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Of Rifts and Research

Post by fearecia » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:58 am

*** This is continued from the "Diseased Wood" string in the same forum ***

The devils had been conquered again, but they weren’t any closer to understanding why this sudden influx had occurred. Did it have something to do with the Sphere of Death being taken? The devils had fled to the temple when Zagrat was threatened, so there was some tentative weight to the theory. Too many questions, and still few answers.

Still, at least she finally had a chance to catch up with Anera, and Jasra was here too. Blackfox was also hanging around, and his sharp intellect could only prove useful. It was past time for them to try and find out more about this magic that was affecting the lands. The lizard, of course, was more than willing to participate in attempting to ressurect a Zealot of Death, just to see if it was possible. Jasra took a little convincing, but eventually acquiesced to join them in the attempt.

The Shrine to Death in Tranos was as it had been left when the Sphere had been stolen; destroyed and succumbing to diseased magic. The body of a Zealot lay rotting on the ground, stinking the place up. No one was much of a fan of trying this here, but it was the best they had a humanoid body that might respond to a spell. Sharing a rune, the lizard and dragonkin cast the resurrection spell together, Jasra adding her expertize with the restore spell in case more was needed. For a moment, the Adamantine Rune of Life glowed faintly, but then quickly faded away. There was no soul to call home to this body.

Foiled in the attempt, and learning nothing beyond the fact that the soul was long claimed by Death, the group traveled to the Wildlands. There, sitting in his pot like always, was the old sage. Only, what had once been a vibrant old man eagerly asking after books, was now a mumbling remnant barely clinging to life. Perhaps if they could heal him, they could learn more of the diseased magic.

The ebon kin began, casting a simple body restore spell. For a brief moment, the sage perked up, chattering in dozens of languages all at once. The newfound energy, though, passed as quickly as it had come, leaving the old man slumped once more in exhaustion. Antidote was attempted next, with no affect.

All eyes fell on Jasra, the elven wizard the only one capable of using the restore spell. With the skill born of long practice, she sent the energies towards the sage. Once again, he sat up, mumbling and jabbering away. This time, though, the incoherent mumblings blew a bunch of old leaves into the area before he slumped back once again.

The group discussed it a bit, and decided to try cure confusion next, hoping perhaps they could make some sense of the sage’s ramblings. The spell, though, had an incredibly undesirable effect. The sage’s eyes did indeed clear, but he fell into horrified screaming. The group looked to each other worriedly, unsure if it would just be wiser to allow the Blackfox to put the old man out of his misery. The episode, though, ended, just as quickly as it began, the victim returning to his incoherent mumbling.

The group wasn’t ready to give up yet. They now knew they could help the sage, at least in brief spurts. Joining together, the three guild masters all focused on casting body restore, channeling their combined healing energies. Jasra once again channeled magic to the old man, supplementing their efforts.

The sage jerked upright in his pot, grabbing a handful of the old leaves. As the combined energies hit the leaves, a massive tree suddenly began to grow, startling all in the group. Then, as if time were accelerated for the tree, it began decaying just as quickly, until only a larger pile of old leaves was left. The sage, apparently, felt completely full of energy, and leapt out of his pot, running around the area jabbering madly. In moments, though, he was back in his pot, only this time, he passed out and began snoring.

They all shared a look, concerned for the poor old man, but also surprised and fascinated. Fearecia, at least, was ready to draw some conclusions. She strongly suspected that the magic that had been cast on this area was, in fact, still active. Anera confirmed that something, at least, was strange about the area. The dragonkin was also fairly sure now that the nature of the spell was to drain energy, both physical and magical. It would explain why nothing seemed to be healing, and why their spells seemed to fade as quickly as they were cast.

Also, bonus: body restore apparently could work on plants, if enough people were channeling the spell.

All that was well and good, but it left them with one very important question. How do you stop a spell designed to devour all magic and energy thrown against it?

The group dispersed, leaving the poor sage to his slumbers. Moving back through Devardec, Fearecia stopped and picked up her sharpened katana from the weaponsmith, before returning to the guild. If her assumptions were correct, the experiments in her office were rather dangerous, and she needed to remove them as quickly as possible.

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