A letter to Loves

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A letter to Loves

Post by EnchanterFurball »

One warm morning after the rains had dispersed, a note was left on the notice board of the Temple of Love. Elegantly written, it read:

Fellow Loves,

Love is such a powerful force, found within all things and within us. The Chaos Storms have passed, and I say we take this time to reflect and review now that a new chapter has begun. I implore you, look into your hearts and find what love is to you and share it here for others. Let others know that Love is still strong. Don't become disconnected, or lost, as I had once been. Find your love, and share it, for I know I look forward to see and hear what Love is to you, and how it is brought to our beautiful lands by all.

May Rexington smile upon us,

Kierra, Heart of Love
~Charismatic Kitty GL Kierra, Heart of Love
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The Enchanter formerly know as Furball
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Re: A letter to Loves

Post by axis »

::Axis reads the note pinned to the message board and smiles warmly::

Love to me is seeing the fire red sparkle on the ocean as the sun sets
Love to me is succeeding in a particularly challenging battle, knowing I did my best
Love to me is being deep in conversation with some-one special while sharing an umbrella and not even notiicing it is lashing down with rain.
Love to me is making some-one special the happiest they can be.
Love to me is acceptance that what will be will be
Love to me is giving love and not expecting it to be returned
Love to me is the weakness at knees I feel when a certain lady enters the room
Love to me is filling my locker with junk that I haven't got a clue what its for and one day, finally finding out
Love to me is being obsessed with ensuring I have maximum Spell Points available (even when I don't need them) by continually resting for no reason.

Love to me is everything....

Axis, Elder of Love

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