A Scouting Mission

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A Scouting Mission

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Gundax soars into the Fortress of War, his hammer strapped between his wings, a sword and shield in his hand. Below he watches the soldiers training. Instructors shouting orders as the exercises continue under the hot sun. As one of the units complete their steps, the instructor calls for a brief break.

"FOR ZIR!" the troops yell proudly. The dragonkin roars loudly and joins them in their cry, banging his sword against his shield.

The instructor throws a salute as the Head Vanguard of the Warriors folds his wings and lands beside him. "I am happy to report the troops have been working on your revised training program."

Gundax nods his long neck and head. "I see, they are looking good"

"What brings you back to the training fields so soon", asked the instructor

"I have come to report that first a hole opened under Devardec plaza and poured ants and devils into the city. They were paid off due to the work of the gathered adventurers however. Also, it served as a warm up for some of us as we left shortly after. We approached Yarleth tower to find it was still closed off, and we were unable to enter. Ryzalia and I took to the roof to try to bash our way in to no luck. Tashmaal joined us on this mission, he, Nacko, and Alamais scouted around the base of the tower with no success either."

The instructor nodded his head and frowned, brushing his fingers through his beard as he waited for the Warrior to continue.

"We then returned to Kzelt's tower and tried to attack the group of Wayrunners holding the warlock's old study. The size of the room limited us on entrance, and the amount of creatures inside the study made quick work of us unfortunately. It seems our only way to succeed is to draw them out of the study, however, we found ourselves unable to leave the room once we entered, no doubt due to some spellcraft that the previous owner has cast on the room."

"Drill the soldiers harder till they cannot stand."

The instructor nodded his head in understanding.

Gundax spread his wide wings once more and took the skies. Raising his sword high over his head he shouts to the troops, "Break time is over, fall in formation again....FOR ZIR!"

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