Merchant City of Tranos

Located along the western coast of Norland, Tranos sits in proud majesty overlooking the ocean. South of both the mountains and a large keep, this city is known throughout the lands as a major hub for all trade. Commerce of all kinds flow through the city, both by cart and using their massive harbor.

The Warriors’ Guild and Warlocks’ Guild call this city home. It is rumored that somewhere in the southwestern portion of the city is the home of the Thieves’ Guild.

Unlike Devardec, the laws are not so harsh or enforced as strongly in Tranos. This has led to the city gaining a powerful hold over commerce and finance. The powerful Merchants’ Guild scrupulously controls a large portion of the shipping and trade in the city.

Alas, where the money moves, so does the crime. Tranos is known as one of the darker cities in the land.

Current Ruler: none
Past Barons: Sisterowl, Berek, Balthoron, Noelani
Tribute Lands:�Illiyarn, Mallston, Trembil