Located to the northeast of Tranos and just west of Red Stone Mountain is the Village of Witchfalls, named for the massive waterfall that topples from the cliffs to the northwest of the village. Witchfalls gained it’s full title after the witch hunter trials over 150 years ago, wherein many followers of Vagma who had settled within the town were thrown from the clifftop and down the falls.

The village has a sizable quarry mine that provided the stone for the buildings as well as the stone for the massive span bridge that connects up the two parts of the village. The southwestern side of Witchfalls is home to the old quarry workers, which were formerly reclaimed by the villagers and converted into a housing area. The northwest of the village is home to a mad inventor who claims he can make heavy things fly and the great mill that is powered by the water from the falls.

The bridge spans a massive jungle filled chasm before reaching the northeast side of the village. This is built around the trunk of a massive tree that sits over five hundred feet in the air. The great jungle below Witchfalls has long frustrated adventurers. The way down to the jungle is quite well known to any who live within the village. There are points near the edge of the chasm in Witchfalls that can be scaled with the aid of a rope.

Since the village’s claiming by the Dark Alliance, and the advent of its patronage by the Immortal Silk, its guilds have once again begun to flourish and attract new workers. Though some of those who arrived with the Alliance’s immigration were fearful to the citizens, it seems that the draw of available gold has brought craftsmen and their families back in to work. Even the quarry has been cleared again for use. Though there is still tension between the tradesmen and the residents who ply darker trades, it is well-tempered by a shared interest in profit.

More worrying still for the citizens of Witchfalls are the whispered tales about the priests of the black moon said to dwell in the jungle chasm below, who remain largely known. These dark figures are often mentioned by the scant few survivors who return from the deeper sections of the jungle.

Current Steward: Mireilla Past Stewards: Jeremy, Verohnic, Venis