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Rogues' Guild Charter

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The purpose of this charter is to welcome the newer members to our family and to tell you a little about what it means to be a Rogue. Quite a few things will be explained below, such as:
- The current systems of the guild ranks
- The different positions that you may be able to occupy in the guild
- How to scamper about on the rooftops of Goldcroft and Devardec

In the following are some important rules and general guidelines. The Rogues' Guild is full of all sorts, and so pretty much anything goes. However, if you use your common sense and try not to annoy too many people, you shall fit in well.

Rogues are the defenders of the common people. We are a carefree, hearty folk who live to help others while, in some cases, benefiting them as well. Furthermore, for the most part, Rogues are a happy-go-lucky kind of people who love a good adventure story, hunting parties, getting drunk, or a tall tale. We are the Masters and Mistresses of the rooftops, and the dwellers of the alleyways and dark places of Devardec. Rogues are masters of Stealth, Deception, and Silence. We are lovers of the land, their city, and are often seen as the underdogs of the realm.

Although we attract many Thieves, we have a great variety of other classes and races that walk these halls: Rangers, Battlemages, Fighters, Monks, Sorcerers, and even Berserkers. We cannot, at any time, forget the importance of the other classes like the hard-hitting Warriors, the kind Shamans, and the Mages of old. Just as they cannot forget the effectiveness of our surprise attacks from the shadows, stealthy movements throughout the land, our ability to coat weapons with poison, and pick the locks on doors and chests. We encourage the involvement of different classes in hunting and exploring parties.

Tithing benefits the guild an incredible amount. It allows Guild Officers to buy guild luck. These things, you will find, are quite nice, and in turn benefit you. Additionally, the Guild uses tithe for any changes or updates it ever wishes to have. You will also find a great deal of reward for yourself from guild tithing and gaining guild ranks within the land.

Guild Locker Usage
The guild locker holds awards and other things of value which you are free to inquire about with an Article I authority in the Guild. It is in no way your personal storage bin if your own locker is full. Once an item is lockered only the GM or a GL can remove it.

General Rules
1. You are not to kill Guild Innocents for any reason.
2. Items sold in guild shops are for Rogues only.
3. Items earned through the point program are for you only.
4. You must respect all Immortals, Heroes, Rogue Leaders, and other Rogues.
5. The teaching of Assassination to any non-Rogue is forbidden.

Guild Punishments
1. Placed on Guild Probation for 1 Month (IC)
2. Placed on Guild Probation for 1 Year (IC)
3. Removal of all Guild Items
4. Removal from the Guild
Note: If caught or proven to be teaching Assassination to a non-Rogue your memory of the skill will be removed by Lady Vasari

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