Guild, Leadership and what it means for you

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Guild, Leadership and what it means for you

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I am now the Guildmaster and I do not take this responsibility lightly. The first order of business was to make an offer to Aluzka to remain a part of the leadership and she accepted, much to my delight. Thank you Aluzka.

My job now is to protect our interests and to foster growth. I have some plans to engage in some of the happenings in the lands, feel free to contact me and find out how you can be involved. I also will have luck available for those of you still wishing to enjoy leveling. The rewards programs we currently have available and referenced HERE are once again attainable; please contact me if interested. Titles are once again attainable and refer HERE for more information.

I have a wealth of experience to share and these are some of the services I offer to both CURRENT, NEW and even RETURNING Rogues:
  1. I will teach you the correct order to learn skills to maximize your chances of success at all levels.
  2. I will teach you how to optimize your combat effectiveness via the Wizard. (Macros, Aliases, target selection.)
  3. I will personally take you out to learn how to hunt and fight in both one on one and group settings.
  4. I will teach you how to approach problems in combat so that you can always be effective.
  5. I will monitor your progress and make you aware of any rewards you are eligible to earn.
  6. I will explore with you or let you explore with me. There are several things I have forgotten that I wish to remember and many things I wish to learn myself.
  7. I will introduce you to people who can help you get involved with active roleplaying events. This can help you gain prestige for yourself, our guild and any organization you wish to join.
  8. I will mentor you so that you can start your own events and begin your own stories. I can even be a part of them with you, should you so choose.
  9. I will teach you leadership qualities that you can use to better yourself.
In order to gain this wealth of services that can lead to the success that is out there for anyone to grab, I do need something from you in return. We have many traditions and a rich history filled with storied Rogues. You can be a part of those traditions and become one of those very storied Rogues yourself. For that to happen, I want to know what YOU want. I cannot be more direct than that. I am available in the lands, through messages and even more direct means listed in gnotices. Please utilize these services, they are free to every Rogue.

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