State of the Game 2019

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State of the Game 2019

Post by Silk » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:21 am

In 2018 we took time to review our core foundational code to look at what can be added and/or changed without introducing too much risk to our platforms. We changed the way that skills could be implemented to make use of "Mastery" and then used that to introduce new Crafting abilities. We looked at how people could interact with rooms so that they could gather resources without using the legacy event and examines.

Now that we move into 2019 we are continuing to shift our focus. When we look at what we will be doing over the next three years it will be with the following question in mind, "What does good look like?" We have a good understanding of what our current capabilities and services are and we will really be looking to enhance it all. We are not going to "enhance just to enhance" at this point; but instead we will really look at "if we enhance what is the overall goal and how will it be used". Some of the changes made in 2017 and 2018 have put us in a position to shift our way of delivering the gameplay to our users; now we are looking to take it even further.

We will be spending a large effort looking at all parts of combat. This includes damage by players, resistances for players, damage by monsters, and what combat should look like. We understand that combat has been somewhat stagnant for a long time; and there are already some new capabilities coded that we intend to use.
1. We will look at how monsters react to being hunted and farmed
2. We will look at armor and why people all need "Glevel 100" armor just to survive
3. We will look at weapons and why stats and skills are not more important than the item
4. We will look at some specialized weapons that really can damage specific monsters
5. We will look at why magic weapons are needed to kill so many monsters
6. We will look at why some monsters are resistant in general to any spells

We understand that we went through a bloating of guilds to a very large level. We moved guilds; added items; added rooms and added cool secrets. One of the biggest complaints with guilds is now they are confusing, and that does not help us gain or retain new players.
1. We will look at item shop consolidation
2. We will look at skill shop level changes
3. We will look at item associations
4. We will look at general mapping and descriptions
5. We will look at quest relevancy to each guild
The first guild to undergo changes will be the Rogues' Guild; which will move back to Devardec and go through a complete revamp. The items will be placed with "like items" in shops. The skill shops will be re-distributed based upon Combat, Core, and Basic. The guild mapping will return to an older style that is more user-friendly. Other guilds have already been identified and two GMs have signed up to be reviewed to work with us on this.

New Users:
We will be reviewing the entire new user experience. The exact method we implement to introduce new players to the game has not been decided; however we have been doing research based upon other games in our market and how they handle new user capabilities.

We will be reviewing every skill for how it interacts with stats and whether it should transition to the "Mastery" system. Our goal is to give people another option to progress through the game outside of just hunting and questing. The crafting skills will continue to be built out with many of the others being fully implemented (Cooking, Tailoring, Runecrafting).

We will be reviewing many of our spells for how they really work and how they should work. We understand that the current "pre-req" method of learning to "Novice" is a waste of spells; so we will look at more Mastery capabilities to Spells. Already the new "air" spells have been introduced; more are on the way. We are also working on Necromancy spells for Necromancers and Lichs. At the same time we will be looking at the "cool-down" periods for spells and some other potential enhancements for damage spells.

Below are a few other tid-bits of what we are looking to do:
1. Implementing a "gauntlet-style" system for monsters
2. Review all aspects of Druids (items, abilities, ways to gain gold)
3. Implementing customizable wands to favor their use for casters
4. Introducing enhanced "world bosses"
5. Introducing new "Factions" to tie monsters to types of characters
6. Overhaul of the bounty system

In the summer we plan to hold a town hall or two so that we can engage with our players in-game. When this is ready to be planned it will be communicated in advance to ensure that people can attend. Additional updates to our strategy will be communicated as we progress with our strategy.

As always any questions can be sent to, and

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