Feature Poll: Left Handed

If we implement a "left handed" option will it be used?

Poll ended at Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:31 pm

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Feature Poll: Left Handed

Post by Silk » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:31 pm

This is a poll to determine the usage of a potential feature we have been asked to review for implementation.
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Re: Feature Poll: Left Handed

Post by Faraday » Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:14 pm

I'm not sure what the exact implementation here is suggesting, so I'm taking it on face value as this would mean you could attack with either right or left and hold the shield in the other - depending on what handed you are, dictates your primary hand (which currently is right only).

If that's all this change is for, I don't really see any tangible benefits, save from an RP premise. In that context, and if my understanding is correct, I don't see this as a priority item to implement when there are so many other suggestions which could be implemented.


If this is just an "in theory vote" and there would be more tweaks down the line with this, it could be something I could get on board with. For example:-

Two new mastery skills, left handed and right handed. Have a flag which allows a user to set a primary hand eg. left or right. On first setting, it default adds the relevant left or right handed skill, lowest level.

Primary hand is always the hand you fight with, with a weapon, so whatever it's set as, that's what you use.

The more you use that hand eg. combat, activating something in it, waving something in it etc. slowly increases the mastery of that skill.

Add in a couple of tutors somewhere, where folks can obtain the other handed skill - whimsy this up, could be a quest in an obscure location, or somewhere simple like ad guild - just so folks can learn the skill.

Setting primary hand, can move folks between left handed and right handed use, so they can build up mastery of both skills.

Once a player has Maximata on both Right Handed & Left Handed skills, it triggers adding the "Ambidextrous" skill to them at lowest level. A new flag for handed "Both" would appear, for a user to then set.

This unlocks "Duel Wield" which lets folks wield a weapon in each hand. When they then attack with two weapons, the damage etc. are combined together with a penatly - eg. weapon one damage + 20% of weapon two damage for overall damage dealt. Any enchants etc. on the weapons also trigger whilst in battle. When primary hand is set to both and folks use two weapons whilst in battle, it slowly increases the Mastery of "Ambidextrous". As a player increases their Mastery here, it reduces the penalty - say by 2.5% each level increase. Obviously the numbers can be tweaked for balance.

I think this would add a great twist to left/right handedness, with a tangible benefit that would in all honesty take significant effort to obtain. Anyone putting in the hours for Max in not one, but two Mastery Skills, deserves the boost IMHO.

Anyways, just adding my thoughts here.
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Re: Feature Poll: Left Handed

Post by Alyce Kiltspar » Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:06 pm

I was told that it would both unlock right/left handed weapon use as well as potentially duel wield down the road. Just for clarification.
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Re: Feature Poll: Left Handed

Post by Kikiobi » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:10 pm

A simple consideration is to re-word it to dominant (or main) hand and offhand.... I'll miss "<command> right" and "<command> left" but if people want RP their dominant hands then this would be the easy solution. "<command> main" and "<command> oh> could work or something similar.

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