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Search for Information

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With a gentle wooshing sound, Anera steps out from the shadows in front of the Crystal Castle. Hissing and clicking he mutters a phrase causing the gateway to open. A butterfly flits from flower to flower, gently landing on the saurian's shoulder. Glancing over at the small insect, the mage begins to walk forward, startling the bug into flight once more. His boots clack on the marble floor of the entryway to the temple, each step ringing out through the halls. Glancing up at the mosaic of the past Immortals of Magic, his tongue flickers in and out quickly. The sounds of gentle music fill the air as he makes his way through the conservatory causing the aged Enchanter's heartbeat to slow and his mind to focus as he climbs the stairs to the library.

As always the scolls and tomes regarding items of magical power attract his attention. Nearly three centuries have been spent in the temple, but it seems there is always a book or scroll that he has not read yet hidden in the collection. Most recently scraps of information gleaned from the library in his guild had lead him back to this collection to find more information. Pulling down a few books and spreading them out in front of him, Anera begins to read slowly, making sure not to overlook the slightest thing.

Hours pass by before the mage lets out a frustrated hiss and summons an Initiate.
"Summon the others, tell them I require some help, give them this scroll to read, then head on to the next Magi please."

I have found mention of a strange artifact in the course of my research into enchanted items. It is a scepter that is rumored to hold great magical powers. It is said to have been lost for years. I am looking for more information about what it can do, and where it might be. I am currently working through the large collection of tomes in our temple library, and would like some assistance working through the texts, please meet me in the Library of Magic if you are able.

Bowing slightly to the Elder of Magic, the Initiate nods and turns to leave quickly, making her way to the Lookout Point, she takes a leap and begins to travel the roads, searching for those who wear the robes of the Magi.
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