Traps & Death Penalties vs Player Base

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Traps & Death Penalties vs Player Base

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Preface: This is from a returning player that has only made it to the 50s back in the days when LoT was a highly populated. My highest goober since returning is a L10 halfling thief, rockin' the assassins guild flag (...err well painted napkin on a twig for now).



I am posting this as the traps are killing it for me (as well as killing me). I hated the traps when LoT was explosively popular, but it was part of the experience. As the number of players at that time made it an irritating speed bump, it was overcome and moved past. Now, with the player base no longer sporting hundreds of active players, such instagib traps in many relatively 'low' level locations makes for a very miserable experience. If the penalty for trap deaths wasn't as brutal or if they were revamped to a customized formula (below), it would feel slightly less painful.

Trap Formula Suggestion: Deal percentage damage multiplied by trap difficulty modifier. In example: Poison Trap Type ABC in the keep just NW of Devardec deals 40% health pool damage. As this trap is in a low level area, the difficulty modifier is 0.75%. In turn, the damage dealt would be 30% of a player's health pool. While this hurts, it won't instagib lowbies or be hilariously trivial to high levels.

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Re: Traps & Death Penalties vs Player Base

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In the meantime, to help ease the sting from this problem, if you see me in the lands, I give out free rezzes to anyone under level 50-ish, if you get caught by one of these traps.
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