Because of Bandits

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Because of Bandits

Post by fearecia » Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:09 am

The dragonkin chuckled as she left Kollin’s office, shaking her head at herself. She’d be trying to avoid getting tangled up in this whole bandit business. Now look at her. Neck deep in it and happy as a clam.

She finally had her meeting with Kollin, and he had come clean about the “knight” he’d asked her to transport. She was a little miffed that he hadn’t just flat out told her about the whole thing in the first place, but to be fair, she’d done similar things herself, so she couldn’t entirely blame him. Still, the information he’d shared that the bandit had spoken of had gotten her gears turning. And, of course, it was becoming relatively clear that there was probably a mole in the guard somewhere…

The angle about Hammerguild was certainly an interesting one, and one she couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen earlier, once Kollin pointed it out. So incredibly blatant. But, then again, who expected bandits to be so open about such things? She needed to find a way to go explore and look around without drawing undo attention to herself. In the meantime, she knew just who to talk to.

Moving into the Plaza, she felt a familiar presence at her side, the tickle of moving air announcing him. She smiled to herself, greeting the people hanging around before moving off into a quiet spot.

“I have a job for you,” she said, grinning at the darkness.

“Oh? Do tell.”
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Re: Because of Bandits

Post by blackfox » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:34 am

Blackfox chewed absently on a strip of jerky as the rain fell around him, as he watched the light go out in the window. He figured that he had gleaned about all he could from this situation.

Hulena had a routine that deviated very little for the most part; Wake up, wash her face and hands, eat breakfast, head southwest to the workshop, spend a good ten hours there chipping away blocks into statues, with a few breaks here and there for drinks, and a short lunch, then to the Wig and Pistle, then home and bed.

However, for a dull woman, Hulena had quite the flurry of activity around her. He had counted six different people (not counting himself) who seemed to be watching her, at various times through the day. Three played vagrants looking for hand outs. Probably would be better disguises if they actually tried to get said hand outs instead of sitting where they can watch her all day mutely. One seems to set up in the corner of the Wig and Pistle before the crowds move in and keeps to himself. One seems to have taken residence with Hulena. Sleeps all day while she's gone, and stalks about her cottage in the dead of night well after she's gone to sleep. The last one was actually a decent stalker he found in the woods around Hammerguild. He'd been following Hulena from her home to her job and had almost stepped on a person in a bush. After carefully padding past, he started scanning the areas and started catching sight of a small woman trying blend in with woods. He'd been lucky on that one. He didn't expect anyone in the woods with so many others already. Also he'd manage to follow this one to a small camp of people around a hovel quite deep in the woods. He'd managed to hear small sobs and cries from inside the hovel. He at least gleaned that the children were unharmed though obviously scared.

He crept off into the falling rain and darkness to shadow someone else, and let them know what he's found.
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Re: Because of Bandits

Post by Kollin Byrne » Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:57 am

Kollin stood and silently watched the candles within the Shrine of Remembrance, only moving to relight those that had gone dark. Each of the hundreds of candles not only represented a knight who had left the lands, but also acted as a beacon for their safe return. His thoughts dwelled on the spirit of the old knight who would return from battling demons in the underworld and rest in the chapel. It would float amongst the candles, reading the names and relighting them just as Kollin was doing now, but it had been quite some time since he had been seen... at least since the sphere of death was lost. Perhaps he just had more demons to fight since then, and it was taking him longer to get back.

Come back soon friend,” he whispered as he re-ignited a candle.

Kollin continued his vigil over the candles as he let his mind wander and his thoughts coalesce. Much like atop the Spire of Dawn, this was another place where his thoughts seemed to come together free of chaos. He wondered why that was, and realized he should bring all of this up when he chats with a certain monk next.

If somethin else doesna come up priority,” he chuckled softly.

Slow tentative footsteps echoed in the chapel as someone approached. Kollin turned to the door to see a flustered young guard standing in the entrance way. As their eyes met the guardsman snapped to full attention and saluted. “Sir!

Kollin held back a grin as he returned the salute. “Ah can ah help ya?

The guard exhaled, his breath extinguishing a candle or two and he began to panic.

Easy there lad, es okay...relax,” Kollin said as he walked over and relit them. He smiled softly, “Whas yer name?

Periot, Sir. I’m sorry I’m interrupting, but I heard something on shift...that you should hear.

Ya know, ya can tell yer captain tha..

With...well everything...going on ...bandit wise...and how there might be moles in the guard...I thought….

Moles ya say.

The guardsman got more nervous, and nodded. “What I of guards working with bandits... and prisoners…maybe being sent to Twilight...I figured I should tell you.. to make know?

Kollin smiled faintly and nodded, “Ah think should ah know?

Periot took a deep breath and held it for a moment as he didn’t want to blow out more candles, finally tilting his head back and exhaling towards the ceiling.

My captain was telling me that a guard he works with is bragging about being the one to kill the escaped bandit...said he shot him in the back of the head.

Kollin stared at the guard, waiting for him to continue.

I didn’t know he was found, let alone it true?...should he be bragging about it like that?

Kollin watched the guard squirm in the lingering silence for a moment before speaking. “Ah can confirm tha search was called off, but no as ta why... did ya happen ta get a name o who was braggin about it, thas no somethin ah appreciate.

Periot shook his head no, “I’m sorry he didn’t…

Es okay,” Kollin smiled, “ah’ll talk ta yer captain.

The young guardsman turned pale for a moment before Kollin continued, “Don worry, ahll no tell him ya spoke ta me. Ya did good lad, took courage. An ah look forward ta seein more o wha ya can do..but fer now, Periot, get some rest.

The guardsman nodded and saluted, “Thank you, Sir!

Kollin returned the salute and watched Periot leave. Once he heard the chapel doors close he whispered, “Maybe ah can trust more o em than ah thought.

That was the fourth guard who had come to him that day, and the first to find him outside the barracks. The rumor of the escaped bandit, Deirk, seemed to have taken hold, and with luck had made its way back to the bandits themselves. Hopefully the pressure on Deirk’s wife and kids would be relaxed, and some time bought. If they were going to act, their window wasn’t going to get much bigger.

Kollin did a final relighting pass through the shrine and made his way to the Monk’s guild.

Greetins Brother Rukath, could ya tell yer guildmaster. “Es time” for me?

Time for what?

Jus tha ah said: ‘Es time.’ She’ll know.” Kollin smiled and nodded into a bow, before taking his leave.
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Re: Because of Bandits

Post by fearecia » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:37 am

Fearecia laughed when Rukath delivered the message, the poor brother looking positively confounded by the whole thing. Course, confusion turned to a bit of indignation at the laughter, but he was a good-natured fellow at heart. She smiled and waved a hand, saying, "Thank you, Rukath. I appreciate it."

He lingered in her office a moment, letting silence fill the air with expectation. Finally, he asked, "Are you going to tell me what it means?"

She chuckled and shook her head. "Not in full, no. I will tell you that it means you get to watch the guild for a few days while I run an errand. Otherwise, the details are for Kollin and I."

He gave her a mildly reproachful look.

The dragonkin chuckled again. "It's not dangerous, Rukath. Don't worry. Well," she paused a moment, considering the task ahead of her. "It's nothing I can't handle. Put it that way."

The old brother muttered. "One of these days, Fearecia, you are going to get into trouble you can't get out of."

She smirked, fangs flashing a bit with mischief. "Perhaps, but that's not today." She got up from behind the desk, moving to the wall to collect her katana and throwing daggers. "Anything else before I go?"

He huffed. "No."

She nodded, gave him a hug, and left the office, knowing Rukath would manage the day to day guild affairs just fine in her absence. Once outside the guild, a quick teleportation spell took her to The Roof. Like magic, her shadow attached itself, making his presence known. She smiled, watching the sun work its way towards the horizon. "Kollin says it's go time."
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Re: Because of Bandits

Post by fearecia » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:19 am

Shadows were steadily filling in the gaps between the trees as Fearecia slunk between the trunks, stalking her prey as only a predator could. Ebon scales practically vanished into the fading light as she moved deeper into the woods, sensitive ears pricked for any sign of intruders or other stalkers. A passing breeze warned her of the other bandit Blackfox had told her about; a quick detour and she bypassed the watcher.

Night had fully fallen when she found the hovel, the glow of lanterns falling through the window. It was a rather rickety structure, comprised of dilapidated wood and threatening to fall in on itself. She could clearly hear the guards arguing with the kids, demanding the boys go to sleep when all they wanted to do was see their mother. “Soon,” the dragonkin breathed to herself, shifting her position so she could see clearly into the open door.

Two men were in the front of the hovel, cleaning dishes after an evening meal. She could hear another, but it seemed likely he was behind the door in the back of the hovel, threatening the kids.


The sound echoed through the closing night, followed quickly by only half stifled cries. The dragonkin growled softly, maternal instincts making her want to rush in and destroy the entire camp right then and there. It was only through the knowledge that she’d only make things worse by rushing in that kept her rooted in the shadows, waiting for the quiet calm of night. The third bandit finally exited the back room, clearly grumpy and annoyed as he locked the flimsy door behind him. They talked amongst themselves for a while, one expressing distaste for how the other managed the boys. The first shot back, in no mood to be told he was doing anything wrong. The last mostly stayed quiet, going about his chores and keeping a sharp eye on the surroundings. Fear marked him as possibly one of the archers, and one to keep an eye on.

Otherwise, there was dissention in the ranks. Good to know. The first two bickered back and forth for a while before the quiet one snapped at them, causing the pair to fall silent. So, the quiet one was the leader. The dragonkin watched them for some time after that, the bandits tyding camp and heading to their own rest. The grumpy one took first watch, expressing his belief that it was all pointless as he sat down on a log just outside the door of the hovel, setting a lantern down on the ground next to him.

Fearecia watched them, analyzing the situation as she waited for the night to deepen and complacency to set in. The children were locked in the back room, the keys hanging on the inside of the front door of the hovel. Two of the bandits were asleep on rickety beds in the front room, the third absently whittling at a piece of wood with a knife by the front door. She couldn’t help but grin a bit, watching the calm of the night slowly work its magic over the bandit on watch. As the moon rose high, he was snoring steadily.

It was time.

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