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A tall trader walks into the bar, his cloak pulled close around his face. The smoke hangs in the room heavy, thick. This is the sort of bar that a man hiding his face is a common enough occurrence, that no eyebrows are raised. He approaches the bartender, ordering a drink. The bartender casts and appraising eye over the trader before shuffling off to prepare the order.

He lowers his satchel from his back to the floor as the man next to him leans closely. He human was ugly, almost enough that the trader wondered for a minute if there wasn't a bit of half orc somewhere in the thug's bloodline.

The man reached down quickly, grabbing the traders wrist with one hand, and reaching with the other hand across to grab the fingers of the trader. In a flurry of movement, the trader reaches over his head grabbing the thug by the shoulders with his free hand and twisting his body quickly, In a flash the patrons of the bar stopped talking, the shrieking of the chairs being pushed out quickly as people stood. Many stepping back with their drinks in their hands, trying to save every drop of their relief. Others shuffled forward ready to intervene in the fight should it turn into a brawl. However, that quickly the trader stood over the man who had taken a knee, his hair held in the hands of the tall man. Swiftly he shoved the mans head forward, as the ugly thug's head struck the surface of the bar, his eyes rolled back in his head. As he crumpled to the floor, the trader turns towards the exit, his eyes never connecting with another. He reaches his hands up, replacing his hood that had fallen during the fight. The barest traces of his elven ears visible to anyone watching before the hood once more concealed his features.

With a strong step, the tall elf steps out the doorway once more. As the bartender shuffles back to the counter, a glass of elvish wine in his hands.

From the corner, an elf stands, the Moonstone Torc around his neck reflecting the light. He crosses to the bar, pays the bartender for the wine before tipping it over swiftly into his mouth, swallowing the drink in moments. He reaches down to grab the satchel left by the Trader before leaving himself. The pack is sealed with leather strapping, along the strapping the pattern of the clan Tah-shei. He leaves the bar and sets forward towards the North, following the roads to Stone Keep where he would try to set a meeting with the Lady Jasra.

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