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Sitting in her office within the temple, Aluzka was looking over the plans for the temple when she heard the bats rustling over her head. Looking at the door she sees the Shadows that worked with her to gather subjects had come forth.

“Priestess, we bring word. There will be one chosen amongst us to be a voice to you from Him.”

She nodded, “Find me when it is done. I will be leaving the temple shortly for a time to go in search of a magic user or two that I can corrupt, if needed, to get some work done. You always know where to find me through the Night.”

The shadows bowed and left her to continue working, three bats left the chamber and headed out into the Night to seek out information to bring back to her.

She needed someone, or two, that had magical knowledge. Question she had was if she wanted to have someone that was already adept in the darker magic and could easily lead her through the process or if she wanted to corrupt someone that was adept in magic and get them to work on this magical project with her leading them through the process. The idea of corruption sounded best to her, yet it would depend on what she found on her journey.

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