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The winds battered and blew the snow into cyclones as Gundax strapped his large warhammer to his back. A small child ran through the streets and stopped to stare at the scaled warrior. His eyes stopping at the scar along his hind leg. It was the brand of Lord Zir. Gundax looked down at the little girl and smiled, a bit of meat dangling from where it was caught in his teeth. The girl let out a shriek as she turned quickly and ran away from the town square. With a shrug, Gundax spread his wings and took to the air. He flew south across the mountains and plains of Norland. The river Yare turned and swirled through the woods below as he lowered his altitude. He landed beside the statue of Eisenhertz and he landed. Tucking his wings behind him, he made his way into the Fortress of War.

Inside the loud clash of weapons on armor and shields could be overwhelming to those who were not used to it, however, it was a comforting sound to Gundax. Heat poured from the forge along with the sound of sizzling water as the blacksmith cooled his creations. The Vanguard made his way to the courtyard and called an instructor over to his side. As the instructor made his way across the field, the Warrior allowed his thoughts to travel for a moment.

The forges flared to life as Lord Zir and Brother Servius both walked the lands with the Legion recently. The directive had been undeniably clear. They expected the Legion to perform better. Lord Zir had said in no uncertain terms that he expected us to work to push the Grallings and Wayrunners back. The strange creatures had appeared through these strange rifts that had slowly been spreading through the lands. The rifts that had seemingly absorbed both the spheres of Love and Death. The Mighty One had even gone with the Legion into battle in Kzelts' tower. The party had been a large one as they followed Gundax into the tower. His brother, Alamais, the strange furry dragonkin Kitten, Ryzalia the Barbarian from the north, Sascha the Knight, and they were joined by Nacko, the monk from the south. As they fought the grallings and wayrunners, Gundax was blessed enough to fight side by side with Lord Zir. They broke into two flanks and as the creatures rushed from what had once been Kzelt's study, they closed formation and slayed many of the creatures, but they still remained.

The memory flashed through his head in the short time it took for the Drill Instructor to cross the courtyard. "We must focus our training on tactics that have proven successful against these new threats. The creatures are fast and strong, nearly impossible for a single warrior to fend off an attack against multiple foes. Drill our shieldmen to work in tandem wit archers. The shieldmen must learn to block attacks and distract the foes while the archers aim at the enemy. This seemed to work the best when we invaded the tower, however, we worked without any field medics, and the difficulty was noticeable. Train them to the edge of exhaustion, let them rest and resume the drills again. Have the medics begin to gather supplies and prepare to go with a team into the field once more. Battle will be joined soon as will drive these creatures from the lands. A strike at both Yarleth and Kzelt's tower will be coming soon."

Hefting his hammer in a salute to the Drill Instructor, the dragonkin took to the skies once more and set off to find healers and others willing to march with the Legion into the coming battle.


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