Game Contact Lists

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Game Contact Lists

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Below are the contacts for administration and operations for the Legends of Terris. Please allow two business days for a response before escalation.

Terris Operations - (Main operations of Terris relating to staffing, issues, complaints, and performance)
Coding Operations - (Game bugs and suggestions relating to content or engine related coding, Citizenship/City Operations, Household Operations)
Ban Operations - (Anything and everything relating to banned characters)
Guild Operations - (Anything Guild related that a Patron is unable to assist with)
Billing Support - (Any issues or questions related to subscriptions for the game)
Character Search - (If you need to reset a password or reclaim a character)
Terris Boards - (Anything related to these message boards)
Front-End Client Support - (Anything relating to the game front-end clients)
Event Coordinator - (To obtain support for roleplay events)
OGC Sysops - (To contact Sysops for OGC - different than Terris Ops. Use this if a week has passed on any of the above contacts without a response)

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