Rich City of Goldcroft

This castle fortress of Roachmill was built on a hill, overlooking the eastern seas, between the Dirimloth Forests and the great northern mountains. Overtaken by Lord Croft, the city was closed, and dark times befell its citizens. His cruelty knew no bounds, and the scars of his anger would forever mar the hearts and souls of the people. Time passed, and Lord Croft disappeared into his castle, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves. They began to build and prosper slowly, carefully, keeping a watchful eye on the ever-darkening castle and mysteriously absent lord. Eventually, the city opened for settlement, and people from all parts of the lands poured into its borders. Mining, logging, building, shipping and commerce grew, and the city became a boomtown overnight.

Ruined by the Baron, Croft returned once again to return his lands to greatness.

Current Ruler: Lord Croft
Past Barons: Turgon, Belle, Roachmill
Tribute Lands: Hammerguild, Hemphill