Client Downloads

Windows Client v 547

To download this file, right-click on the link below and choose “Save As” or “Save Target As”. Choose a location for the file.


Once you have successfully downloaded this file, double-click on it to begin installation.

Version 547 – July 2020

  • Fix for http/s links
  • ‘Gag’ divert added in Highlight page
  • Changed to the ‘sheet’ data gathering to use newer methods
  • Shop displays updated for new game formatting

Version 542 – Feb 2019

  • better handling of cancel and waiting for the login prompts
  • ‘Sheet’ Backpack can handle the larger backpacks
  • Timing Change for AFK / Clock flags
  • Change to saving passwords to speed up login when you have many accounts
  • Win 10: Fix for scrolling inactive windows when that setting is enabled for the mouse

Version 536 – Sep 2018

  • Change website links to https and correct forums
  • Remove heard about / where from when creating a new character

Version 532 – Feb 2018

  • Ctrl+Home jumps to top of text, rather than top of buffer
  • internal macro command {find} added to bring up the find dialog
  • Logs can be written as HTML or Text
  • portable.ini added to enable portable find

Version 528 – May 2017

  • fix bug when editing status bar

Version 527 – Apr 2017

  • fix for window close issue
  • Add city shouts window

Version 526 – Feb 2017

  • Changed Window menu generation following reports of missing windows
  • Race Selection screen description scrolls to show longer descriptions
  • Change Location for second server

Version 523 – March 2016

  • Add Magnetic Windows
  • Change Online List display
  • Change Icon for larger displays

Version 521 – Feb 2016

  • Character selection page expanded for more character slots on account
  • Fixed some links to website

Version 518 – Aug 2015

Fixed in this version

  • Create Profile menu option works again
  • Invalid password will be recognised again and present an error rather than timing out.
  • Internal connection details updated
  • Windows 10 – Fix for new scroll inactive window feature.

Version 514 – Dec 2013

Fixed in this version

  • Large Stat bars not always refreshing
  • Stun timer bar counts down in 0.1 seconds now instead of 1.0 seconds so you won’t have it disappear between 0.0 and 0.9 seconds when you’re still stunned.
  • Removed Kingdom of Heroes support. Reduces the download size a smidgen.

v 511 – Oct 2013

This version includes:

  • New status bars for Guild, Temple and City exp
  • Ability to format the timestamp when using the ‘timestamp text’ option
  • Set recruitment when logging in
  • Undo fullscreen mode when logging out
  • Higher resolution unbalance timer to the client, making it more accurate

Download and Installation FAQs

Is there a cost to downloading the Front-End software?

There is no cost associated with downloading the Front-End software, other than your usual charges to connect to the Internet via your ISP. Once you load the software and connect, you will have the option of registering your account or participating in the freeplay option.

Note: Freeplay provides access to the game, however restrictions apply to what freeplay characters can do in the game.

Learn more about Premium Membership

Could your software contain a virus?

No. All our software is virus checked before being made available to you via the Internet.

Where on my machine is the software located?

Use the “Find” program that comes with Windows to search for “lot*.exe” on your hard drive.

How do I install the software after downloading it?

Windows – Double click on the file and it will automatically start the installation process. Follow the instructions and prompts that the program displays to you.

The download stopped halfway through. What should I do?

As the downloaded software is quite large, some Internet connections can time out before the file has finished downloading. Delete the incomplete file from your machine, and try to download the file again.

The software will not install. What should I do?

Ensure you have enough space on your machine’s hard drive to install the software and that the software is fully downloaded. If you still have problems, please try downloading the software again.

I’ve installed the software, but I can’t find it. What’s next?

Windows – An icon should be displayed in your Start Menu under the Online Games Company folder.

How do I connect to Legends of Terris?

Ensure the software is correctly installed. Connect to the Internet in your usual way. Double click on the Legends of Terris shortcut button that should be on your desktop or go to Online Games Company – Run Legends of Terris Wizard from your start menu. Assuming your Internet connection is working, you should connect to the game. If you have any other questions, please email them to us at

I’m having problems

Please email or post to our forums

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