Seeker of Humility, Poor Alkesh

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Seeker of Humility, Poor Alkesh

Post by Alkesh » Fri May 10, 2019 10:25 pm

Greetings and good tidings.

On this evening of 30 Hallow Month 534, I, Alkesh, begin the Trial of Humility. I will thus walk the lands threadbare and pledge all findings of coin and knowledge to our order during this time, yes?

On this journey, I hope to discover levels of lowliness hitherto undreamed of by myself. Given the modesty with which I choose to live my life, I expect to be met with challenge in this...I am quite uncertain how I will debase myself beyond my current existence, but that is one goal of this trial, yes? Poor Alkesh shall succeed in this descent. When I do manage to reach unfamiliar depths, I hope to find the strength to overcome the same tests I would not shy from today.

When I emerge reborn on the other side of this trial, I will surely share with you what I have learned walking this long and dusty road.

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