Cities and Villages

Citizens of Terris are able to choose to live and move between the realms and cities of the land, engaging in their cultures and even buying their own houses in their chosen home. While some of the villages and cities have stewards to control them, others have no leadership that is recognized by the heavens.

Capital CitiesCities and Villages

Realm of Twilight

Dark Realm of Twilight

Twilight, once hidden in the shadows, it has since become the home to the lucrative Black Markets. Discovered by Lord Torretan, it flourished under the careful guidance of its first baron, Drogun. Over time, it has grown to conquer much of the surrounding lands and has claimed a tribute city for itself.

Current Ruler: Shadow Lord Silk
Past Barons: Drogun
Past Stewards: Kela
Tribute Lands: Dominium

City of Devardec

Desert City of Devardec

The Desert City of Devardec was the first of the Human cities to be built. It sits on the south-east coast of the main continent, Norland, east of the desert and wildlands. Two large forests border the walls, with the ocean near the other two sides. It is guarded by three huge and powerful genies that can prevent it from being overrun by the forces of evil that lurk in the nearby forest of Dirimloth. Devardec is split into four quarters that converge around the central square.

Current Ruler: Sun Child Jarenmar
Past Barons: Mitchellx, Snazzle, Radiance, Silk, Skeezer, Heimdall
Tribute Lands: Spire Hold, Lyresong
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City of Frostfall

Northern City of Frostfall

The chilly city of Frostfall lies in the far northwest territories. This thriving berg is the home of several powerful guilds. Rumor has it that Lord Zir once became so enraged at the actions of some in Frostfall he almost leveled the entire city. In fact, though it has been centuries since the episode, smoke is still said to rise from some of the ruins which remain.

Current Ruler: none
Past Barons: Caerwyn, Kilogoth, Shy, Killraven
Past Steward: Bramaskus
Tribute Lands: Lushlark, Catfish, Silver Rock
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City of Goldcroft

Rich City of Goldcroft

This castle fortress of Roachmill was built on a hill, overlooking the eastern seas, between the Dirimloth Forests and the great northern mountains. Overtaken by Lord Croft, the city was closed, and dark times befell its citizens. His cruelty knew no bounds, and the scars of his anger would forever mar the hearts and souls of the people. Time passed, and Lord Croft disappeared into his castle, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves. They began to build and prosper slowly, carefully, keeping a watchful eye on the ever-darkening castle and mysteriously absent lord. Eventually, the city opened for settlement, and people from all parts of the lands poured into its borders. Mining, logging, building, shipping and commerce grew, and the city became a boomtown overnight.

Ruined by the Baron, Croft returned once again to return his lands to greatness.

Current Ruler: Lord Croft
Past Barons: Turgon, Belle, Roachmill
Tribute Lands: Hammerguild, Hemphill

City of Tranos

Merchant City of Tranos

Located along the western coast of Norland, Tranos sits in proud majesty overlooking the ocean. South of both the mountains and a large keep, this city is known throughout the lands as a major hub for all trade. Commerce of all kinds flow through the city, both by cart and using their massive harbor.

The Warriors’ Guild and Warlocks’ Guild call this city home. It is rumored that somewhere in the southwestern portion of the city is the home of the Thieves’ Guild.

Unlike Devardec, the laws are not so harsh or enforced as strongly in Tranos. This has led to the city gaining a powerful hold over commerce and finance. The powerful Merchants’ Guild scrupulously controls a large portion of the shipping and trade in the city.

Alas, where the money moves, so does the crime. Tranos is known as one of the darker cities in the land.

Current Ruler: none
Past Barons: Sisterowl, Berek, Balthoron, Noelani
Tribute Lands: Illiyarn, Mallston, Trembil
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City of Woodtop

Elven Refuge of Woodtop

The Elven City is one of uncommon beauty, built among and from the trees of Nirimloth and existing in harmony with the forest of which it is part. With soaring walkways and platforms on many different levels of the canopy, the Elven logic to the city plan has proven almost impossible throughout the centuries for outsiders to map, though residents tend to know the ways through the city by memory.

The Elves, with centuries to practice their arts, have cultivated in Woodtop, craftsmen of the highest caliber in Terris in carving and weapon crafting, as well as building and gardens that seem to defy the very laws of nature in their fusion with the living wood surrounding them.  Favored by Eridanian and bless with a cache of knowledge in magic and lore rivaled in few other places in Terris, most of the Elves spend their time focused on loftier pursuits than combat, an art that has not been much celebrated among them since the scattering of the Tah-Shei.

Entry to the city is hidden within the forest.

Current Ruler: Elder Garali
Past Barons: Montalin, Sylvanna, Satao
Tribute Lands: Oakholm, Elfen’Lar, Nashbrush
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black fang

Orc Realm of Black Fang

Deep within the Wyrm Spine mountain range is the Orc Stronghold – Black Fang. Long ago, this was once known as Bellegost, capital of the first Dwarven Empire. Unfortunately for the Dwarves, the armies of the Orcs conquered their city, eventually renaming it Black Fang, cementing their rule over this corner Norland. However, there are still remains of the Dwarven civilization that once thrived within the mountain range.

Current Ruler: Grun’Thag, the Orc King


Gnomish Lands of Tridale Ford

Sited between Whisperwood and Tranos. A closeknit, and some say surly community, Tridalers are a practical lot, given to understanding
the harsh realities of life without much use for fancy words, or clever turn of Phrase. Much like those of Trembil, Tridalers make their living from stone- carving, cutting or carting it around the lands. Most of the statues of Zir that dot the lands are made here, as are many icons, shrines and gravestones. Most Tridale folk honor Jar as their patron and protector. Tridale was far more prosperous as a mining town, but have made the change to craftsmen reasonably easily. They never speak of what happened in the mines.


Dwarven Stronghold of Hellegost

The skull shaped entrance to Hellegost has nestled itself above the northeastern area of the Great Northern Road. A dwarven mining town, where mithril was first discovered, the dwarves still mine there to this day. Tunnels and caverns are deep within the city and are massive. The Banderlang, an anti-magical beast, makes his home here. Unlucky adventurers have said to have been lost for what seems an eternity in the Halls of Whispers no doubt created by some devious miners leary of people staking claim to their treasures.

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Seraph Homeland of Lunra

The City of Lunra has recently been reopened to the public. Lord Torretan brought about its restoration upon his arrival in the city during his exploration of the large archipelago deemed the Hidden Isles until its name can be deciphered.

The city is home to the Seraphs, a unique race closely related to Sprites. The Seraphs seem to be a peaceful race that have dwelled just off of Norland in the skies, completely unknown to the general populace of Norland. Much of their architecture is based upon a strange cloud-like material which the Seraphs refuse to explain to Outsiders.

Despite the Seraphs’ secrets, they are beginning to develop their city to match the increasing demands that their removal from isolation will bring upon the city’s resources. There are many rumours floating around about the city’s other side which apparently has just disappeared following the collapse of a road. Many mysteries and secrets are guaranteed to find visitors in the City of Lunra.


Saurian Realm of Shoatlan-Tarr

Not much is known about this area

Distinguished Lands

River Run
Silver Rock
Stone Keep

Smaller Cities & Villages

• Abram’s Landing
• Dominium
• Hammerguild
• Hemphill
• Illiyarn
• Lushlark
• Mallston
• Nashbrush
• Oakholm
• Raft Town
• Spire Hold
• Trembil
• Windel
• Wintertown

Some cities have been destroyed and remain only in the memories of the people:

• Azyhieria
• Black Shore
• Illyria
• Kazul Kazarak
• Tanagreen

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