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Graldo here, a Rogue.

I am requesting to be considered for entrance into the Temple of War. I have read up on the Temple, and have had some experience with members. I see how you defeat foes, heaping Glory unto Zir, and yourselves. I generally prefer to be non-descript and avoid being the center of attention. However when it comes to fighting and engaging enemies, I consider myself relentless and in many respects fearless. While I do avoid dying whenever possible, my goal is to defeat, so while it may appear I withdraw, it is only to change tactics and reengage. In the end, they all go down eventually.

I am an Ogre Berserker, I do not suffer defeat because I never give up, only quitters lose the battle.

I look forward to speaking with anyone willing, and appreciate any consideration.

Graldo Pepper
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Re: Intro

Post by marcin »

Hail Graldo,

It has been sometime since we've seen a rogue, thief, or assassin within the Legion. The legends of Rousse and Shadowy_death still echo the halls of our fortress.

I look forward to speaking with you, and engaging hordes on the battlefield. Seek me out within the lands, we can formalize a meeting with ale.

Glory to Lord Zir!
WARLORD GM Marcin, Blade of Zir!

"Only the Dead see the end of War!"

The Panther
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Re: Intro

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There are still rogues about bringing glory to Zir.

-The Panther

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