Lyresong opened on 8 Awakenings 174. It is located in the eastern edge of Dirimloth Forest just off the East Coast Road. Rumour has it that in order for the village to survive in the dark forest of Dirimloth, a spell was cast that drew all the darkness from the area and locked it away in a single protected location somewhere within the barony. An effect of this spell is the ethereal melody that fills the air, at once coming from all directions and yet none. The first baron was Madbaron, who created in Lyresong a quiet escape from the troubles of the rest of the world.

Though committed to a policy of isolationism for many years, Lyresong has slowly expanded its influence in the world. On 8 Deoris Pleasure 254, at the request of Lady Jessicana, Lyresong assumed stewardship of Spire Hold. By establishing a strong trade and bartering system, both Lyresong and Spire Hold lead the way in supplying commodities to the baronies and villages of Norland. Lyresong’s stature rose again when Rexingtons Temple of Love completed its move there from Tranos on 3 Cherrin 261. The desolate village of Wintertown became a holding of Lyresong on 21 Longing 268.

The barony is constantly under the baleful gaze of the dark sorcerer Zagrat Imparness, who has claimed ownership of Dirimloth Forest and everything in it. Zagrat once claimed responsibility for a locality shift which found the entire barony on the wrong side of the East Coast Road for a period of about fifty years.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Madbaron and his family, Lady Tali became the first Baroness of Lyresong on 7 Hallow Month 309. The Baroness has since journeyed to other lands.

Past Barons: Madbaron, Tali