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Town Talk

Post by sascha » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:39 pm

Bandits around? Caravans aren’t safe anymore! Nothing can be sold if it doesn’t reach its destination!

Who ever heard of devils running through the streets of the cities? Who could be behind such an atrocity? Death has been seen too much! Blood is staining the city streets!

The cries that made her stop were the ones that asked the ultimate questions.


They were always involved in any fight, no matter the location in the lands. They killed everything before it had the opportunity to get this close to the populations. Where are they now?

Have we been forsaken?

She shook her head hearing this and told the people not to worry, that the Zirites would always be around. Sometimes, they are busy taking care of other locations when things happen.

After reassuring the townsfolk, she kept walking and wondering to herself…”
What is going on here?

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