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The Blood Haze

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Britta searches for the helpful monk that scribed her guild introduction and has been, reluctantly, teaching her to read and write. "Dear monk," she begins, "I have another duty for you, I will pay well." The diminutive monk looks in horror at the dwarf, nodding his head repetitively, clearly dreading the task but afraid to refuse. "Now make sure you scribe it exactly as I have said!"

The monk reaches for a clean quill, dips it in a fresh bottle of ink, and with a shaking hand, prepares to write. Britta, still not fully understanding this magic called writing, looks eagerly over his shoulder.

I am Britta, of the Bitter Creek Bluff Dwarves. I have battled across some of the lands for only a short time, but I have seen my path laid before me. It happened suddenly and with such clarity, that I asked Hero Servius right away, who then sent me to the Warlord Marcin. It happened during a heavy training session with our guild hero, Servius, when I mentioned the blood haze, and he completely understood what I was saying! Few understand, and few yet have experienced it!

At this point, the monk is so startled by Britta's shout that he drops the quill, leaving a trailing ink blotch upon the parchment.

I have had the blood haze come over me before, but after learning about berserking, the blood haze came over me every time I attacked! Servius looked extremely pleased with himself; smug, I would say. But after the rushing in ears settled down, we spoke about the experience, what it was like, the advantages, and yes, a few disadvantages. That is when I knew where my path was leading; it was leading straight to Lord Zir! After traveling the lands somewhat with Servius, I knew more and more what I had to do; that I needed to devote my life to WAR and to Lord Zir!

But I have one more task ahead of me that I know may end in my death, a death that I can not prevent with my sword.

I will report on that after I fulfill that task; May Lord Zir guide my tongue and my sword! HUR!


Yes, monk, write that too.

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