Aviditas: Courtly Graces

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Aviditas: Courtly Graces

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With the aid of House Occisor, the State Department and those crucial gateways to the inner Twilightian realm Venis felt personally responsible for were now secure. This was good. But, the desert Kingdom of Devardec seemed to be swiftly returning to a place of reason. This was bad, because it was that very lack of reason and perceived foreign aggression that served as a pretense for Aviditas to remain armed. It was becoming increasingly apparent that Venis was not making any hasty efforts to relinquish the Occisor soldiers in Aviditas employ.

In the plantation, a cordial meeting of diplomats, ambassadors, and merchants is already well under way. Two armed men wearing the sigil of House Occisor stand sentry at the doors where the council is assembled. The council discussion is one of politics, commerce, and foreign affairs befit to enrich the State. With another matter settled, Venis nods, adjusts himself in the throne of discomfort, and turns his attention to the next agenda item.

"I have something the Senator would be perfect for, a circumstance she can manage better than I," he advises the scribe seated to his left, "Will you send a missive addressed to the Honorable
Alyce for me requesting her presence among us? Tell her it's a matter of... to use language that recently amused me, 'courtly graces'."

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