Mutually A-Sewered Deal

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Mutually A-Sewered Deal

Post by Stool Pigeon » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:47 pm

Instantly the cloaked figure regretted not wearing some kind of suit that would protect them from the disgusting stench of the unnaturally dark and murky water. Objects of unknown origin bob up and down in the wake of the figures movement, but at one point the figure could have sworn they saw maybe an eyeball, and perhaps a foot. The figure pressed forward anyway, it’s not like you couldn’t on an occasion or two find body parts stuffed into the barrels of fish along the docks in Twilight. Despite wearing gloves, when the figure reached out to brace themselves from falling, their hand would come away with a thick slimy residue that no matter how hard they tried to wipe it on their cloak the slime would only seem to increase in volume.

Up ahead the sewers split into two separate passages. The water in the passage to the left seemed to rise as it continued on, creating an optical illusion where it reflected off the top of the tunnel. You couldn’t tell which way was up and which way was down, and even still the tunnel looked as though it continued on forever. The figure knew this was the passage that would lead someone to Tranos. Thankfully this was not the direction the figure needed to go down, and so the figure moved to the right where the tunnel rose slightly leaving the majority of the tunnel dry and free of slime.

After wandering the sewer system for a time, the figure came to a massive intersection where the tunnel split off into seven different tunnels, each to a different part of the city. The cloaked figure removed a glove and reached into their pocket to retrieve the crudely drawn map that had been drawn for them several weeks prior. Once the first invasion of Devardec happened, the figure sent one of their most trusted rogues disguised as one of them, into the sewers with the second group of bandits that retreated down here. As the cloaked figure looked up from the map, he was standing only a few feet away. “Mr. Jinx…”

He smiled his most debonair smile. “Very low profile, I like the drabs.”

“Yes, well, someone as well known as I am would most certainly draw unwanted attention. Specially if I were to enter the sewers in my regular attire. It's already hard enough. Kollin has had the city guards patrolling in and around the sewer entrances.”

“Truth.” Again smiling his most debonair smile. “Well I suppose we should get down to brass tax then?”

“I want to make one thing clear, before we begin this partnership. The next time we have a meeting like this, you my friend, will be traveling above ground and meeting me in a… much more dry and a lot less slimy establishment than this place.”

“Well, that eliminates Koach’s place.” He chuckled softly, the smile never fading even after the laugh. “Yes, I can agree to that. I’m much better at the disguise business than you.” Again with the smile.

“Seventy percent. Twenty to you, ten to them.” The cloaked figure dispensed with the small talk.

“Sixty percent. Twenty-five to me, fifteen to them.” The smile. “They won’t do it for less than fifteen, and I need to eat too.”

“What were they getting with their former leader?”


“Yes, but with the other one the risk was higher. Here, despite what the leadership believes, certain guards can be paid. I know which ones. I also know which ones are stepping out on their wives. I know which ones are in deep with gambling debts. I even know some of the ones who have colorful pasts, that if revealed, would have put them in a prison uniform instead of a guard uniform.”

The smile again… “Impressive. I would ask you how you obtained this information, but I believe I already know the answer to that particular question.” The smile faded. All business now. “Sixty, twenty, twenty. I’m only being generous because there are more mouths to feed than just me. I know you need to kick up your end, and if you make anything, it won’t be nearly as much as the figures you are giving me.”

“This isn’t for the city.” Mr. Jinx gave a surprised look at that comment, usually with this one it was about the city.

“Who then?” he asked. The figure reached into their satchel, and pulled forth something attached to a silver chain.” Mr. Jinx immediately became unnerved, you could tell by his face. “You?! No!” The figure nodded with zero expression. “I see…” he trailed off.

“It’s not a matter of what is getting kicked up, it’s a matter of not disappointing Him.”

He thought about the deal for a moment, his mind briefly wandering back to how these two originally met, and who introduced them. “Fine. Seventy to Him, ten to me, twenty to them. That's the usually deal I cut our mutual friend. The next time we do business, I expect you to be more favorable in my direction like she was.”

The cloaked figure nodded, and extended a hand. Mr. Jinx took the delicately soft hand and shook it. Despite being in the sewers, the figure still smelled sweet like berries. He released the figure’s hand, and the cloaked figure immediately returned the glove to their hand. Mr. Jinx pointed down one of the tunnels. “If you go that way, you will come to a ladder up to Port Street. I have a man at the top of the manhole watching out, whistle once. If he whistles back twice you’re clear to exit. Don’t exit until you hear him whistle twice.” The figure nodded and started off in the direction Mr. Jinx had given them. When the figure reached the ladder they whistled once, a brief pause, followed by two soft whistles back. The figure lifted the manhole cover and ascended onto Port Street. They quickly moved into the shadows between two buildings. They stripped off the cloak, gloves, and boots. The items were wrapped into the cloak and discarded into a nearby trash barrel. There waiting by the barrel was a fresh set of boots and a note.

Pleasure doing business with you.
-Mr. Jinx

The note was quickly torn up and discarded in the trash with the rest of the items.
Mr. Jinx

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Re: Mutually A-Sewered Deal

Post by Stool Pigeon » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:38 am

“Mr Jinx..” the soft voice trailed off. “A pleasure to see you again.”

The smile, “The pleasure is all mine this time.” He sat down in the corner booth that was darker than usual. He took a sip of the ale that was waiting for him. He looked around, “Quiet tonight.”

“Business is slow this time of the week. No shipments.”

He dropped the small talk for business. “I have some interesting news,” the smile. “The city is in disarray over the bandits. They are asking for outside help.”

“How far outside?”

“As far outside as Devardec can go.” The outline of a figure sat back at the comment. Shock.

“What’s the response?”

“Not sure yet, but my guess?” He folded his hands, “It’s in play. One can never be sure what they will do over there.”

A laugh as delicate as the breeze from the southern shores. “Interesting. Very interesting.

The smile, “Things appear to be moving in a direction far more favorable to us than originally anticipated.”

“How close are we?” The figure leaned forward again.

“My sources tell me, “close”. Once the competition is eliminated, it should be a go.”

A nod. “Good. Once the heat is gone, test the waters with something simple.”

“What did you have in mind?” More of a smirk, and less of a smile.

A gloved hand slid some blueprints across the dark corner table. Mr. Jinx took them and unrolled it partially to see the target. The smile. A nod. “Very good. I’ll begin to prepare. A matter of fund-“ A coin purse slides across the table from the darkness. The smile, brighter than usual. “Very well, I’ll get started right away.” Mr. Jinx gathered the blueprints and tucked them into his tunic, then the coin purse. He took a hard, but final sip at his beverage. Waste not, want not. A family favorite. He stood and just walked out the front of the establishment.

The shadowy figure on the other hand, slipped out the back and into the alley where they disappeared into what was left of the night.
Mr. Jinx

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