Staff and players

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Staff and players

Post by Stukov » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:57 am

Greetings to one and all.
I had been wondering why terris went from #1 in the world to 10 subscribers.
I just did not know. So over the past few months I have been noticing small things here and there. Former players showing up and speaking to them. Immortals showing up for 5 minutes then leaving. And I know that we are starving for input for improvement .
So I did what I could to help I never needed to report on anything. When your being watched all the time there is no need to report, I figured they see it if it was an issuse it would be corrected.
Fast forward to now. There had been changes implemented over a time. Of a few days. To which I do not know why these changes were done as they have never told me. And this is where I believe the issue is. Give me one of two active players that are on all night. These changes were implemented on us for some reason that we don't know. Now I put the post up All the fun being nerfed out, because it was either I post or I was done. And I gave them the benefit of the doubt. The issues were corrected so thank you.
I believe that this had occurred because of a disconnect between the players and the staff members in charge of overseeing the game itself. I'm not playing a blame game or flaming about this that's just stupid it doesn't fix problems. Having this disconnect it would have resulted in two people leaving. I reconnected with staff they do read the message boards and the issues were fixed. I am worried that this disconnect may have been responsible for people leaving. It is difficult to determine if a change is Good or if it is bad when there is no response to it. Most people will not confront an issuse and would rather leave. The disconnect needs to be removed. Terris gained life on AOL and grew to be the most popular mud game in the world back then. there's always staff members on and they were always communicating with the players and the players were always communicating with them. The foundation is solid 💪 the formula worked before and it can work again.
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Re: Staff and players

Post by Alyce Kiltspar » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:08 am

The content and code team has always been active, and paying attention. Any time I've ever contacted them or posted about an issue they have been pretty quick to respond, and or address the issue. Sometimes things happen, and stuff gets implemented (in my experience) that can mess up other aspects of the game. Without voicing those issues, they may not have otherwise caught it. You should never be afraid to voice an opinion, or express concern over an aspect of the game you feel is not working as intended or making things difficult on the playerbase. I think we all want the same thing, and that's a place to enjoy, or a place others can enjoy.
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Re: Staff and players

Post by m011 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:28 pm

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

Working on an antiquated codebase from 25 years ago is not something that will be successful as a hobby unfortunately. Making this game great *once more* will require a devout passion to the game, and upper management who actually care if it succeeds or fails - which at the current time, anyone in any MUD on the internet outside of Terris can without a doubt tell you - they clearly do not.

And it sucks because people like Raislin and Silk and the other staff I can't remember really do IMO work hard to try and at least hold on to the memory of the glory that once was Terris, but what rational sane person would or could be passionate about something that is being sabotaged by the people in charged.

The price, alone, of Terris shows you distinctly and definitively, that the owners of Terris really do not give a crap if the game is a success at this stage. And who would want to waste their time and money on that? I as well as many others, are quite upset with them for letting something so instrumental in the lives of so many of us, just die a slow, agonizing death like this. Honestly, it would have been better to just shut the game down and let it live in infamy in remembrance of its past glory, or just make it totally free, leave the code as it was 10/15 years ago, and let us relieve our fondest memories.

Fun fact, people literally run for GMship just to have free accounts (and WIN!). This is the state of Terris.

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