At the base of the Hellegost caverns, Stone Keep stood empty. Once a glorious fortress under the guidance of Zerenya and Henrik, the barony was magically sealed when their own greed and pride threatened its destruction. Abandoned, Stone Keep stood as a solitary reminder of failed dreams, until one could be found whose dedication to the lands could resurrect the crumbling monument.

Generations passed before a person whose vision and dedication could be found. Zerenya’s great-granddaughter, Snazzle, earned the chance to restore Stone Keep to its previous grandeur.

Snazzle left her obligations to the Rangers’ Guild to work alongside dedicated citizens. They are committed to developing a flourishing community out of the stone ruins.

The residents of Stone Keep work together towards shared vision of a balanced community where the secret songs of the past and the brilliant light of the future dance in harmony. They are guided in this endeavor by the principles of Self-Sufficiency, Honor, Respect and Growth.

Past Barons: Snazzle, Jana, Streen, Aoveron