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Love.. Sweet Love.

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The sweet smell of various fruit drifted in the air as the snowy white Catline made her way through the blooming gardens. A long line of trees guided her path as she followed the trail, a swirl of rose petals flicking and twisting at her feet as she moved. It had been decades since she had walked the path to the Temple of Love, though no less did the sight draw out her breath and bring a small swell to her eyes.

Kierra reached up, wiping her arm across her cheek before gazing around the blooming flora that almost concealed the entrance. She knew her goal and quickly made her way into the gardens as the grass crunched softly under her padded feet. She kneeled down, picking seven roses that were forever in bloom, a blessing of Rexington's magic.

One, for spiritual love.

Two, for physical love.

Three, for metaphysical love.

Four, for material love.

Five, for obscure love.

The five aspects of love. No matter the type of love, it remained and existed in each individual and creature that roamed the world.

Six, a rose for her temple.

Seven, a rose that she'd keep on herself, as a reminder.

She pushed herself back to her feet, gently cradling the roses in her arm as she made her way back to the main entrance. She kneeled down and bowed her head in a low dip, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. She took a moment of reflection before placing a single rose down on the entrance of the Temple of Love.

Many decades ago, I chose Love to represent my temple of choice, to serve as the symbol of my belief, but in all truth I serve Love, my goal to spread love in all it's forms across Norland. My love, just like everyone elses, is unique and my own.

She paused as her brows furrowed together a moment, remaining stiff in thought and after some time she finally relaxed, her posture dropping and letting out a heavy sigh. Emerald eyes fluttered open to look up at the gold and silver gilded arches.

Things certainly have been.. trying. Love that has come and gone in many ways, only to be reborn again as the decades pass. What is love to me anymore?

She made her way down the massive staircase in the Enchanter's Atrium, slipping past students and mentors as she quickly moved around the floating crystal that rested high above. It was hot in the building, something she always enjoyed and then laughed softly as she realized that's why Anera was always inside if he was around. The Catline quickly made her way to the center of the Atrium, looking around for any familiar faces before she kneeled down, five roses cradled in the crook of her arm before picking one and placing it on the floor.

Spiritual love, related to the spirit or soul. The Enchanter's, that's my spiritual love.. my heart will always be within these halls, my spirit lifted each time I find my way back, my soul revived to see it continuing to bloom. To see the Enchanter's now.. what it is, to see new and old faces roaming the halls and to know that it has continued, to be able to come back and be so welcomed, so loved.. that is why I offer my first rose here. Thank you.

She tucked her vestments around herself, drawing them in close as she made her way through the outskirts of Devardec. The gnarled branches of the dead trees twisted up into the cloudy sky and the fog swirled around her hurried feet. The Catline let out short breaths as she made her way through the graveyard, finally coming to an ill-tended gravestone that hardly stood out among the others that surrounded her. The only markings that remained were faint, hardly eligible after decades of weather and wear. She kneeled down and reached up her arm again, running it along her cheek before simply remaining there for a time. Empty silence surrounded her as a faint wind swept through the air, picking up the second rose and placing it down on the grave.

Physical love, related to the physical form. That was my husband.. what is my physical love without him? He was my lover, my best friend, and the father to my children, but.. physical love isn't always intimate, is it? It's a hug, a smile, a caring word and a gentle touch of encouragement, often from friends. Friends.. that's what my physical love is now. Even still, I offer my rose here.. for you. I'm sorry, it has been so long since I've come by, since I've recognized what you had done for me and how your love helped me grow to who I am now. I think of you often, and I miss you so.. thank you, for showing me all you did.

A small swirl of snow followed at the Catlines feet as she made her way in from the chilled Frostfall streets, taking a moment to dust the snow from her vestments. Kierra gave a polite nod to the librarian as the woman smiled brightly and welcomed her to the library.

She began to make her way up the stairs when her ears suddenly perked up at the voice of the librarian behind her. "Just remember to stay quiet... we've heard tales of yer rowdiness." The woman winked before she resumed her task of organizing a pile of books. The Catline nodded and muttered softly under her breath as she continued her way up the stairs. Maybe a certain elf had ratted on her. Tomes and journals covered every inch of shelving, Kierra scanning the room before coming to a particular section, tomes of knowledge that have been collected from far off places. She picked up the third rose and placed it on the shelf.

Metaphysical love, love that touches the mind. This one, I've always known this one. Knowledge, learning, expanding, and trying new things but ultimately, teaching. Nothing brings more love to my heart than teaching others, guiding them with a gentle hand as not to do it for them, but so they discover the answer on their own. The way an apprentice will light up when they realize they've figured it out, to see the answer click when guiding a wayward adventurer, or when a student finally mixes the arcana just right. That is my metaphysical love and no other place captures this same love than the library. That's why I offer my third rose here and hopefully that woman doesn't just sweep it out in a hour..

The smell of the nearby lake drifted in through the window as she leaned on the windowsill and looked out over the exceptional view from Lakeside. Turning her focus back towards the single bed that rested in the center of the room and then to the small wash basin, she took a moment and looked around to make sure no one was nearby. Suddenly the Catline moved to shift the basin away from the wall, trying to shove the heavy wooden table without much sound. Once moved, she kneeled and quickly pried away a single board of wood from the floor and carefully withdrew an old book, the corners tattered and worn. The Enchanter sat down, resting the old book in her lap as she ran her fingers along the cover. Opening it, scribbles of text can be seen on every page, filled to the brim with faded writing. She turned the page and pressed between was a single calla lily. Kierra smiled, gently closing the book and wrapping it up in a soft cloth, stashing it within her pack and returning the area to what it was before. With a gentle laugh, a fourth rose was placed on the wash basin.

Material love, a loved and treasured item. I still remember your little faces, running up to me with laughs and smiles before it quickly turned into an argument of who would give it to me first. In the end you both did, after he had pulled your tail and she tugged on your ears and we had to have a.. long.. discussion. A beautiful lily, carefully picked out by you both for my birthday. I loved it, I still love it, even if you both have long grown up and began your own lives. My beautiful twins, so much you had given me and more. That is my material love. There is no item I treasure more in this world.

The waterfall crashed down from the high rock wall, feeding the springs of Woodtop as the vines hung around the area in a natural curtain to aid with privacy. She slipped past the main pool, moving further back to the source of the springs to find one of the indentations in the wall. The Catline settled in and leaned back against the stone which was warm up against her tunic. A fine steam filled the area as she breathed in and closed her eyes, a soft smile creeping up over her face. After a moment she let out a relaxed breath, withdrawing her fifth and final rose and placing it on the ground next to her.

Obscure love, the unusual or abstruse. Taking the time to be alone and just with my own thoughts. Away from the hustle and chaos that is the city and beyond. There's a threat.. there's always a threat. Always something to be done but here.. in my solitude, it's just me. That's my obscure love, solitude, a place for just a moment, nothing exists but my own thoughts. While I have many locations that I can tuck away in, unnoticed and alone, this one.. this is one area that has always been one of my favorites.

The Catline smiled brightly, withdrawing the seventh rose she had plucked earlier and brought it up into her view. Even throughout her travels, it remained pristine, the heart-shaped petals a vivid red and silky as though it had just been plucked moments before. Everlasting. Just as love is. Closing her eyes and letting out a small laugh, she brought the flower to her nose to enjoy the sweet scent.

That is what my love is.
~Charismatic Kitty GL Kierra, Heart of Love
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