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The resting place for the foul Orc hordes. They breed in the dark tunnels that riddle the mountain side. You can find Bellegost in the south-west of the main island.

Burnbright Forest

Located along the east coast road between the temple of Deori and the turning for Hemphill lies the small forest of Burnbright. It was named after the pool of radiant light found within the centre of the forest. The pool has been there from the start of recorded time. It shines with a power and energy that clearly marks it out as magical. Some have claimed that the pool is force of nature while other say it was used by the gods.

Cairn Cavern

The breeding ground for the Kobolds of the land, Cairn Cavern is a small twisting cavern network. They say it was once a mine of some sort. It is located just north of Tranos.

Cave Cove Forest

Located just south of Hemphill is the forest of Cave Cove, once a storage ground for brigands and pirates. Years before hand the water ways wound through the hills around Hemphill and allowed for a brisk trade in contraband goods. Once the river ways dried up or was diverted by the engineers constructing Goldcroft then this trade died out. It was this forest where they took their flat bottom barges and used to store their ill gotten gains. Now the caves are home to all manner of beasts who stay fat on adventurers searching for the lost booty of the river pirates.

Dandyloes Despair

This maze of caverns is rumored to be the only route to the hidden northern plains. It is a strange place of magic and mystery; many adventurers have tried to find a way through it and all have failed. Located at the eastern section of the northern mountain range, it now has a guardian placed there by Vasari. This guardian will allow no-one entrance until they have proven themselves.

Domarin's Tower

Situated north of Devardec and the junction of the Great Northern Road, and east of Tranos, Domarin’s Tower falls into disrepair. Once a great architectural masterpiece of elegantly vertical, sleek lines countered by the seemingly passive rose theme, it is now an enigma on the horizon.

Halls of Antiquity
put The ancient Halls of Antiquity held the teachings of the heavens. Set beyond the normal realm, in a plane of existence that bridged mortality  and Theras, the halls offered gifts that all desired.

In the earlier years, the halls were sealed and protected by enchantments  and items of great power. As ever, the mortals proved ambitious and were  able to defeat the guardians and solve the difficult riddles. It was at  this stage that the Halls were moved behind a massive maze. This massive  labyrinth held more than its fair share of secrets. Yet even this was  not enough to protect the ancient secrets of the heavens.

Dark ages approached, the faces in the heavens changed, and new beings  rose to power. The Halls were completely destroyed never to be built  again.

Hermit's Forest

Located near Wintertown and just to the southeast of Catfish is the small clump of trees named Hermit’s Forest, so-called because of the old sage Kulmis who once lived within it. Hermits forest is the resting place for the debating stone, a flat section of basalt rock. In times gone past city leaders, guild leaders and even heads of state have gathered at the rock to speak thier piece and find settlement for difficult issues. Even now some people journey within the forest searching for the rock so they can attempt to bring resolution to problems they may be suffering from.

Kell's Keep

The remains of Kell’s Keep lie just northwest of Devardec. Now centuries old, the keep was once used as an armory and training area for the Devardec guard. It was named after the first captain of the guard who designed and oversaw construction of the structure. Sturdy and strong, the keep offered protection from invaders and also provided a tactical advantage for attacking. High towers enabled visibility across the surrounding lands and all approaching visitors had to pass the keep to get to the city. Thus, the keep gave the early citizens of Devardec a sense of comfort and security.

During the Dark Age, Lord Vagma unleashed armies of creatures upon all of Norland. Evil dragons and other powerful magic users descended upon Kell’s Keep, attacking with force and magical fire that continues to burn even today. The attack left few survivors; most of the Devardec guard perished, including the captain. Those that lived abandoned the keep and fled for their lives.

It is rumored that the remnants of the keep are now inhabited by bands of ruffians led by a criminal named Turpin. The many thugs in his employ provide good experience for beginning adventurers to find their feet, enhance combat tactics, and put their skills to the test.

Kell's Rock

So called after the poor unfortunate who found it, he assumed that it was a large rock full of minerals. Alas, he was swiftly proved wrong when the first horde of giant ants charged out to eat him! Located in the Wildlands this is a terrible place.

Sand Shell Forest

The small forest of Sand Shell took it’s name from the odd looking rock that rests on a plinth. The rock is clearly in the shape of a sea shell and
appears to radiate the sounds of the sea to any who stand close to it. So far no one has worked out what the rock is supposed to do or who placed it within the forest.


Probably the best known of the dungeon networks, Septular has claimed more lives than any other dungeon. It is three areas interlinked by a
mining complex. The undead that roam the third level are a deadly danger, but you have to get past them before meeting the great dragon
that calls the later levels its home! Septular is located deep in the Dirimloth forest.

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