December 2015 Update

Engine Changes:
  1. Spell Typos
        – Spell text “decends” is now “descends”
  2. Scrolls
        – The correct scroll text should now be shown
  3. Drinking
        – The text of “discarding a bottle” is no longer shown
  4. Tells
        – If you are using the OGC Front-end client to access the game and have a tell window open the “You tell” part will now be directed to that window
  5. Door Traps
        – The correct trap type is now shown on door
  6. Groups
        – Groups entering a room will once again be seen
  7. Shops
        – SELL ALL : Sells all items with that short name
        – SELL ALL TYPE : Sells all items with that item type
  8. Guildvote
        – Nonsubscribed characters can now participate in guildvotes that are not elections
  9. City Titles
        – We are setting this up so that city leaders (Silk, Croft, Jarenmar, Garali) can configure their city titles and not use the default ones
  10. Command: DESTORY (LEFT|RIGHT)
        – You can now use “Destroy Right” or “Destroy Left” to destroy an item in that hand
  11. Battlecry
        – These are now allowed to be up to 50 characters
  12. Skills
        – Mortal characters can no longer have skills to staff levels
        – Past staff alts that were perked to obtain an advantage have been lowered to mortal levels

Content Changes:
  1. Corpses
        – These now have the Item Type of “Corpse”
        – These are no longer bought in random shops and can instead be bought in the graveyards of Devardec, Twilight, and Hemphill
        – There are a few quests scattered throughout the lands that will look for corpses
        – The “sell” price has been adjusted on many of these as we have seen people walking away with tens of thousands of gold in a few minutes
  2. Calendar/Dates
        – The 20th of First Harvest has changed to be honored by those of Dread instead of Vagma
  3. Whisperwood Forest
        – New monsters have been added (some might have noticed this in August)
        – The hidden tower will be owned by the Warlocks’ Guild now
  4. Warlocks’ Guild
        – High level SSU and Soul Leech have been moved to the hidden tower
  5. Monks’ Guild
        – Complete revamp of rooms, items, quests, innocents, events, mapping
  6. Twilight
        – A few description changes to House Umbra
        – The experimental lab added to House Umbra
        – A new bar has been added to the capital
  7. Omnicat’s Observatory
        – Some description changes
  8. Items
        – Most items have had a small change to better identify their “ownership” and “obtain method” for tracking purposes
        – Old “Baron-only” items that are no longer obtainable have been removed to be used again later
        – Keys are now all keys
  9. Roth Moor
        – The entrance is now sealed by an event to keep people from wandering in by mistake
  10. Quests
        – Rogues’ Guild: Entrance quest changed and move back to Devardec
        – Warlocks’ Guild: Entrance quest changed
        – Thieves’ Guild: Entrance quest changed
        – Assassins’ Guild: Entrance quest changed
        – Knights’ Guild: Entrance quest changed
        – All Guild Entrance Quests: Text changes to add a “warning” message about only joining one guild
  11. Kells’ Keep
        – The two “wall” traps are now far less deadly
        – Keys have been added to three of the locked doors
  12. Snowmen
        – Bits of snow may now fall in parts of Devardec at the whim of the heavens
        – The snow can be combined to make a snowman (different types)
        – Other items such as carrots, scarfs, hats, branches can be mixed with the snow to make a snowman
        – These snowmen can come to life as non-hostile creatures to interact with you
  13. Devardec
        – Northern entrance to the Veinyards now locked (Key can be found in the royal palace)
        – Camiella Gardens have been moved to a new island off the eastern coast of Norland (row boat at the man in shorts to get there)

Over the next few months we will be reviewing many of the new player areas to make them more “new-player friendly”. This includes Devardec, Kells’ Keep, the Ogre Lair, and the Adventurers’ Guild/Outposts. While we understand that not everyone will agree with our changes we need to become more new-player friendly if we will ever be able to bring in new blood. At the same time we have put a block on any city changes that have now already been approved outside of Devardec. This means that changes in Twilight, Goldcroft, and Tranos will be complete in our next update and then that is it for awhile. Guilds will be reviewed by the Operations team to verify that they are designed in a logical way and changes will be made as needed. If these changes are being done we will work with the Patron and only the Patron on these changes.

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