December 2013

Engine Changes:
1. Monsters
   – Now linked directly to Assassination and Pickpocket levels
   – Experience is now better regulated in level ranges
   – Monster Emote Speed and Combat Speed is now better regulated
2. Temples
   – Temple Treasuries added
   – Temple Lockers added
   – Temple Summon Points added
3. New Battlemage Spells
   – Eight new spells for the Battlemages’ Guild created (soon to be available)
   – These are a bit stronger than the existing “buff” spells
   – These are Self-Target only
4. New Command: Jog
   – Similar to the “Run” command, but shows monsters
5. Household Items
   – Items can now be linked to Households

Content Changes:
1. Goldcroft
   – Some shop changes to items and descriptions
2. Monsters
   – Named Devils turned into Lair Monsters
   – Death Knight turned into a Lair Monster
   – Some monsters removed from Goldcroft Castle
   – Almost 700 monsters changed for Experience, Speed, Damage, Resistance, Gold, Assassination, and Pickpocketing
3. Items
   – Titanium Shields now possible to craft
   – New drinks
   – Many closed temples have had items changed to Household items

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