Making offers to a divinity...

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Making offers to a divinity...

Post by Faraday » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:18 pm


OK - I'm just spitballing an idea here. It might be controversial, it might not based on historic discussions on divine favour in the past. It ran through my mind the other day when I was running around a few of the older temples from long lost divinities and I thought it worth putting out there - if implemented correctly (and I don't think it would be overly complex) it could also potentially enhance RP and give a bit of variety to the game.

Presently, there aren't as many active Immortals as there once were - for some people in certain time zones, they don't get opportunity to interact with most if not all of them, so it makes getting favour from a divine infinitely more difficult than it used to be.

I can also honestly hand on heart say I've not encountered another mortal in months who I've seen had favour.

Now, I know being granted a divine's favour is not something to be given lightly, but slowly over time it's become almost inaccessible to a number of people.

Favour has real engine side benefits, in character creation really helps from it and to give it a bit of context, waaaaaaaaay back when getting to Level 35 for the "Legend Shout" mechanic that was a high level, favour really helped out and assisted folks with better stats, better hunting, better.. well, everything that favour adds an engine side boost too. When we had 1500+ folks around, favour wasn't taboo - you just showed up, interacted with people and essentially followed your divinities school of thought through your actions and typically you would receive it periodically - sometimes out of the blue and not necessarily from your own divinity.

Now, I'm not saying "let's dish it out willy nilly" but - maybe something could be done to rework it slightly and tie it in with the older temples with long lost divines, or even add a mechanism to current active divinities with temples.

This idea in part works along the lines of the Bounty Quests - only this time it's something to "offer" to a divine in remembrance, prayer, sacrifice etc. In return for the offer, a player would get their "Favour" for a limited period of time. Additionally, you could have the power of the favour on a sliding scale. The more you offer, the weaker it gets (to the point, where you have a cooldown period before you can seek it again). On the inverse, if you didn't make an offer for months, if not years, you would get max favour for longer.

You could make it more complex, by tucking access away in some nook or cranny, in their old temple structures or a suitably themed location with a hidden path to get too (or not!) depending on the divine. There's a lot of scope here really to unlock potential for both RP and those who come here for the more non-RP related activities.

The details of this could be worked out I'm sure - but I thought it worth just posting up here for folks to see and comment on. I personally would *love* to make offerings to Anlin & Cleopatra - those divinities fit with my identity and having an ingame mechanic to "revive" their memory to mind my would be great - and maybe add a bit of nostalgia and their influence back to the realms. I'm sure examining someone and seeing they had favour of a long lost divine would really spark interest - especially if the route to get it wasn't immediately obvious.

Anyways, just an idea...

Flame away!

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Re: Making offers to a divinity...

Post by Alyce Kiltspar » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:40 pm

A very interesting concept. I would like to see more Statue of <Insert Divine> quests, themed to that divine. The favor could be randomized so that not every offer gives you a favor, and the favor level is increased based on quest difficulty. You could also add other things too, like a one session item reward. The possibilities are endless with this.
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