Weekly Bounty April 12th - April 19th

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Weekly Bounty April 12th - April 19th

Post by Alyce Kiltspar » Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:09 pm


So last week Ulmoth completed the bounty in record time. Therefore that means I need to make it a lot tougher. So if you have a hard time doing this weeks quest you can blame him. <grins> I'm removing the multipliers for now, because I've been making the rewards so high.

Bounty Clue:

The <redacted> stopped their excavation here. The corners are heavily cloaked in shadows, but you can just make out the shape of a small <redacted> huddling against the wall.


1. Tell/Message me the room number.
2. Tell/Message me the name of the Quest Giver in the room.
3. Tell/Message me what the redacted text actually says. (Hint it's one word)



Tell me the name of the temple(s)/sphere(s) of influence the Immortal that is named in the quest text.

Bonus Reward:

Best of Luck <eg>
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