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Dreams Task

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Some time ago, I decided that I wanted to walk all the paths, because the place I feel that I would fit the most would be Serenity. I have already gone through Nightmares, and Faith. I now walk the path of dreams, and in that path I have been tasked with finding five items that I feel best represent it and why I chose those items.

The first item I have come across that I feel best represents dreams, is "Golden Opportunity". The reason why I have chosen this time is because I feel that while we all have dreams, it takes something special to receive an opportunity to fill those dreams.

The second item I have chosen is a "Necklace of Nature". This item is the one thing that represents me being able to full fill my dream of being a druid.

The third item I have chosen is a "Pathwalker's Staff". This item represents me walking all the paths to come to my dream of being in Serenity.

The fourth item I have chosen is a "Canvas Hammock". This item is for obvious reasons. I like to sit in it and dream.

The final item I have chosen is "Northern Whiskey" for without this item I would not find the peace to sleep in the aforementioned Hammock, and dream the wonderful dreams.

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Re: Dreams Task

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Thank you so much for sharing the different path tasks that you have been given. I love how you used very different items.
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