What The Devil?!

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What The Devil?!

Post by Stool Pigeon » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:26 am

An average build, black linen pants and shirt, dark hair, the man walking down the road heading to Catfish didn’t seem to stand out to anyone he passed. His clothes were a bit nicer than some, but again, not uncommon. He is like many others that have come here heading towards Frostfall, Tranos or Goldcroft from one of those cities. This made for good business.

Mr. Wilson is very busy serving drinks to all the travelers and locals alike, attempting to keep up with the orders but having a bit of trouble this day, while keeping his eye on the two orc types in the back playing dice. He didn’t need them tearing up his bar.

When the man walked in the bar he looked around for a place to sit, catching the eye of Mr. Wilson while he did so. The bartender nodded to his far right to indicate that was an empty seat at the bar if the man wanted it. He nodded his thanks and slowly made his way over as not to disturb anyone else, but also while listening in where he could to other conversations.

The words of battles being fought was on the lips of most he passed. They talked about devils of many sizes, even the named devils that are not heard of in the cities, being unleashed within. Tears were in the eyes of some, drinking to the loss of friends and family during the tragic attacks.

He sat in the seat that was closest to the wall. After sitting there he understood why it was untouched, considering its proximity to the wall. Mr. Wilson came over to him right away and asked what he’d like. The menu was on the black wall behind the bar for ease of use by all. The man had seen it as he walked to his seat. “I’ll have an ale and a turkey leg with the fixings.” Mr. Wilson took his order and left the man to his task of listening.

I lost my entire stock of fish when the devils came through. It was gift to the Lady Omnicat in thanks for her Hopeful Dreams that I had recently that ended up all coming true. Thanks to her, I never gave up Hope. It was my intention to take that stock of fish to her temple in thanks and now….it is all gone! My home has been wrecked! My house has been destroyed! Now I have to move in with my in-laws until we can get the house rebuilt. Why did they come to Catfish?

They came to Frostfall without any warning, though the first attack was rather minor and didn’t cause much damage. This last attack was a swarm of the named devils and was very brutal. Some great fighters were there trying to protect the city. Salumas and Anera are a great testament to the wonderful leaders we have here. I don’t know who this Fischer character is, but we should find a way to thank him as well. They kept the devils from getting too far. Not much was damaged again. What will be next?

It has been a long time since there was an attack on Tranos, not since those ships from the foreign lands, whatever those things were called. There was hope that the idea of attacks was gone, but that’s what happens when we all get complacent. Guards were caught napping. The warriors were not ready. Started to feel like Zir abandoned us to these things until the adventurers showed up and spilled the blood of these devils everywhere.

Their business still unknown. The most common things he heard from them all was that these two men, though they seem to behave like a bunch of kids at times, are herding these devils to different locations for some reason. They have yet to be seen, in and out without a glance even. It seems like they are slippery like thieves but deadly like warriors.

He started to talk to Mr. Wilson now that things have settled down a bit and he was finishing his meal. The cost to fix his little inn was a drain on his bank account. He didn’t care where the devils attacked anymore, as long as they didn’t come back to Catfish. So far, though, he’s making good money keeping hunters of those creatures at his inn since they seem to be going to cities around the area. Plus, the trade has been crazy. People don’t want to lose their lot so they are making great deals to unload it here. He’s taken it to ships and sent it farther away, receiving double the profit. The man put his coin on the bar to pay for his meal before heading up the stairs to his room.

At least someone was finding a way to profit from these attacks.
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