Crafting Updates: Coming Soon

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Over the next six months we will begin rolling out a new crafting system that uses an entirely new system of items and skills. This will eventually replace the existing “mixture” system for most items (this will take some time).

– New skills will be implemented that will work with specific crafting abilities
– The first level or two may come from a shop or quest
– Level progression will mostly be coming from “mastery” of doing the actions and using the crafting skills

– Scattered around the world will be types of resources that can be gathered as ingrediants
– These may be specific to a region or area (ex. specific maple wood in Dirimloth Forest)
– These will have a specific rate and amount in each area; though an area might have multiple different resource chances and item rates

– Recipes will be learned as a “player” to use the crafting skills
– These will have ingredients that are required to make each item
– These will make use of the new skills and specific mastery levels
– Based upon the success of the crafting you may gain additional mastery
– Some recipes will be linked to a guild and some will be landwide
– Some recipes will make items that are specific for an organization and others for them to sell
– Some recipes will be linked to a temple (Zir’s temple will craft weapons and armor to sell to the public that others cannot)
– Some recipes will be linked to a species (Elves may craft bows to sell that others cannot)

Some Notes:
– First to come will be the Barbarians’ Guild – which will have their forging system replaced with this new system that requires “Boneworking” and “Woodworking”
– The Rangers’ Guild is being reviewed to modify some items and transition them to craft bows with “Fletching”
– Trees can be chopped down in many forests (text in the room will identify these places) using the “Forestry” skill
– Fish can be caught in many water areas (text in the room will identify these places) using the “Fishing” skill
– Ores and stone can be mined in many places (text in the room will identify these places) using the “Mining” skill
– Other skills like Runecrafting, Brewing, Cooking, Tailoring are still to come as we build out the system
– The entire metal weapon and armor systems are being reworked between staff and a player or two
– Some ingredients may come from monsters (bones, scales, skins, etc…) and not the new resource system

This is a very new service of crafting that we will be implementing so please give us time to deploy it properly. We are working with specific players where we can to understand the customer demands before creating our overall strategy and recipes. We hope that this allow us to deploy systems that will be used by our customers.

  1. A goal is to offer people to craft items, put them in shops, and sell them to the public
  2. A goal is to create an economy that is less-likely to be abused as there will be a real limit on resources and recipes
  3. A goal is to begin rolling-back the “guild level” requirement on some items since skill mastery can instead craft the items
  4. A goal is to begin rolling-back the amount of “guild” items as people can craft and sell items that are “common” throughout
  5. A goal is to begin reviewing existing “trade” skills to see what can be converted to a “mastery” skill progression (ex. drinking)

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