Seraph Homeland of Lunra

The City of Lunra has recently been reopened to the public. Lord Torretan brought about its restoration upon his arrival in the city during his exploration of the large archipelago deemed the Hidden Isles until its name can be deciphered.

The city is home to the Seraphs, a unique race closely related to Sprites. The Seraphs seem to be a peaceful race that have dwelled just off of Norland in the skies, completely unknown to the general populace of Norland. Much of their architecture is based upon a strange cloud-like material which the Seraphs refuse to explain to Outsiders.

Despite the Seraphs’ secrets, they are beginning to develop their city to match the increasing demands that their removal from isolation will bring upon the city’s resources. There are many rumours floating around about the city’s other side which apparently has just disappeared following the collapse of a road. Many mysteries and secrets are guaranteed to find visitors in the City of Lunra.