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In a land where anyone can forge their own legend,
where anyone can fight for glory and honor,
do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the blessed?

Will you fight for the light to push back the forces of darkness?
Or will you join the Legions of War as they battle for supremacy?
Will you fight for your Gods, or build your own kingdom?

Create your own Character

From the weapons you carry to the guild you join.

Choose from 9 available classes and 16 races!

Explore the lands and be the first to discover the
meaning behind the mysteries contained within them.

What's going on in Stone Keep?

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Recent Updates

Update July 2019

Please see the forum post for details Read More →

Update November 2018

Forum Post Link General: 1. Fixes to some formatting for rooms to better standardize length and text consistency. This is an ongoing effort as we cleanup existing content. 2. Fix to the Forestry functionality to ensure that the appropriate axe is needed to chop down the trees. Forests: 1. Revamp… read more → Read More →

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In Development

Landwide items are being reviewed for stat changes.
The Knights and Rangers should see item overhauls.
The Golden Goblet

Good drinks, good times and good friends in Devardec’s newest bar.  Also visit The Gold Rush Casino upstairs to test your luck!

Frostfall Bakery

Fresh Pastries Daily! Doughnuts, Pie, Apple Fritters and Lemon Tarts!
Visit the realm-famous bakery on Ice Wyrm Way in the Northern city of Frostfall and take a sample today!

Do you want braised lamb? Thinking of having a smooth scotch? Want to relax while drinking a warm ale and not being judged by an annoying Knight? Then come to Lypquinsi’s Bar! Now open in the City of Tranos!

The Armory

View your character; compare stats with your friends!
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