August 2013

Engine Changes:
1. Shops
– Now shows guild requirement
– Now shows level requirement
– Now shows guild level requirement
2. Guild List
– Tables missing the Assassins’ Guild have been fixed
3. Melee Text
– Missing text added
4. Sorcerer/Sorceror Consistency
– All references changed to Sorcerer
5. Event Damage
– Added ability for events to cause damage more easily without allowing a trap to be disarmed
– Can remove an item when used properly
– May stop you from teleporting if a monster is in the room
6. Weapon Blessing Text
– No longer shows “Balanced” when losing a blessing
7. Quests
– Can now require other quests to be completed as a pre-req
– Can now offer experience for a set number of times but allow the quest to still be completed
– Now show the reward given when completed
8. Spell Damage
– Bug that allowed those lower than level 60 to be stronger than above 60 is fixed
9. Citizenship
– All requests should go through
– Requests can “cc” the existing leadership of that location
– If Baron Operations approves the move then Coding Operations will make the character modification
– We will now be enforcing the “subscribed” requirement for citizenship moves 100% of the time
10. Questrank
– Now shows the correct number of quests.

Content Changes:
1. Scrolls/Books
– Now fixed across the board to show the correct text
– Tome of the Clan (Barbarian Charter) updated
– Assassins’ Guild Scroll (Assassin Charter) added
2. Winternorth Mountains
– Rock to get back here has been restored
3. Monsters
– Palmer’s damage has been lowered
– Kelanax is now a lair monster
– Warlock Innocents added
– Froggor’s Workshop added
– Items being abused for the “Sell price” have been changed to sell for 1 gold
4. Quests
– Token of Exploration now has a large quest chain to obtain it
5. Items
– Shanna’s personal Wyvern returned
– Nacko rewarded with personal mount for many years as the best at questing in the game
– Zir’s person weapon re-added
– Twist of Fate (Temple of Fate) removed
6. Help Files
– Barbarian Charter removed
– Assassins Charter removed
– Heroes changed
– Index Files changed
– Acknowledgements added
– Battlecrcy added
– Lost Heroes changed

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