April 2014

Engine Changes:
1. Stables
   – 2 additional slots for subscribed characters
2. Flags
   – Reformat of the FLAG output
3. Punctuation
   – Duplicate punctuation has been removed from items
4. Quests
   – Roaming quests are fixed
   – Quests looks for monster types are fixed
   – Quests will not allow you to complete them if you have no space to accept the reward
5. Death
   – Once dead looking at an item will not re-kill you
6. Items
   – Sorcery spells can be added as enchantments to items again
7. Stuckrecall
   – Due to this command being abused we have decided to implement a fee of gold when used

Content Changes:
1. Hammerguild
   – Complete redesign
2. Monsters
   – More monsters now migrated to the new system
   – Can now sting people
3. Warlocks
   – New items added
4. Battlmages
   – New items added
5. Tridale Ford
   – Partial redesign
6. Twilight
   – Occisor’s Coliseum added
7. Temple of Zir
   – Fort Azhyier added

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