Elven Refuge of Woodtop

The Elven City is one of uncommon beauty, built among and from the trees of Nirimloth and existing in harmony with the forest of which it is part. With soaring walkways and platforms on many different levels of the canopy, the Elven logic to the city plan has proven almost impossible throughout the centuries for outsiders to map, though residents tend to know the ways through the city by memory.

The Elves, with centuries to practice their arts, have cultivated in Woodtop, craftsmen of the highest caliber in Terris in carving and weapon crafting, as well as building and gardens that seem to defy the very laws of nature in their fusion with the living wood surrounding them. Favored by Eridanian and bless with a cache of knowledge in magic and lore rivaled in few other places in Terris, most of the Elves spend their time focused on loftier pursuits than combat, an art that has not been much celebrated among them since the scattering of the Tah-Shei.

Entry to the city is hidden within the forest.

Current Ruler: Elder Garali
Past Barons: Montalin, Sylvanna, Satao
Tribute Lands: Oakholm, Elfen’Lar, Nashbrush