of sorcery helps others, gains their respect and appreciation for magic, and grows in stature. (1st Tenet)

Tybras, Scholar of Magic
Scholar of Magic

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